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  1. wynthank15

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Having watched the highlights I didn't see any clear cut chances created, half chances yes, even our goal was a half chance brilliantly finished by White. I bumped into the Ayr lads on Saturday in Aviemore, joked with them about ordering chips from Smithy's (boy did I feel old, these lads looked about 17/18) they seemed to regard ICT as a strong team though I told them our problem was scoring goals, they responded, long may it continue. Like all other teams we need to find a striker that can score 20+ goals a season and right now I don't see anyone who fits that description.
  2. wynthank15

    Keep calm and carry on

    As someone who seemed to be in the minority of wanting rid of Brewster the season BEFORE we were relegated (our second half season performance was only just better than Gretna) I can't say the same YET about John Hughes. The second half against Motherwell was dominated by ICT and I can see what JH was trying to do with the players in terms of ball retention. The problem was that we played to feet so often on the edge of the 18 yard line that we ended up with 4/5 players facing the ball with their backs to goal. When the ball is played to feet we need two players running off the receiver towards the box to break the offside line created by the defence. This is something the players need to work on including running from deep so that one ball over the top breaches the back four (something which has damaged our own defence too often since JH's arrival) Renegade made an appropriate post on the string for sacking Hughes along the lines of watching his (Hughes) teams is like watching Barcelona without the goals. This is fair comment. You can only play this style of football if the players have the intelligence to implement it. An observation from that night is that Foran is one of the worst passers in the team despite his battling qualities, when playing in midfield he should be told just to win the ball and give it to someone who can pass. Keeping the ball or not is what produces goals for and against. Just a comment on the cup final, I believe adventurous managers would have changed our team immediately after Hayes was substituted, without him and Pawlett Aberdeen's pace and penetration was significantly reduced, bringing on more attack minded players immediately would have sent a message to Aberdeen's management and players and put them on the back foot. I accept that hindsight is 20/20 vision and understand why he didn't do it but as I say the best managers would have made that move however controversial. We are comfortably in the top six, if JH style produces goals and attractive football then everyone's a winner, if not and the players can't adapt then a change is needed though I don't believe that decision is required until next season unless upcoming results suggest relegation.
  3. wynthank15

    The Red and The Blue

    Thank you to those who offered encouragement. yes the pipes are a bit twee as someone said and we debated whether to include them or not. Re the Chorus we did have a catchy chorus but it would have been difficult for the fans to replicate on the terraces, so we decided to inlude a chant to replace the boring Ca-Ley clap clap clap. We "borrowed" the current chorus from the French national team fans of the 70's (I'm not that young Alex) They sang allez allez allez allez allez to the exact same tune and in a covered stadium with the echo it provided it sounded great. The "ay" vowel carries a long way, and with a large crowd in a covered stadium it's rather like call and response which has a long tradition in highland music. I accept as regards the song it's not a rousing chorus but as a chant it works very well and I hope the fans use it even if they don't sing the song. Someone has asked me for the vocal track so I presume they are going to rejig it with a different accompanyment and chorus which is great, the more ideas the better. Have written a more upbeat song with a much more highland feel to it and a proper chorus, which I may be able to put on u tube before the Scottish Cup Final if we get there.
  4. wynthank15

    The Red and The Blue

  5. wynthank15

    cup final song

    See Song for Caley above this post, it's not neccessarily a cup final song it was written 2 yrs ago
  6. wynthank15

    Song for Caley

    Finally got around to recording "The Red and The Blue" (ICT) will be on you tube next week, it's a slow song but hope the fans will use the chorus as a chant in the way used by the French in the 70's. For lyrics see previous post. We are recording a more upbeat song called "Caley on the Rise" which has a more Highland feel to it and which is a thanks to the efforts of past players and officials who strove to put the club where it is now. It should be up on you tube 2nd week of March lyrics below. Apologies for any loss of sound quality, this is due to compressing files from WAV to MP3. Caley on the Rise From our northern bright enchanted skies Came a dawn that saw our own stars rise With a team that raised our highland pride We dreamed our dreams of Caley on the rise Caley on the rise man caley on the rise When we beat the Glasgow celtic it came as no surprise and the best of Scottish Football could scarce believe their eyes What they had just been witness to was Caley on the rise On our journey from the highland leagues Some dared to dream o higher deeds Of a team that raised our highland pride they dreamed our dream of Caley on the rise Chorus Here's a health to heroes of our past Here's a health to those who dreamed the most Of a team that raised our highland pride They dreamed our dream of Caley on the rise Chorus
  7. wynthank15

    Flag Appeal. Donations Now Accepted !

