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  1. 1 Sutherland 2 MacKay 3 Carson 4 5th (Sorry)
  2. Mark Ridgers has his weaknesses, but I'd back him against anyone in a penalty shoot out. A big season for Carson ahead I think. He has the talent to be very influential.
  3. Why wouldn't they? The ugly sisters show us what blind support of a team means when mixed up with politics and religion. 'Tory posh boy' is like saying 'lowlife, thicko nationalists', not accurate, not useful.
  4. Late starters and a shortened season, you're making me nervous..
  5. Aye, but 7 teams below us have Rangers and Celtic putting 6 past them every week.. Our defence is the problem without a doubt. Think back to our glory years, ok 2015, we had a central defensive partnership that we could depend on 100%. The way we are just now opposition look like scoring every time they get in our box. Also means Ridgers has to do more thinking, second guessing the numpties in front of him, and getting out of position himself. Donaldson having a rotten season, only good thing is McKay was injured or it could have been much worse.
  6. Same ol', same ol'. Personnel may have changed but match reports haven't. Mulraney, no end product. Polworth invisible. Going forward, no idea. Defence, clueless. MacKay, not a footballer at all. Goalkeeper weak. Vigurs, Caley's best player. Ok maybe one change.