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  1. Maybe Brad's good form is down to him playing centre half and not full back where hes nearly always struggled against quicker players.
  2. TBH, out of that list Carson is the one we should be pulling out all the stops to extend. If that means sacrificing other fringe players to make a good offer then we should go for it.
  3. I take it the Highland Soccer Academy is no longer an option. Who actually funded it and why was it built where it was and not in a area where more would benefit. Good result today,but still a sore one to think of the points we have dropped against the bottom club.
  4. Soon have more coaching staff than players, quite bizarre really. Shudder to think how much the wage bill for manager, interim manager and coaches must be now.
  5. Not sure what were you watching, could still be playing now and we still wouldnt score.
  6. Really, you think Keatings wouldnt have brought anything to the game tonight. If he's not injured he should have been involved regardless who he has signed a pre contract with. Will it be the same next week, FFS we can hardly afford to keep a good player on the bench.
  7. Carson good,the rest for FFS ,devoid of any confidence. What's with Keatings he's still a Caley player who pay his wages, no excuse for him not being involved tonight. Really start to worry now. Pretty threadbare squad.
  8. Carson looking a natural at full back ,other than that most seem to be lacking confidence to take the game on.
  9. How about bringing Davie Roberston back into Scottish football, entertaining if nothing else.
  10. I think Richie Foran even now ,10 years on, would be a massive improvement on the duffers we have upfront at the moment.
  11. Top four or not, we should still be able to offer a lot more, than the utter dross I have witnessed over the last couple of weeks.
  12. Absolutely agree, time for some hard truths as how we plan to move forward.
  13. Absolutely no comparison to Forans season,for all his naivety and faults at least we gave it a go until the last match.
  14. Were things any better before McCann came in , that's very debatable.
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