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  1. Shame on you for posting such a ridiculous post!!!!! You obviously know nothing about the aims of The Travel Club and what is in their Constitution, our aim is to support the team and encourage members of the community, especially the young, to come along. The Travel Club work really hard at raising funds with many local businesses supporting them, nobody has to give money if they don't want to, as one of "the bucket rattlers!!!!" today I was touched at how supportive fans and visitors were, some actually dug deeper when they realised the cause. We asked the club for a date that was free so we
  2. It is obviously out of our hands what the board eventually decide to do about Richie, however surely we should be letting the board know that many of the fans do not want him to stay on as manager? Fans chanting "Sack the board" should have been "Sack Richie! Fans pay their hard-earned cash to attend games, sponsor players, buy merchandise, sit on committees in their own time, etc. so surely we have the right to influence the board due to the frustration and disappointment that Richie has not been up to the job. He clearly does not have the skills at the present time to be in a management posi
  3. If Richie had any respect for the club and the fans who spend their hard earned cash attending matches both home and away he would have left the club at Christmas when it was very obvious that he did not have the ability to manage the club. The fans ARE behind the team - today we sang our hearts out, clapped and cheered throughout and we will be there for the next 2 games as we have been all season. Saying "It is only a game" is in my opinion very flippant and disrespectful to the loyal fans, the players and to the staff who will loose their jobs if we go down!
  4. Reality check please! Fans need to stop living in the past and start living in the present, it is irrelevant now as to how much Richie gave as a player. There is no doubt that as a manager he has failed this club and will undoubtedly go down in history as a manager who lacked experience and the insight to know when to walk away so yes GTF Richie!
  5. Well said! I have a 100% record of attendance this season and go on the supporters bus to the away games, also my season ticket seat is in stand E above the 'young team' and I sit up the back of the bus near them and overall they are a fine bunch of fans. Yes, sometimes their youthful exuberance is a little OTT for a lady of my years but overall they are dedicated lads (some with not too much money) and bring a great atmosphere. Perhaps those who too easily judge other fans should maybe make an effort to look at the positives that the 'young team' bring rather than the negatives. I have heard
  6. I agree, however Mackay needs some support and Fisher certainly has the energy and pace to make a good partnership, wot is there to loose at this stage of the game. We need to try something to increase the chance of the ball getting into the back of the net!
  7. Aaaaaah the answer to all our problems we have currently.............why has no one thought of it before?. Hang on a minute I think Chelsea have tried that!!!. Everytime Roman threw his toys out of the pram another manager got sacked( 12 managers in 10 years). Frustrating as things are at the moment giving YOGI the bullet is not the answer IMHO
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