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  1. wynthank15

    Foran's Foray into Sportswear

    Good luck to RF in his business, I was against his promotion which in my opinion was stupidity by the board who had no understanding of football management, a bit like RF who had just got his badges. I was sorry to see him fail but wish him well in his new venture.
  2. wynthank15

    sectarian chants

    No one is defending it, as Christians we are taught to love our neighbour of whatever belief , Romanist, Muslim, Buddist but the comments of Bdu 98196 displays all the prejudices of the Roman inquisition. If no one accepts guilt you are all guilty, all must atone, no appeals. That said, why should anyone have respect to the Pope who has usurped the place of Christ. who says to followers of the Roman sect "come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues" Rev18:4. Note: MY people. Roman Catholics are MY brethren and I have many RC friends whom I hope to convert to the true path before this life is done.
  3. wynthank15

    sectarian chants

    Yes it did go over my head, so why wouldn't the same draconian exercise be undertaken when someone blasphemes the name of God or Christ rather than the Pope? who after all is a mortal man masquerading as the Vicar of Christ on earth.
  4. wynthank15

    sectarian chants

    So you are seriously suggesting the whole squad be dismissed ( including the innocent) because someone offended the Pope (Inquisition at it's finest)???
  5. wynthank15

    New Partnership for CTO

    Agreed with your last post Kingsmills but disagree with the above, the SC was celebrated when there were no sponsors and will be in the future. We do not need these parasites crawling all over Scottish sport, they hardly do it for philanthropic reasons they are only interested in money, they are not Scottish, they are imposters and should be told to take a hike. Money has ruined the game, think about that. PS. please do not take this comment as a personal assault.
  6. wynthank15

    sectarian chants

    Do you mean sack the whole squad?
  7. wynthank15


    Your first paragraph is a rewriting of history through your own bias. Had we not got rid of JH we would never have been relegated. RF was unproven at ANY level an act of folly by the board who thought they knew something about football. Were you by chance one of those who was cheer leading for Foran? You reap what you sow,.
  8. wynthank15

    New Partnership for CTO

    Sorry Scotty can't agree, these parasites have ruined too many families and should be run out of town along with payday lenders. Gamble responsibly yeah right.
  9. wynthank15

    Inverness CT -V- Edinburgh City

    Very good result, tell me again how many goals did White score? Confidence is everything for a striker.
  10. wynthank15

    Scotland v Albania

    Wouldn't bet on it Kingsmills, fitting KT and McGinn into the team is bound to raise it's head again when they are fit. I actually have a sneaky feeling that KT called off because he didn't want to play the left centre back role again or right back.Just my thought at the time.
  11. wynthank15

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    I agree with your statement CaleyD at least the first part of it. The All Blacks win about 90% of their games. When they do lose you don't hear them whining about the pitch or how this or that player didn't perform, they compliment the opposition on the win and set about ensuring it doesn't happen again. That's what I call classy and no way do AB teams ignore their deficiencies they are pretty ruthless at correcting them.
  12. wynthank15

    Scotland v Albania

    I think McLeish found his best formation and starting 11 thanks to the call offs. Better be lucky than good.
  13. wynthank15

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Football is about winning but when you don't, you show some class not pointing fingers, blaming certain players, tactics etc give the opposition some credit.
  14. wynthank15

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Just a comment on that defeat to Queens Park, I knew their former chairman quite well and he was very complimentary about how well ICT treated the Queens despite losing comprehensively to them. It's not just about winning it's how you behave in defeat a bit like the AB's after losing to Ireland, you can't buy class.
  15. wynthank15

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Well done to Edinburgh City who are where we once were.