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  1. wynthank15

    FIFA eradicates corruption !

    The fact Qatar have the wc in 2022 tells you all you need to know about this organisation.
  2. wynthank15

    Project Brave

    We agree Kingsmills, two shots on target in 90mins one a pen, we can discuss all night about formations but the lack of a decent touch, wrong choices and complete lack of pressing is just so dispiriting, as long as the basics are missing you can play any system you choose it will not make any difference. The paucity of our game was exposed by a team ranked 90 something in world football, fortunate to get away with 2-1. No point in blaming the manager he can only work with what is available but those whose livelihood depends on our sub par level of football will continue to talk up our game and find any excuse for our lack of basic skills.
  3. wynthank15


    Why wont they open the west as a standing only pay on the day area with barriers to lean against for those with bad joints who can't sit without stretching their legs for 90mins. also a better view from the west when the sun gets low in winter.
  4. wynthank15


    Sounds like the wonderful sounding Direct Democracy, we will have a meeting, you can have your say, then we will ignore you and do what we want. Example: My neighbours and I went to a meeting prior to the National Park being formed, we were told we were getting a National Park though no one locally had asked for one but we were to have input regarding the name which was proposed as Cairngorms National Park. We pointed out that this was grammatically incorrect as there is only one Cairngorm mountain so it should be singular or Grampians if they wished to use the plural. You know the rest, I laugh every time I see the carved granite sign, an edifice to ignorance or Westminster indifference don't know which. PS non political I don't vote
  5. wynthank15

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    PS I too apologise for being off topic couldn't help myself after reading RIG's comment.
  6. wynthank15

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    Thank you for speaking on my behalf Kingsmills, RIG started this with his Hughes is a moron nonsense which is actually insulting and derogatory and I am not about to let it pass. If you want to split adjectives, Hughes was our most successful manager to date, that is a FACT no matter how much you may dislike it or try to argue against it. How do you define greatest exactly??? You can have a talented squad with a useless manager and achieve nothing. I hugely liked Patterson as a manager, he could spot a player, built two great mid-fields, played attractive football and never won the 1st division, he was a great manager but not our most successful..
  7. wynthank15

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    What have you got against our greatest ever manager RIG? you just can't let go.
  8. wynthank15

    Scotland v Albania

    I hear what you say Mantis but Vogts record still stands and he had nothing to inherit, I believe the useless Vogts rubbish was put about by the hierarchy you mention to cover for the paucity of our game at that time, the guy was an outstanding international player so he understood the game and since his time no one has managed to do better and no one has started from a lower base. I was at the game you mention in the north enclosure, I think if you watch it again Scotland got away with some brutal tackles from the back which would not be tolerated in today's game, we haven't moved with the times where the game is organised to protect the ball players, quite rightly, where the player goes down on minimal contact and gets a free kick. Our players have to be better at protecting the ball in tight positions and winning our share of these free kicks amongst many other basic things. I will give you one example, watch Italy's opening goal against us at Hampden 4 players including our captain turned their back on a throw in something an amateur player is told never to do, it's why you practice running backwards, and we lose a goal inside 5 mins from a throw in!!!!!!!! Professionals???????? Its these schoolboy howlers that we need to get out of our game which we saw on Friday night against Belgium but you only get that by experience. Marcello Lippi was asked what he sought in a player and he answered intelligence.
  9. wynthank15

    Scottish Football Supporters Survey

    Since when did the SFA/SPL take any notice of what supporters want? You are after all only the lifeblood/milk cows of the game, what TV and the corporations want is where the money is. What they ignore is that without the fans there is no game as JS said, use that power. Two weeks of boycotts by all the fans in the country would achieve far more than the 250th survey they have held in the past twenty years. Don't be fooled by useless surveys, it's akin to so called participatory democracy, you can have your view but we aint gonna change anything and your views whilst taken on board, considered, mulled over, cogitated and absorbed we have decided to tell you politely to F*** Off.
  10. wynthank15

    Future of Scottish football

    Absolutely agree Mantis but I think the game down south will change when Sky/BT start to cherry pick the games they will show. When grounds are half empty due to games being televised the TV cos will start to pick and choose, only the rich will survive and I can see the day when the Champions league will be an actual league set in stone. Of course the game is nothing without full stadia as an event and a TV spectacle and I can see the public becoming bored with a European league without relegation. Even at the moment many of the group matches are not sell outs. Football at the top level is becoming so expensive that it will face the "Rollerball vision" (a film ahead of its time) where the top clubs are owned by corporations and entire countries (which we already have in the case of Man City) where the whole game becomes politicised as a means of control/mass distraction.
  11. wynthank15

    Project Brave

    SFA and logic should not appear in the same article.
  12. wynthank15

    Scotland v Albania

    Okay Mantis I will say it: I am cynical and say that, as Euro 2020 will be staged at a multitude of venues including Hampden, they are only trying to make it easier for home nations to qualify. It may still not be enough, I actually believe our ranking is way above where we actually are, the fact we rarely play African and S. American nations rather falsifies our standing. I actually agree with McLeish forget records wins and losses give as many players as possible International experience against good opposition. you only learn by being in the same situation often enough, then you make the correct decision automatically. Sometimes you need to go backwards to move forward which leads me to my next point: Caley Canary this myth about Vogts being clueless is extremely unfair, the guy's command of English was not the best but if you recall he inherited an ancient Craig Brown team hence the reason for giving so many different players caps, he had to rebuild from scratch and he wasn't afraid to expose them to better sides. I will let Vogts record speak for itself, he remains the last Manager to get us to a play off, quite incredible given what he had to work with.
  13. wynthank15

    Scotland v Albania

    Apparently, we have the second highest ranking in the section. Not getting out of the group would represent a new low.
  14. wynthank15

    Project Brave

    Correction Glover apologies.
  15. wynthank15

    Feeder Club

    This was true of players in the 70's I played with one player who was offered 3 professional contracts and turned them all down because he had a well paid job with car and house assistance purchase scheme, pension etc etc he was a wonderful left footed player who would have given Beckham a run for his money at free kicks. Those were the days when we had some superb players in the Scottish amateur leagues, many of the OF S form signings played in those leagues during that time.