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  1. CableGuy

    Ayr Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Yup from what I hear there's nothing available, so there will be no new faces appearing in Jan unfortunately
  2. CableGuy

    Game tonight anyone???

    Got to win or die trying! Would rather see us lose trying to score than draw or lose trying to defend, got to at least make Ayr work very hard for this
  3. CableGuy

    Inverness Ct -V- Falkirk

    I cannot wait until the season ends so I can start to work out how to spend my £300 that I won't be wasting on a useless shower of clowns that have no interest in football and couldn't care less about winning. Time to focus on other non stressful activities. Time to give up
  4. CableGuy

    Welcoming the Bairns well under strength

    Beith out? Lol.... Let's just accept Beith is out permanently, we're never going to see him contribute anything. As far as Austin, he's made of glass and I think we need to offload him ASAP. No wonder Falkirk got rid of him. No great benefit when when he is fit, but gets a knock walking to the bus stop
  5. CableGuy

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    We are the most boring outfit in Scottish football right now
  6. CableGuy

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    Well its typical though isn't it, the first game we've won in months, and so far no sign of the usual Caley Jags TV highlights. Hopefully something will appear 😬
  7. CableGuy

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    Is that all the highlights we're getting this week? 1:30 of long range blurry crap?
  8. CableGuy

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Totally agree with that, it has to be dealt with legally and above board. Sad thing is just as we start to see Calder as an integral part of the current side, we now need to face up to the realisation that, deservedly he may not be a part of it for much longer 😒
  9. CableGuy

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Just seen this prior to your post...very disappointed in him. One of the players most of us were willing on recently but theres no excuse for behaviour like this and could easily end his career. Very sad
  10. CableGuy

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Problem is, I thought exactly that after the last county game... Yet the following games were.... Well go without saying really 😒
  11. CableGuy

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Very proud to be a caley supporter, gave everything possible today. Showed county that we are their most difficult opponents yet, we don't give up easily and that's what I love about my team, we are one of the most stubborn resolute, hard to break down teams in the league and least we deserved was the draw, but in all honesty our team showed enough quality and fight to win that comfortably and we should all be very proud of all the boys tonight
  12. CableGuy

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Sorry to hear this Scotty, however as many have said it's an inconvenience not the end. A battle will ensue and one you will win. All the very best to you, keep the head up
  13. CableGuy

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I thought that too, if you watch it carefully, it's actually a terribly placed pass that looks to have been aimed at Walsh but in typical polworth fashion was too far to the left of target. Seems like an eternity before Calder appears, indicating he was never anticipating it. Great vision by Calder to make the run though, something white never does, using his initiative
  14. Thanks, I was going anyway however. Why is tremarco out
  15. CableGuy

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Against my better judgement wrapping up and heading down to this, if its another dreary 0-0 at HT I'm going home, too cold for that **** I feel this is the game where we have to start the turnaround, county will gubb Falkirk tonight and if we draw again we go 9 points behind with the penultimate game on Saturday. Mathematically it's far from over then, but I'd say realistically it will be