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  1. Good performances from Doran and White in particular and special mention for Trafford who gives the midfield a bit of energy and dig.
  2. Not a bit condescending, totally. The guy really thinks he's something special but what a total arse he really is. Maybe just sneaks ahead of Gardyne as the biggest tool in the Championship. Great performance by all and totally agree Jordan White was unplayable today.
  3. An ugly win but a win all the same.No real standouts but dissapointed that young Macdonald never appeared for the second half as he was involved in most of our good play when we got the ball down.
  4. Gardyne was instrumental in starting it with Brad Mackay and then sneaked away when it all kicked off. Sneaky wee f****r . Oh the satisfaction of seeing him trudging off at full time.....priceless
  5. Good performances throughout with McCart my pick , forget sometimes how young and inexperienced he still is.
  6. Dorans all round game last night was first class excellent going forward and tracking back. Him and Walsh are the guys we need to get on the ball. Also thought McCart had another good game, reads the game well.
  7. Think you will find this more of an observation of our limited tactics than a criticism of any individual.
  8. Cannot believe we continue to play one way the long ball in the general direction of Jordan White. Every time we pumped it forward we just gave them possession to come at us again.We need some mobility up front that can stretch a defence we are so predictable. How JR thought offloading Oakley was good business beats me.
  9. Truly awful comment to make from a management team that are pure and simply not upto the task. Its down to him to get the tactics , formation and motivation right for every game ,home or away. Absolutely no passion on or off the park and that unfortunately carries over into the stands. Stop looking for excuses and face up to the facts that we were f*****g awful today.
  10. You would be hard pressed to see a worse game of football anywhere today . Absolutely shocking no wonder the stands were empty. One team completely played a hapless referee with their time wasting and gamesmanship the other tried to play route one football very badly and could not muster one decent passage of play the whole 90 minutes. Roberston talks of mounting a promtion challenge then delivers this utter garbage .
  11. forresjags


    So very true, cannot believe the 'undisclosed' transfer fee was any where near a true valuation for a decent young player.
  12. forresjags


    Easily the best of our strikers allowed to leave for peanuts no doubt. FFS the squad was small enough already without losing any more players
  13. The guy behind you was correct, we weren't very good in the second half. The game was one well won by half time.
  14. Good first half , usual stuff for the second. Best I have seen Doran for a while , hope that is the catalyst for a good run of form. Biggest disappointment for me ,was that we could barely muster 1000 home supporters today.
  15. Been a long time coming. Deservedly took the 3 points although a second goal would have made the last ten minutes more bearable Some decent performaces today ,in particular McCart who is shaping up to be a very good partner for Donaldson.