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  1. Absolutely fantastic night, if only Joe had kept his composure after his sublime run then we could have finished off the cheating f***ers in ET. Shades of David Bagan in the Scottish Cup. Fantastic performance on and off the pitch. Dont buy into the Arbroath luv in. Went down far to easily all game with Campbell, Douglas and Co roaming the pitch and touchline bitching about everything.
  2. A tired performance from the first whistle to the last. Looked more interested in not losing than winning the game. Hard to pick out a stand out but Chalmers always looks like he has a goal in him. Amazed yet again he was replaced before the end.
  3. Is this the 3rd Puma home strip in as many years.
  4. Sutherland pick of the bunch today, some great touches and seems to be relishing playing in a wider role.
  5. Thought Sutherland made a huge difference today, linked the play and shown confidence trying to pick a pass, where others just try and get rid. Still far to many hopeful long punts, but after such a winless run will happily take any 3 points.
  6. To easy and lazy to blame finances. Pure and simple the club has been on a downward spiral for years.To many around the club in safe seats under no pressure whatsoever. Have to agree about following the Highland league. The football on show at Forres puts the two Friday games I have just witnessed to shame.
  7. Pitch played no part, we kept the ball in the sky for the best part of 90minutes.
  8. Thank f***k Doran off, offered nothing again, for a player with so much experience jeezo.
  9. That was shocking, I new we were bad but really wtf. Has Billy Mackay gone home, wouldn't blame him to be fair. Absolutely no craft on show from us ,no idea who can lift us.
  10. Terrible spectacle, can thing get any worse. When is Dodds going to accept this is not a 'blip' to quote Naismith. This is a crisis that needs to be addressed now, by an ineffective management team.
  11. Absolute torturous 45 mins. Never seen a team so disjointed and lacking in confidence. Will need to improve dramatically 2nd half to take anything from this. Here's hoping
  12. The stadium is barely a quarter full.Could you imagine Hearts or Aberdeen playing to 5000 home fans and the board burying their head in the sand thinking all is ok. For to long the supporters have been taken for granted, ***** catering ,flooded carparks, terrible stewarding, non existent communications, the list is endless. The place is just soul destroying at the moment. Things have to change or more fans will just drift away.
  13. Seem to have plenty of spare capital to run a underperforming and bloated management team,while also having the luxury of a Director of Football on board ( salaried or not, I have no idea).
  14. No problems, just from where I was sitting it looked like who can we take off and replace, just for the sheer hell of it. No game plan, just desperation.
  15. So the funds brought in for Daniel Mackay and the sell on for Christie going to Bournemouth have been squandered then, usual story.
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