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  1. Pretty even game tbf that we probably just about deserved to win on chances created. Good all round performances with Duku and Allardice the pick for me.
  2. Apologies, but for some on here to claim he's a 'cheat and a criminal' seems a bit bizarre and premature.
  3. Sorry, hadn't realised he had been found guilty. What punishment did he get ?
  4. Heard a rumour Hester maybe bound for Hull after the play offs. Would definitely bit worth a gamble though, heard good things about him.
  5. TBH credit must go to Neil McCann who seemed to get the best out of him, previous to that he was in and out of the side ,as was Todorov
  6. Good personal move for Dan, at least he managed to avoid Pittodrie. Any inkling on the deal that has been done, or will I have to wait for the Record or the Sun for the details. On a separate note seems like the deal was done by the CEO ,absolutely no mention of any input by any of the onfield management team.
  7. Hopefully we got a decent wedge for a young guy with plenty of potential and has already represented his country. Wonder who made the decision to sell him
  8. To be fair the commentator is the only decent thing about the overall package.It's the guy sitting next to him offering his pearls of wisdom that's the problem.
  9. No reflection on his performances at fullback,but the sooner we get Carson back into the centre of midfield the better. His drive and aggression was sorely missed tonight and there is absolutely no way Charlie Adam would have had the time to dictate the play with Carson snapping around his ankles.
  10. Fair play to take a point. Still in it, Dundee still have a couple of difficult games.
  11. Allardice looked like he won the ball, but Brad's was a typical lunge from him after a terrible touch. 2nd last home game of the season and the coverage is as bad as the first. Its beyond embarrassingly bad and certainly not worth the price of 2 season tickets.
  12. Route one, Ridgers to Daniel who needs a silky midfield.
  13. Cannot seem to settle into any rythm maybe conscious of not conceding. Pretty tepid stuff from both sides. Honestly the co commentator is doing my f×××ing but in.
  14. Maybe Brad's good form is down to him playing centre half and not full back where hes nearly always struggled against quicker players.
  15. TBH, out of that list Carson is the one we should be pulling out all the stops to extend. If that means sacrificing other fringe players to make a good offer then we should go for it.
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