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  1. I think the whole programme will be shut down players in Italy and Spain now have the virus. Letting the horse racing continue for a week with 250,000 attendees was utter madness, how can you trace infections back to source amongst that lot.
  2. Yes, it's a pity we couldn't perform better against the lower teams Partick/Alloa/Arbroath . Utd's form has been shaky since the turn of the year 13pts from a potential 27 with no pressure. It's possible but unlikely at this stage but you never know, would be exciting. Hibs collapse under Butcher shows it can happen.
  3. No one's complaining about Billy Gilmour
  4. Get a life, black humour is part of our psyche always has been, I speak as one of those vulnerable members of society. The best thing you can do for me is stay away, self isolate which as Satan has pointed out is something the authorities have failed spectacularly to enforce .
  5. We already are a "farm team" for Aberdeen and County amongst others. Would stave off the possibility of becoming a PT team.
  6. The big diagonal switch ball was the way Robbo played back in the day and he introduced it in his first season at ICT, the promotion year but things have moved on since then.
  7. Totally wrong tactics, against a team with pace you don't play 3 up front and leave space in behind, you sit deep, deny space and force them to play in front of you, it might not be exciting but you at least stand a chance of staying in the game.
  8. Wonder how much they paid the one blind mouse to say she failed to correctly review the evidence. If you read this in a book you wouldn't believe it. The backlash has been so great they had to find a scapegoat at any cost to protect their own non credibility. They created this "cab-rank" of reviewers so that they had something to hide behind in the first place. It's what councils and politicians do, create a body like "the national park authority" to keep the heat off themselves from the riff raff and blame someone else when it all goes pear shaped.
  9. The Thistle 2-2 match was a classic with a great atmosphere was gutted when Patterson equalised in virtually the final minute. The 1-0 against the Celtic Europa league finalists was amazing and I doubt will ever be beaten, have never seen the ground so packed plus people standing on the bridge and on top of caravans, I never thought we got the credit which that result deserved in fact it was almost ignored by the football press as they were so in love with the Tic and their exploits that year.
  10. The Scottish league cup is bad enough on it's own The competition down south has been used by the top clubs to give their reserves a run out as it should be used here. When it fails to find a sponsor it will thankfully die a death in both countries but the problem of blooding young players against 1st team players will remain.
  11. Livi don't like grass, we don't score enough goals, could see a replay in this one.
  12. It's not harsh, we as a country are being made into a parody of what our country was and is, we are being portrayed as kilt wearing, bagpipe playing, gaelic speaking, whisky drinking Johnnie Soutars living in Brigadoon. Whilst our football might suggest we are living 200 years ago our country has a fine history in every field of human endeavour as regards modern nations which our so called government wants to convert into a shortbread tin caricature. For more ranting on this subject see the above post.
  13. According to Sportsound Shane Sutherland is coming back to us in the summer, they said the deal is already agreed.
  14. One would think from reading the highland council's website that there are people in this country who cannot understand English and who need a Gaelic translation. A great deal of money is wasted in providing documents in Gaelic, employing Gaelic speakers, painting Poileas on all our country's police cars as though no one would recognise a police can when they saw one and putting all place names in Gaelic even in areas where traditionally it was never spoken. By the way Poileas is a made up Gaelic name for police, there were no police when Gaelic was the original spoken language in the west coast and islands of Scotland, a bit like helicopter. As a MacDonald whose parents learned Gaelic at home before being taught English at school I feel perfectly free to say, stop this nonsense and give the money saved to a Highland football club based in the capital. After all, if the Spanish government could bail out Real Madrid as they did to the tune of I think, Eu300M what's to stop the Scottish government doing likewise? Just a thought.