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  1. Daft as it sounds but maybe a loss on Saturday would not be such a bad thing(would happily settle for a win tho). Maybe give us the chance to kick start our season again.
  2. forresjags

    Aaron Doran

    Struggling to impose himself whenever I have seen him , another lacklustre performance yesterday but who didn't. Needs to do a lot better but due to our small squad will start more often than not.
  3. forresjags

    Alloa -V- Inverness CT

    Absolutely spot on. White is having a torrid time playing up front on his own with no support and long hopeful balls pumped up to him. . Time for Polworth , Doran and Walsh to step and start creating ,all 3 totally ineffective again yesterday . TBH that was f****ing rubbish and a joyless watch for a decent away support ,Robertson and co need to get their collective fingers out as their is no Brechin safety net this year.
  4. forresjags

    Robbo linked with Utd Job

    That would be the two who managed at a much higher level, mixing it with the likes of Hearts, Celtic etc as opposed to managing a side who finished half way up the second tier of Scottish football.
  5. forresjags

    Inverness CT - Morton

    Other than his goal White offered very little. Unbelievably static must have been a defenders dream today they hardly had to move. Absolutely shocking that Calder doesn't get a run of games and no coincidence either that Tremarcos game picked up when he came on either.
  6. forresjags

    Patrick another 3 points!!

    The game changed when Partick made their first half substitution after going 3 down . The guy who was taken off was f*****n hopeless and replaced by a totally different player who then proceeded to dictate the midfield closing down Polworth and Doran.
  7. forresjags

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    3 points in the bag but very worrying how we collapsed totally in the second half. First half link up play was exceptional but absolutely nothing in the second half often resorting to the hit and hope long ball. Glad the game finished when it did , think if it lasted 5 minutes longer we would have been left holding on for a point.
  8. forresjags

    Inverness CT -V- Alloa

    The cup run last year flattered Roberston in which was a pretty below average season . Finishing half way down the table which included 2 part time teams has to be improved on this year.
  9. forresjags


    Some of the best and most consistent penalty takers have been defenders usually full backs. No issue with Donaldson stepping up again as he is probably one of our better football players.
  10. forresjags

    Come Monday Morning

    But will Robertson leave out his under achievers ? Will he **** Guys like Calder will still be kicking their heels on the bench while others play out of position ahead of them.
  11. forresjags

    Inverness CT -V- Alloa

    Shocking decision by Rooney to make the challenge but let's be honest we should have been out of sight by then. Terrible substitution by Roberston taking off Welsh, lost the shape in midfield when he came off and switched to Chalmers and Polworth both not renowned for their ability to track back . Onlye positive for me was the outstanding performance from Calder who must be given a run of games.
  12. forresjags

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Regardless of what cup it is , a cup run is still a cup run and out of 2 before the end of August. Poor call by Management team tonight .
  13. forresjags

    He's One Of Our Own

    IMO to develop as a better all round player and fulfill his undoubted potential Liam Polworh needs to move on. I think he has stagnated as player over the last couple of seasons never really nailing down his preferred central midfield position under any of the four managers he has played under. Obviously would hate to see him go but think now is the right time to try and forward his career.
  14. forresjags

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr Utd

    Need to inject some pace , width and urgency into our play , today was so predictable Ayr never looked in any real danger of conceding. Hopefully Walsh can kick on ,had some decent touches but seemed to fade second half , personally I would like to see Ricky Calder given a run of games in front of Tremarco never really given much of an opportunity last season.
  15. forresjags

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr Utd

    First time I have heard a team booed off on the opening day of the season at home. Gonna be long one I feel. Never really looked like scoring today although some decent balls into the box from the 2 full backs but other than that there was very little to get excited about. Think central midfield is gonna be a problem , not to sure about Chalmers and Trafford although the latter works hard . No pace or guile cannot see how they are going to hurt teams , best option was when Donaldson carried the ball out from the back. Early days yet but need to improve quickly .