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  1. Horrendous horror show of a performance.... That's all.i can say
  2. I don't care about county "winning" today, they've won it anyway, there's no chance DU are making it up the GD now let alone winning every game. Best of luck to them in the spl, we must now forget everything else and win today to get us into 3rd and keep pushing to keep us there, at end of day we win today there's only 6 points between us and DU, why not push for 2nd too? Gives us 2 less games and a better chance of surviving the play offs. We've been guilty of not turning up at certain points in games or not at all, we must treat every game like a cup tie from here on in, the clubs future and the players careers depend on this now, time to truly stand up and be counted
  3. Not harsh at all.... He offers nothing when he comes on, falls over more than a 2 legged donkey and wins nothing on the ground or in the air.
  4. Austin is terrible, he offers nothing and needs punted
  5. Hell be rested for that anyway as suspended
  6. One word for that.... Shambolic, and I don't mean the players I mean the ref. I'm not one to ever just point fingers at every ref but that was the most incompetent biased and downright laughable officiating I have ever witnessed. Anyway it is what it is nothing we can do about it now, but now with Trafford out and just about every one of the other 10 given a yellow card it's gonna be a difficult run in with our slim squad Edit: we were also not in the mood either, and simply allowed county to get a foothold on the game that we couldn't recover from. We've got to be the laziest, disinterested squad in the Cship at times
  7. Big game today, a win could potentially cement us in the play off spots and keep us too far realistically from Dunfermline catching up. Cannot allow ourselves to switch off like we did against Alloa though as Falkirk will not be as lenient. Got to get ahead and keep pushing for more, bodies on the line no complacency. To start dropping points now after all the hard work would be disastrous. Hope Welsh being out is not hugely detrimental
  8. Macdonald is definitely not fit and will not be playing today certainly. Robbo said that midweek
  9. We are sHyte.... I hate supporting caley now we are the most boring uneventful side ever, junk. Cship mid table side at best ever. Red dot me and face-palm me all u want
  10. Junk. As we've been all season... Boring and ultimate losers. Nothing to get excited about... Let's move on next season beckons. More of the same no doubt, can't wait
  11. CableGuy


    More to do with the coaching than the striker in my opinion. Our coaching staff are ****... Kellacher needs removed. Hopeless