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  1. CableGuy

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Apologies too quick to share the County one.....
  2. CableGuy

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    It's the low TV angle pal, hides the lack of RC quality 😂 thought we were superb, unfortunately just up against a very good Gk on the day as the rest of them were shyte
  3. CableGuy

    Ross County - 22nd September

    That came from the girl in the shop today, definitely more than 700 guaranteed. Capacity of the North stand is 1500-1700
  4. CableGuy

    Ross County - 22nd September

    Supposedly we're practically sold out for our end, that's 1500-1700 loud caley fans! Looking forward to this 💪😂👍
  5. CableGuy

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    Let's paint the disgusting orange uprights on the stadium red white and blue, or just any colour that's not red lead metal preserver
  6. CableGuy

    Patrick another 3 points!!

    Storey was only good for us at that point as we literally had zero other players who knew where the goal was. He was decent at first but very quickly I felt his enthusiasm and quality drained away, and he looked disinterested and lazy. I did like him as a player, at the time and I felt another club might get the best out of him but that's a few that's tried and ultimately failed. Wouldn't have him back for free now
  7. CableGuy

    Patrick another 3 points!!

    He really was utterly crap, Storey I mean...just as well we didn’t blow our budget on him Alan Simpson? 😉
  8. CableGuy

    Ross County - 22nd September

    Rooneys out for a few weeks, ligament damage. Supposedly hamstring for Oakley so doubt we'll see him for a while either
  9. CableGuy

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    Met Rooney at the A&E afterwards, was chatting to him. Suspected ligament damage and out for least a few weeks
  10. CableGuy

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    To me it was, at worst, on the line... But looks far more likely it was just outside. Terrible decision, luckily it didn't come back to haunt us
  11. CableGuy

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT
  12. CableGuy

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    This is great stuff.... Just the boost we all needed to get our season going properly and more importantly the confidence builder before the big one on 22nd
  13. CableGuy

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    This is encouraging stuff..... Some effort and as it stands we just need Falkirk to level against county for a perfect weekend! 😂