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  1. wynthank15

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Dodgy haircuts (did they get a cut price deal) dodgy beards and a lot of dodgy defending, an amateur team would have hung their heads in shame at their equaliser, to call it amateurish would be an insult to amateur teams.
  2. wynthank15

    The 'John Hughes broke my club' thread

    "Don't read too much into budgets" you are clearly the "plank" is it just coincidence that the most successful teams in almost all leagues have the highest budgets?
  3. wynthank15

    The 'John Hughes broke my club' thread

    What are you havering about? we beat Sevco 3-0 on their own midden in the league cup and hearts, you can only beat what is in front of you we finished 3rd only Celtic and Aberdeen were more consistent, clubs with massively greater budgets so don't rubbish the club's achievements. Oh I nearly forgot,we also won a cup that year beating the top team on the way.
  4. wynthank15

    The 'John Hughes broke my club' thread

    "There are a minority of our fans who think John Hughes was a failure at our club. As far as I am concerned there should be a statue of the man outside our stadium" Charlie Christie Sportsound 7th February 2019.
  5. wynthank15

    Calling ALL Armchair managers

    So our current predicament is Hughes fault according to your logic, not Foran's or the board's, now that is revisionism. Where is the proof that Hughes had lost anyone's confidence? As far as I can see Hughes got results we had no right to get during our injury crisis which was serious and after losing our best players. We would not have been relegated under Hughes even with our depleted resources and I had no problem with him trying to get additional funds for the team which was after all his job and with which I agreed. The board displayed a petulance and small mindedness in sacking him. You may not like your employees moaning or whining but if they are central to your company/club you roll with it without necessarily giving ground.
  6. wynthank15

    Calling ALL Armchair managers

    There is nothing revisionist about it, its a hard fact to accept I Know, but If that belief consoled you through our relegation and slump into mediocrity then I'm happy for you. Hughes knew another striker was a must he lost two in 6 months the board chose to appoint an inexperienced yes man in his place and paid the price, the error was confirmed by the resignation of our Chairman, what is revisionist about that?
  7. wynthank15

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    Have been banging that drum for years you're wasting your breath or print.
  8. wynthank15

    Calling ALL Armchair managers

    We had that remember? the fans didn't like it, we sacked a proper football manager (which many on here called for) and appointed a rookie in his place, we got what our actions deserved now we are a skint championship mediocre club, get used to it we have been a lot lower than this.
  9. wynthank15

    Caption Competition

    Right son, cotton wool box for you till our next fixture.
  10. wynthank15

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Then don't complain when asked to turn up at stupid o'clock in Glasgow or Edinburgh for an important match like the league cup final or the SC semi. The fans are being taken for mugs by the SFA and TV execs. A boycott might actually wake up other supporters and may even get the club's backing if the grievance is aired correctly. These two matches were scheduled for a kick off before any train from Inverness could arrive in Glasgow on the day. The Sun newspaper actually subsidised the buses for the league cup final because Sky were panicking over no ICT support turning up and ruining the TV spectacle. The supporters have more power than they think. A televised banner in an empty away end telling the SFA what we think of them would have quite an impact I think, not to mention the newspaper coverage, football podcasts etc. The club will be deprived of my revenue because I will not be making the 9hr round trip on a Monday evening.
  11. wynthank15

    Fifth Round Draw.

    I would love to predict a no show, make it a visual disaster by having no away support and make it known why. I have made this point many times before, until the SFA and TV companies are told in no uncertain terms that we will not be treated like milk cows, nothing will change. This applies to all supporters of the Scottish game and I would love to see a coordinated push back against these leeches, that the Scottish supporter will not be taken for granted and fall in line with the whims of the TV executives. "Without the fans the game is nothing" Jock Stein
  12. wynthank15

    U18's Season

    Surely that's a misprint more like 2 points given the number of games played, 20 points would mean no other team has won more than 6 games which seems unlikely.
  13. wynthank15

    Ross McCormack to Motherwell

    Wow, what a signing, I expect Motherwell to climb the league if he's fit and on form, great move by Motherwell. What do the members think?
  14. Remember that not all good strikers are fleet of foot Boyd, Harston, Muller, these guys could go missing for 85mins of a game. I want my main striker around the penalty spot/6yd box not moving outside the box. This point was made to Gary Lineker when he went to Barcelona, when he made wide runs for his own midfield or closed down full backs as he did in England the coaches asked him what he was playing at, they wanted him in the 6 yard box and fresh for when the chance came along, different philosophy.
  15. wynthank15

    Favourite cup memory?

    Other than the great day in Glasgow, knocking Celtic out of the SC 1-0 after they had beaten Liverpool at Anfield on the road to Seville. Don't think I've ever seen the stadium so packed, must have been THE record crowd whatever the "official" stats may show. A great moment from that night was when Charlie Nic and Jim White were walking across to the commentary box on the west side a well kenned face shouted Charlie Charlie what will the score be to which Charlie replied 5-0, the well kenned face replied Aye, but who to Charlie. A brilliant result often forgotten and overshadowed by the Parkhead match.