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  1. wynthank15

    Recruitment Policy?

    Wouldn't sentence anyone to being a teacher for three years however the point re emergency services could be a possibility, also, I can only see govt making this kind of commitment, as someone above said private business is unlikely to commit to someone they haven't met or they may not be in a financial position to pay for, or they may just have hired someone. Nice idea though.
  2. wynthank15

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I recommended on another post Chis Duggan of East Fife 24 year old Australian scored 22 goals in 56 competitive games. Had an injury which was misdiagnosed for many years, last season was the fist time he has been fully fit, he certainly knows where the net is, would be within our budget and is a good age.
  3. wynthank15

    New Signing

    I think you missed out the season ticket cost effect. My cousin and his son who were long term ST holders refused to pay the price demanded and wrote to the chairman explaining why they were not renewing. The fact that the board back tracked on the ST price and made promises conditional upon promotion shows that this was a major issue for many fans. I would like to know what the drop in ST numbers was. I don't believe embarrassment comes into it, long term ICT fans could never be accused of being glory hunters, we came from the Highland league and we could go back there one day, many on this forum feared successive demotions and the very real prospect of part time football. It still wouldn't stop me from being an ICT supporter.
  4. wynthank15

    Dennis Wyness

    That 2003 game was the best atmosphere I have experienced at the TCS and yes our front two of Ritchie and Wyness guaranteed goals a joy to watch.
  5. wynthank15

    12 week minimum ban for standing

    Have long beaten the drum about opening the west to standing, you could meet your mates every week, discuss the game and get an atmosphere going also for someone with athritic joints standing at a barrier is much more enjoyable than sitting. In a game v Celtic in the SC, (the game where they kicked our entire midfield off the park and we lost 2-1 McSwegan came on to play midfield!!) we were standing at the back of the open southern end of the main stand, a policeman came up to us and told us to sit down even though no one's view was being obstructed, when we pointed to the Celtic support and asked "what about them" the answer was "they will be sitting down in a minute" still not sure whether the Police/Stewards are too scared to ask the Celtic support to sit or whether there are different rules for different clubs. Frankly, were the club to ban me for something so petty I wouldn't be back. (I qualify this by saying I have no intention to block any other supporters view or enjoyment of the game) in my experience people automatically stand up when a scoring opportunity presents itself.
  6. wynthank15

    Dundee reject £1.8M bid for Caulker

    The point I am trying to make is Caulker a better player than Christie, Watkins or Shinnie? we could certainly have done with £1.8M or Christie for a season rather than losing them on the cheap or for nothing.
  7. wynthank15

    The Table for ICT

    Truly appalling record but I sense we are a different team now mentally, of course, it all depends on other teams results against one another.
  8. wynthank15

    Political Correctness off topic stuff

    Jock here - I don't consider Charles' comments as trying to be funny - most of what he said I agree with and the so-called "modern" way of thinking is just so much bull-sh*t. I know this is slightly off topic but I just want to tell Jock PC isn't new. It was used in the Soviet Union and comes from the Frankfurt School (look it up). Basically it is a political tool to shut down resistance, exposes you to being dragged through the courts and possiblly financial and reputation ruin. If you are against excessive immigration you are racist, against Israel's actions you are an anti semite, against same sex marriage you are homophobic and so on. It is the state's attempt to demonise those who have ideas contrary to the government agenda to re-engineer society and change the way you think. Quote by Sir Peter Sutherland recently deceased jesuit and high heidyin in the EU "we must increase the rate of immigration into Europe to dilute the homogeneity of the European races" the obvious question here is why? You might also note that our common law gives no weight whatsoever to hurt feelings, PC is statute law which has no weight in a common law court, the only law which should be recognised in our islands. Don't allow the government to seduce you with promises of a new constitution or a British Bill of rights, we have no need of them, we have all the rights we need under the common law. Government granted rights can be withdrawn any time they like, the common law cannot, which is why the EU wants the ECJ to have jurisdiction over our common law courts. Excuse the rant. "I 'm a good ol rebel that's just what I am, I wont be reconstructed and I don't care a damn" as the old Southern civil war song goes.
  9. wynthank15

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Utterly ridiculous would love to know how many were for idiocy ie not tackles. Black used to pick up his fair share but at least his were for getting stuck into the opposition or taking one for the team.
  10. Would be interested in the forum's view of the players we have allowed to leave for nominal fees or in some cases for nothing due to contracts having expired. Should players who are clearly a cut above, I'm thinking Christie, Watkins and Shinnie and to a lesser extent Meekings and Tansey have been tied up under longer term contracts so that we could negotiate larger transfer fees? We seem to have left contract extension negotiations to the last minute in the past when a players head has already been turned by another offer. As everyone will be aware, Christie is still on loan to Aberdeen which rather sticks in my throat, we could have done with him last season, he may have been the difference between relegation and staying up.
  11. wynthank15

    Inverness CT -V- Brechin City

    Don't be too hard on Brechin, they have done very well to be in this league when you look at the full time teams still in Div 1.
  12. wynthank15

    Inverness CT -V- Brechin City

    Thanks cif73, that's my concern about Seedorf he is always hesitant these days, don't know what the cause of lack of confidence is, possibly in his head or due to his injury but he is definitely indecisive.
  13. wynthank15

    Inverness CT -V- Brechin City

    Didn't see the game was Seedorf pushed up front as a winger? how did he play?
  14. wynthank15

    New name

    Shows what a good dose of aspartame can do for you.
  15. wynthank15

    Inverness CT Loyal Army

    If it was a couple of years ago maybe he/she wasn't so weird after all, they chose Foran instead.