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  1. Pretty embarrassing stuff last night to be honest. I am no angel when it comes to standing up and coming out with a few expletives but some of the personal abuse the Morton fans were dishing out to Steven (Paisley) Thompson was just head in hands stuff. Absolutely no action taken by the stewards who basically are a waste of a wage and are their for no other reason to make up the numbers.
  2. If we can tie Jamie McCart down to another couple of years on his contract we could IMO make some decent money from any future transfer fee. FFS don't develop him and then give him away to Aberdeen for f**** all like we normally do.
  3. Use the money wisely and offer McCart a contract extension and he could be the next decent money maker.
  4. Snoozefest for the first 44mins, then we came to life, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the paltry crowd. No way over 2000 there tonight. Positives all over the park tonight with good options on the bench,a marked contrast from last year. Good nights work
  5. Unfortunately the manager seems to only to have one way of playing regardless if its a strong Dundee Utd away or an average part time team at home .The formation and tactics remain exactly the same. Scraped by today but only just and that was down to a bad error by their keeper.
  6. Competed well against a very strong Aberdeen side. Fair result ,although thought we could have nicked a winner at the end as we finished the stronger. Some really good performances out there, in particular from the young guys who never looked out of place against a team who will be pushing for a top 2 finish. Crowd today was an impressive 2100
  7. Time for you and Gregor to step up and lead the ICTFC red and blue brigade, show us all how real fanatics do it both home and away.
  8. Sorry my friend I have life to get on with cannot afford to sit and fiddle about on computers all day. Now what was the question you asked again ,seems all so irrelevant? Oh yes, you were calling me out because I did not agree with you and had a different opinion on whether we overachieved this season. For what it's worth 15 points behind the leaders and choking in the play off semis , Scottish cup and League Cup conceding 12 goals and scoring zero is not over achieving IMO. Now please go away.
  9. Overachieved, absolutely no way, we finished 15 points behind the leaders and struggled to win enough games. A wee bit of perspective here please.
  10. Cant see how we have over performed this season, other than a penalty shootout win over County and a late winner at Tannadice things have been pretty average. TBH the home form has been pretty underwhelming and unfortunately cost us in our quest as title challengers.
  11. Pretty below par season TBH thought I would have seen some of the young players making the breakthrough but nothing .Surely the way forward for us was to have one or two established in the squad and given game time but Robertson just blindly persisted with the same old subs every game. Biggest standout for me Jamie McCart , looks an exceptional prospect.
  12. Nobody blames Polworthfor anything but your obsession with him is f****ing scary man ,come up with something constructive would you please, just once.
  13. Mate wtf is it with you and Polworth and least you won't be around next season now that he is f****ing off.
  14. The scabby Arabs were there for the taking tonite until up pops another pish poor referee who makes a complete hash of things and ruins what was up until then a really good game. The utd players reaction was a fecking joke, banging the ground and rolling around it was comical, but absolute no surprise when you see how the manager hounded and bitched at the 4th official for the total 90mins.
  15. Thought Mchattie did ok considering he was left totally exposed by Doran, or whoever was meant to be in front of him. Pretty lacklustre stuff this afternoon but the result was all important and see no reason to be frightened of DU providing we get a strong referee particularly for Friday .