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  1. Mate we just got tanked by an average Hibs team. FFS if it wasn't for Mark Ridgers it would have been double figures .
  2. Absolutely ,whenever we have to make the step up in class Roberston is found wanting . Big thumbs down also to the fuckwits who broke the seats Not cool at all.
  3. Cannot believe how badly we defended their 2 goals. The first there was no one within 10m of the goalscorer who had so much time to pick his spot. ,The second was the opposite ,there were 3 around Shankland and we still couldn't close him down. Not good enough.
  4. What you mean give Macgregor a full 4 minutes to change the game instead of Todarov.
  5. Usual predictable pish against a bang average opposition, who were on a ***** run. FFS is there a worse player than Storey, who lasted for over an hour, before being hooked. Scandalous Roberston couldnt see it earlier.
  6. Then giving the said manager a three year deal and then extending it by another year. For a club so skint, that's no bad deal, a 4 year contract for a guy who had been out of management for the best part of a decade.
  7. Just not good enough, how we are sitting in second place I have no idea. Have to agree that Ridgers earned us that point today with an outstanding save right at the death. Absolute pitiful where we are at nowadays, struggling for a point at home to the part timers of Alloa(no disrespect to them)in a soulless empty stadium.
  8. Although to be fair to them they pulled in nearly a million from the sale of Boyce and Jackson Irvine. Maybe it's not just the Chairman keeping them afloat.
  9. This window has been an absolute cluster for us, losing Rooney on a pre contract to St J along with McCart and Donaldson wtf. Three of our better players gone or going for very little income
  10. Gutted McCarts leaving, huge potential, surprised his ambitions lie with St J though.
  11. Two very good players though, who still should have brought in decent transfer fees, alas we miss out yet again. No wonder we are always so skint when all are sellable assets leave for peanuts. It sux.
  12. McCart to Partick wtf is all that about.Appreciate he's probably a west coaster but jeezus that would be a backward step. As for the rest of the speculation I dont see it as a complement to the club that are players are in demand , I see it as other clubs seeing us a soft touch when it comes to the transfer market. Other than the pitiful attendances this has really contributed to our financial woes, quality players leaving for peanuts or worse f*** all.
  13. Not for the first time this season there seems to be a collective lack of motivation by the players selected.
  14. Good performance throughout , Keatings and Trafford pick of the bunch from me. Biggest disappointment for me was there were only 1800 who could be arsed turning up.
  15. Telling it how I saw it my rose tinted friend .Other than the goal we pretty much struggled to get a foothold in the match and a better team would have battered us.