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  1. Caleytrue

    Christmas Greetings

    A nice thread so let's add to it by sending a Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year to all on here and of course to all ICT supporters evrywhere
  2. Caleytrue

    Caley Jags Together

    All I really want to do is cheer on my local football team so I read this forum as a good way of learning what is going on (or isn't!) but don't post as I feel there are many others better placed to discuss all the topics. On this one however I would like to say that I agree with Robert (above) that given a chance I would sign up to be part or a member of CJT just because it's a way of lending support to the club and fanbase but also to keep CJT alive. As a not practically or politically involved 'supporter ' (no Happy Clapper' comments please) I wouldn't jump forward to claim a place on the board or anything, I wouldn't have time or capability to be any use, but I would want to help keep going a body which holds a 10% voting right in the club. The politics are alarming to read about, and it seems to me that it is important that a body involving grass roots fans and with the club's future at heart must be kept in a role where it can have influence.
  3. Caleytrue

    Losing money from advertising hoardings about another "Pay what you think it's worth" game? On current form the gate will be huge as people will attend so that they can get the payout the club give them as they leave!
  4. Caleytrue

    Why do you support ICT ?

    Only my third post, my first was to wish RF good luck which didn't do much good and number two was about Rory Gallagher playing Telford Street! But I do support ICT, because I moved to the area in 1993 and as a result of the merger with which I had no connection I had a local league team to support for the first time in my life. Previous football had meant traipsing around the various London grounds which at the time were mostly absolute dumps with overpriced entry prices (sound familiar?) with little affiliation to any team bar West Ham which was in truth as much social as about the football (well, it was West Ham!). As a kid between the ages of ten and fourteen I did get to watch Ware Town FC who played in the Athenian League but that was hardly on the same level. Their biggest day out was in the first round proper of the FA Cup having qualified and the result was a 6 - 1 defeat at Luton Town, but it still seemed glamorous at the time. But back to ICT and although it's hard for me to get to games (working Saturdays is normal for me making evening fixtures hugely important and the sparsity of those recently has been a blow) I continue to support as best I can. I admit to being one of those "making up the numbers" at both cup finals but think I claim a degree of entitlement because I have been at games against the likes of Stirling Albion (my mum's hometown and my 'other team') in the lowest level and then all the way through to the top. And back down (again). But I will continue to support, whether by getting to games or driving home from work on a Saturday listening to BBCScotland in the hope that at some moment they will overlook their obsession with the Old Firm and whoever is clinging to their coatails or the politics, and mention something that matters to rest of us even if it's just a score. And I will get to games when I can and smile when things go well and grimace when they don't. I will be frustrated by what seems to be going wrong at the club, and continue to hope that something good will start to happen both on and off the pitch. Why? Because they are Inverness Caledonian Thistle, they are my local team and they have brought glory days and huge great memories to my family and I. What the future holds I don't know any better than anyone else but whilst I am no 'happy clapper' and see the real picture I will not walk away from MY TEAM Andy
  5. Caleytrue

    Rory Gallagher

    tm4tj and snorbens-caleyman ,Thanks so much for posting this, I moved to the Inverness area 23 years ago (which is how I support ICT, new home + new team though at present the second part feels a bit second rate) and have been a lifelong Rory fan. I am lucky enough to remember Telford Street but never knew that Rory had played there, your clip is fascinatng on all levels for me. Many thanks again.
  6. Caleytrue

    New Manager Thread

    Hi there, First time I've posted on this forum so please be gentle with me. To give you my background as a Caley supporter I moved to the Inverness area in 1993 so had a new club to support (I used to watch West Ham occasionaly in my younger years but wouldn't consider myself a true supporter) with no baggage of the earlier Inverness footballing years but respect for all the history. I don't get to as many games as I would like due to work but I'm sure you know how that is, please don't think it makes me less of a Caley fan. So, to behonest I was pleased when John Hughes was appointed but like others on here became disillusioned by a lot of the style of play under him and saddened by the events which unfolded. But that is in the past and it's time to look forward so I just want to add my comments to those above and say good luck Richie, I believe in you and think you can do something good at Caley. I believe the fans will be happy to get behind you and the team and can't wait to see the new season under way although I have no illusions, it won't be easy. Good luck Richie and Caley!!