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  1. We're ******... Part time football beckons... Goodbye all u happy clappy fucky wankers I've had it..... The clubs ****** and u all are too.... Bye bye
  2. Well I for one hardly post anything on here now for the pure reason unless it's to say everything is rosey at the TCS, I get slated and attacked. This has reiterated why I don't bother and will avoid even more so
  3. Haha that's the major downfall of this forum and why so many apart from the same tired old names appear on every thread, it's just a clique for happy clappers. Disagree or have an alternative opinion and your ostracised. Gotta agree with everything and stay in with the old whingers. Kingsmills as for you I don't care how courteous u think u are, your always quick to jump on anyone that has an alternate opinion to yours as wrong, maybe for once realise that others opinions are up for debate but are not always wrong because you don't agree.
  4. If you truly believe polworth and white are very good footballers I despair really
  5. You better not face-palm me! I'll not speak u next home game! ?
  6. Opinions are like arseholes really aren't they. .. Everyone has one and they all stink
  7. As much as it potentially a red, I'm actually excited now at the prospect of Robbo now having no choice but to start Macdonald on Friday. I know polworth has had his moments over the years, but the jury's still very much out as to his effectiveness pace passing and reading of the game. The short spells we've seen of Macdonald I think hes been superb and creates movements and injects a bit of pace into an otherwise static mf at times. This is our last chance and as much as we were very unlucky not to get a goal or 2 before DU on Tuesday we still don't have no route to goal on the ground and the
  8. We've just confirmed pre contract signing of ex Accies striker James keatings, could be a decent bit of business
  9. I met Walsh at the TCS this morning off to see the physio, not hamstring he thinks but unlikely to start tomorrow if play at all. Tremarco was only other player there which tells me he's not ready and off to see physio too On that basis and after what I saw at the weekend I'm going for Ridgers Rooney McCart Donaldson Mchattie Trafford Chalmers polworth Macdonald Doran Austin
  10. It's all to do with doing the most to help the premiership team stay up, very unfair but then that's the SFA for you
  11. Ridgers has extended his contract until 2022 ?
  12. Heard a rumour from a friend reliably informed that a deal has been agreed for both Coll and Chalmers to join County. Hardly surprising
  13. Funny how every other team you can rely on to convert a penalty! We can't even do that right ?
  14. Simply buying players dosent win you a title, buying the RIGHT players and training them accordingly does! It was an easy league to win, but all the other teams are guilty of not giving county more competition not the other way around
  15. County deserved it this season, plain and simple, they battled for everything every game and even tonight they were 2 up 3 up.... Did they give up and defend and look forward to going on the **** later no they didn't they battles further and got another goal. An example of how to win a league. If we can't follow them up via they playoffs then it's game over for our club and you can red dot me all you want happy clappers but its now or never fight for the right to participate or bury the club in next few weeks, its as clear and simple as that and you all know its true
  16. See I just don't understand the logic here with this argument.... The away fans usually consist of on average, say 100-200? Now a good portion of that is youngsters who see it as a day out, go for a few beforehand and are jolly and fired up. I'm all for them and think that they are brilliant at creating an atmosphere, however let's look at Sat or in fact any home game really where at least 1000-1500 people turn up and give their support even though results and performances have been lacklustre. To me that's a good backing. They may not cheer and sing throughout the game but on the whole they g
  17. Totally agree with u there pal, Austin is a total waste of a wage now. Needs punted ASAP
  18. Horrendous horror show of a performance.... That's all.i can say
  19. I don't care about county "winning" today, they've won it anyway, there's no chance DU are making it up the GD now let alone winning every game. Best of luck to them in the spl, we must now forget everything else and win today to get us into 3rd and keep pushing to keep us there, at end of day we win today there's only 6 points between us and DU, why not push for 2nd too? Gives us 2 less games and a better chance of surviving the play offs. We've been guilty of not turning up at certain points in games or not at all, we must treat every game like a cup tie from here on in, the clubs future and
  20. Not harsh at all.... He offers nothing when he comes on, falls over more than a 2 legged donkey and wins nothing on the ground or in the air.
  21. Austin is terrible, he offers nothing and needs punted
  22. Hell be rested for that anyway as suspended
  23. One word for that.... Shambolic, and I don't mean the players I mean the ref. I'm not one to ever just point fingers at every ref but that was the most incompetent biased and downright laughable officiating I have ever witnessed. Anyway it is what it is nothing we can do about it now, but now with Trafford out and just about every one of the other 10 given a yellow card it's gonna be a difficult run in with our slim squad Edit: we were also not in the mood either, and simply allowed county to get a foothold on the game that we couldn't recover from. We've got to be the laziest, di
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