    Typical paypal followed your instructions but they insist I must log into my defunct Paypal account which has been locked in a loop for years with an old card number their site refuses to change. have tried to sort this out in the past holding on for half an hour on an international phone call to Ireland. Never again, Paypal are a nightmare to deal with when something goes wrong. I have sent a cheque to the Club for £15 I am sure they will pass the money on.
  8. wynthank15

    The who wants to donate to an ICT flag

    Will donate to the flag let me know where/how to send cash.
  9. wynthank15

    Butcher offski?

    I think TB is off, as long as he doesn't take Marsella we should continue to get bargains from the basement of the English leagues, the club should try their utmost to keep Marsella at ICT, I think he is more important than who replaces TB. Can anyone remember a masterstroke by TB that changed a game? I can't. That said, my comments are not intended to rubbish his contribution just because he's leaving rather, to draw attention to the person who has introduced some excellent players (by Scottish standards) which we would not otherwise have. I would have Robbo back with Marsella as Asst Manager/goalkeeping coach/scout. Add his current salary to that of Maurice Malpas and you have no increase in wage bill but retain an important member of the team. In most instances it's players who win games, not managers.
  10. wynthank15

    Song for Caley

    I intentionally wrote the song to remind the players that they are playing for a club with a history behind them and what we expect from them. We are the kind of club who is likely to have players in and out regularly each season assuming we stay in the PL unlike the old days where we might have a settled team for a few seasons. The chorus is intentionally simple and can be used on it's own and sounds great when sung by a large crowd it also has a celtic feel to it. Listen to the French using it at international games in the 70's and 80's, it's the only chant they had.We need a song that will follow the club into the future a bit like (for it's a grand old team to play for)which incidentally is not a Celtic song it was stolen from Hibs. Inverness is wonderful and bring it back home are not club anthems though they can still be part of a repertoire. Going ballistic may well be lost in the mists of time.We need a song that all supporters know and will rally behind or at least a chant that everyone knows the TCS is too quiet. Will put the final polished version up on u tube (I don't have the technical ability but know people who have)once I get the whole thing produced which takes time, players, recording facilities etc
  11. wynthank15

    Song for Caley

    Wrote a song for ICT two years ago and am hoping to getting round to recording it this year, free for the club should they choose to use it (lyrics below). As a new member would like to weigh in on some of the other subjects raised on the forum. The SPL clubs should reintroduce pay at the gate standing areas. When these were in operation at the TCS you could turn up when opportunity permitted and meet the same supporters every week who stood at the same area every week, that was lost when the all seated SPL was achieved and former well kent faces were spread around the stadium by season tickets.. I am sure this costs the club on those occasions where supporters make a last minute decision to go to the game. i also recall being told to sit down by the constabulary for standing at the back of the main stand during a game against Celtic, we challenged the Police about the whole away support standing we were told that "they will be sitting down in a moment" yeah right. I don't like the control whereby they want to know who is buying a ticket or try to check your bag/pockets which I resisted at Ibrox ( the guy knew by my look he wasn't going to dip my pockets) the security angle is ridiculous and mirrors what is occuring at sports events in the USA and elsewhere, I will not subject to someone abusing my right to privacy or touch me up, we should tell these people where to get off. Anyway, rant over here's the lyrics, the chorus is sung to the tune that the French used to support their national side "Alle Alle Alle Alle Alle" which can be used as a chant in itself. If anyone has suggestions re changes to the lyrics by all means I'd like to hear them. Yes, we're proud of our colours of the red and the blue and the history behind us, we're proud of that too so be proud of our colours, and give of your best for we're Caley Thistle, Caley Thistle from Inverness yes we're proud of our city , and it's history too and the lads that we cheer for, in the red and the blue so be true to our colours and give of your best for we're Caley Thistle, Caley Thistle from Inverness Chorus Caley, Caley Caley Caley Caley Caley Caley Caley Caley Caley There's an eagle stands over each proud highland heart and we fear no contender who visits these parts so be true to our colours, when you pull on our crest for we're Caley Thistle, Caley Thistle from Inverness Chorus