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  1. Well at least we know 2 of our squad for next season.
  2. Miles Storey has been released by Curzon Ashton FC.
  3. Gardiner et al clearly have a degree of business kudos. Pity it's all about lining the pockets of his mates like Robbo!! Shame none of it is in the interests of 'standard' ICT employees or for the good of ICT. Pure poisonous ideology on his / their behalf.
  4. Scot Gardiner staying full time probably!!!!
  5. Nope, I just gave up a few months ago.
  6. ICT need to do the above. I've never felt so detached from the club. When the final whistle blew yesterday I just gave a wee sigh. I was resigned to relegation weeks, maybe even months ago.
  7. Most of the young team will be decent and ICT fans. We need them now more than ever to remain supporting the club. Plonkers who throw vapes (or whatever it was at last 2 home games) onto the pitch, or enter the pitch looking for a square go, do one. We don't need your type. Grumpy old Victor Meldrew's, stop stereotyping the young team.
  8. Mike Bassett? About as much credibility as DF
  9. What about Bollan? What contract is he on? How much is he getting paid. Will he go back to being an Uncle Fester lookalike for a day job?
  10. New bins arrived this week from Highland Council. I'm going to struggle to fit Ferguson, Gardiner and the 23/24 season in the new grey rubbish bin.
  11. Did the players make more of an effort last night as it was on TV? Putting themselves in the shop window for 24/25? Wanting to get a Championship club for next season, as opposed to being in League 1? None of our team are good enough for getting interest from a Premiership club. Sadly, given Doran's reaction I think that's his last game for ICT.
  12. Ferguson doesn't have a Plan B!!
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