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  1. A fully fit James Keatings is key to our promotion challenge. Excellent delivery at set pieces and pivotal linking up the play when we resist playing the long/diagonal ball.
  2. Good performance from Todorov at centre half although to be fair QoS offered very little. Slight change of approach with Storey through the middle and Keatings supporting ,worked quite well and a refreshing change from Plan A. Surprised to see Harper starting in an advanced role ahead of Doran or Walsh but he did ok and looked pretty comfortable. Let's not f*** it up against Arbroath and Partick and start pushing on.
  3. That's 9 conceded in the last 3 games, needs sorting and quickly.
  4. Absolutely spot on, letting both your first choice centre halves leave half way through the season is totally bizarre. Wonder what JR pearls of wisdom will be this time. Usually comes out with how we need to put a run together to pull clear in 2nd and invariably we never do.
  5. I should say ,cannot use the old and tired excuse of one of the smallest budgets in the league on this one.
  6. Not just the part timers we have struggled against nothing from nine against Dundee Utd is not good enough also.
  7. Pity we cant seem to get the second goal when we are on top and dominating games. Would have made for a more comfortable watch last night. Standout for me last night was Tremarco, get the contract extension on the table now and let's not risk the usual end of season cluster.
  8. Easily one of our better players., Needs much more support and effort from whoever plays in front of him, be it Walsh, Doran or Storey.
  9. Would take promotion every time over any Cup Final, but going to have to put together a consistent run of games between now and April. Seems DUFC are not as unbeatable as JR would have us believe in his press conference's.
  10. Cup run surely should consist of more than two games, so cannot get exited by our cup run. Same as last year, first time we came up against better opposition we were well beaten. Whenever we lose against so called better teams, the budget is the first thing that comes up. If that's the case previous managers should never had matched up against Celtic, Hearts etc and we should never ever got a sniff of Europe. Good tactics, organisation and well motivated players win football matches not bags of money.
  11. Mate we just got tanked by an average Hibs team. FFS if it wasn't for Mark Ridgers it would have been double figures .
  12. Absolutely ,whenever we have to make the step up in class Roberston is found wanting . Big thumbs down also to the fuckwits who broke the seats Not cool at all.
  13. Cannot believe how badly we defended their 2 goals. The first there was no one within 10m of the goalscorer who had so much time to pick his spot. ,The second was the opposite ,there were 3 around Shankland and we still couldn't close him down. Not good enough.
  14. What you mean give Macgregor a full 4 minutes to change the game instead of Todarov.
  15. Usual predictable pish against a bang average opposition, who were on a ***** run. FFS is there a worse player than Storey, who lasted for over an hour, before being hooked. Scandalous Roberston couldnt see it earlier.