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  1. I thought OFW should have saved the free kick it seemed to go through him, TBF he turned out to be a very good keeper. Despite the 0-1 scoreline I thought it was one of our best home performances against an experienced European team and that was without Shinnie and Watkins, thought Christie was outstanding that night, the lack of a penalty box striker was I felt the main reason for not getting through the tie.
  2. wynthank15

    Old Kits

    That's the one, clearly you liked it too?
  3. And for me always felt we would get a result and usually did we seemed to enjoy playing there.
  4. wynthank15

    Old Kits

    I thought the away shirt we had which was white with blue trim was a really classy looking continental style strip. Can't remember the season, might have been the first season in the premier I remember it being worn at Ibrox.
  5. I like the design apart from the epaulettes, they detract from the overall look, a bit naff. A little story about strips, we used to play in the blue and black of inter milan with the club crest in the middle, crew neck, black shorts and white socks, a very strong look. We lost one of the jerseys and couldn't source a replacement, the only club that played in those colours in the same style in the UK was Middlesbrough reserves. We wrote to Jack Charlton who kindly donated two shirts. Thanks Jack.
  6. Can't see how the season can start until the court case is settled, if the courts come out on the side of hearts then they will remain in the prem but will not have played any games in it. I also wouldn't put it past the government to call a second lock down if the CV flares up again.
  7. I think the payments stop as soon as training resumes.
  8. Not sure about that Mantis Hearts gubbed us last few times we played them and they were bottom of the current set up. Hibs beat us comfortably too and am not convinced we would beat Hamilton. We must find a regular goal scorer which is the main difference between survival and the drop.
  9. Quote on Sportsound by the Forfar chairman "it's been no secret for the past 4/5 months that ICT have financial problems" The money due to us from the SPFL is apparently £330,000.
  10. I think the whole programme will be shut down players in Italy and Spain now have the virus. Letting the horse racing continue for a week with 250,000 attendees was utter madness, how can you trace infections back to source amongst that lot.
  11. Yes, it's a pity we couldn't perform better against the lower teams Partick/Alloa/Arbroath . Utd's form has been shaky since the turn of the year 13pts from a potential 27 with no pressure. It's possible but unlikely at this stage but you never know, would be exciting. Hibs collapse under Butcher shows it can happen.
  12. No one's complaining about Billy Gilmour
  13. Get a life, black humour is part of our psyche always has been, I speak as one of those vulnerable members of society. The best thing you can do for me is stay away, self isolate which as Satan has pointed out is something the authorities have failed spectacularly to enforce .
  14. We already are a "farm team" for Aberdeen and County amongst others. Would stave off the possibility of becoming a PT team.
  15. The big diagonal switch ball was the way Robbo played back in the day and he introduced it in his first season at ICT, the promotion year but things have moved on since then.
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