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  1. League I expect the money to rise to the top Utd/Partick hopefully we make the play off LC who cares play the youngsters Irn Bru Ditto SC no idea
  2. Hey Jaggernaut, if you think its worth winning knock yourself out, it is mickey mouse and if they fail to get a sponsor it will probably be done away with. As I said above use it to blood new players but as for winning it who cares? it has the lowest attendance of a cup competition, produces almost no money, has no European place at the end of it, would you swap two league cups for one Scottish Cup? if the answer is no I rest my case.
  3. Totally agree, forget winning the group, get the youngsters in as I said on another thread, if we can find a couple of players who can cope at this level that is worth far more than qualifying for this nothing competition, if not, when are we going to play them? If I were an U19 and didn't get a run in this competition I would tell the club where to go. Give them a run of games that's what's needed to get up to speed, you can't judge on the basis of one or two games you need to play against men on a regular basis to get used to the pace and strength of opposition players. If the club can't risk them in this competition when are they going to play them? Listen to all the pros who played first team as youngsters, they were up against their own senior pros in full on matches and in the reserve league which regrettably we no longer have.
  4. If you are not going to play young players in this competition when are you going to play them? a SC quarter or must win league match, I don't think so, we need to know how the youngsters handle competitive matches against men and that takes games a run of them so do it in all the group matches then you know who can cope at this level and who can't. If we can't play them in these matches what's the point in the U19s. If we even find one or two who can do it that would be a huge step forward.
  5. It's the third least important tournament, use it to blood youngsters, no one remembers who won the thing and no European place up for grabs. Concentrate on promotion.. As for confidence building, I seem to remember we got some decent results in this competition in the group stages before Hearts hammered us and we got relegated the same season. We have a small squad, the fewer unnecessary games for first team players the better IMHO. If you want to take this nothing competition seriously that's your prerogative but I certainly would not lose any sleep over going out in the group stages if we gave four or five youngsters a run in these matches.
  6. Have to agree, when I see the officials glad handing each other before the game you get the impression they think they are the main participants rather than bit part players. It's clear many of them have never played at any level and some of their decisions are worthy of derision. Some are downright corrupt such as the referee for the Korea v Italy world cup match who had clearly been told by FIFA that Korea were to get through. he was later imprisoned for smuggling drugs possibly set up by the mafia.
  7. Not getting at you IHE but frankly ever since the European place for winning the league cup was withdrawn I have zero interest in this mickey mouse competition which was once the worst attended professional competition possibly in the world, I would use it to blood youngsters as AF did at Man Utd.
  8. Yikes, looks like my conspiracy theory is gaining traction am in no doubt the SPFL wanted Utd in the prem and the money that goes with them glad to see it didn't happen.
  9. The P&J reported the Chalmers move as a done deal.
  10. Doofer, you may be right, when wullie Collum is one of our "best referees" you know something is wildly wrong. This guy started refereeing as a 16 yo which means he has never kicked a ball in anger in his life, what qualifies him as a grade 1 referee?
  11. I will be very interested to see how the refereeing decisions pan out in the play off final because I am in no doubt the PTB want Utd back in the premiership. more money, sorry, I'm being a conspiracy theorist again but that penalty against us tonight proves it in my mind, absolute joke. I played competitive football for 17yrs and I've never seen the like. Robbo has every right to be fuming.
  12. Kingsmills are you turning into a conspiracy theorist? then join my club. I agree with your comment re the harshness of the penalty decision, had it been the other way it would never have been given. Fact is we failed to score and we created plenty of chances in the first half, so end of.
  13. Ignoring the horrendous refereeing decisions against us in both ties the fact is we failed to score in 180 minutes so fair dues to Utd, I thought their keeper was excellent tonight. That said I think Utd better pray they get Hamilton in the play off because I don't see them beating St Mirren.
  14. Utter joke hits his leg then his hand while his back is turned? I doubt the ball would even have reached the goal after hitting his foot, how on earth is that a penalty?