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  1. Polo Chick

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Brad's goal last night is the only good thing he has done all season he is such a liability but will never have a spell on the bench why is that ? answers on a postcard MOM without a doubt Doran he just loves a goal against County 😆
  2. Polo Chick

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    Absolutley! Most of us are only turning up because we have played for our season tickets. It is a chore to find the enthusiasm to go now Yesterday i wanted to leave at HT as i knew there was no way back Polo Chap stopped me but all i could think about in second half was i want to leave ☹️
  3. Polo Chick

    Inverness CT -V- Partick Th

    Robbo is out of order saying what he did look at the atmosphere at the home & away Derby's ? He has really shown his true personality now any decent manager would of accepted the blame yesterday for that shambles and attempt to sort it but nothing will change he knows his job is safe no matter what. Partick are fighting for their lives and it showed yesterday while we seemed to think it's ok we are in Top 4 no need to push on and why is it Partick can get their post match interview public by 6pm and we will be lucky if at all to get one by tonight. We are amateur's from bottom to top with no signs of it getting better. Foran may well have put the nail in the coffin but with his attitude Robbo will slam the lid shut.
  4. Polo Chick

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    There's no one at Board level got a clue how to do that. 2 home wins all season is poor if it was any other club Robbo would be long gone but not this lot as they would not know where to start also i think it is well know what a shambles the club is that no one in their right mind would want the managers job. I fear next season they will be lucky to play in front of 1000 fans not helped by Robbo's comment's yesterday most fans and me included today thinking well F*** You !
  5. Polo Chick

    The Battle of The Jags

    Brad should never start again after today !!
  6. Polo Chick

    Inverness CT -V- Partick Th

    I think its fairly obvious to us poor fans sitting through that 90 minutes how poor the coaching is this season last season at least we had Rice this year it is just rank rotten. What does it take for Brad to get dropped his dithering cost us today he is not a central defender and defo not a right back. Lack of leadership from the dugout once again they stand leaning against the dugout like 3 cardboard cutouts. One other thing can the coaches train Brad to be on the pitch side of the lines not the stand sides cause then he is off the pitch DUH!!
  7. Polo Chick

    Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Another draw !! Seriously how bad or non existent is the Physio on offer at the club ? 2 GK's both injured at same time ??
  8. Polo Chick

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Totally agree with you yes the day & time not ideal but it is only 20 minutes OTB lets get there and support the boys
  9. Polo Chick

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Going to be tough with Coll & Walsh out injured arguably our best players this season and looking like nobody coming in but Cup games have a habit of making surprises so bring it on i do hope it is on TV to make a wee bit money
  10. Polo Chick

    January signings

    Really shocked to see Chris Humphrey & Craig Reid both ex Motherwell players playing for East Kilbride today both very good players while at Motherwell and now playing at such a lower level i would welcome Humphrey at Inverness still gave a good first half today
  11. Polo Chick

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr United

    Much better game today great performance by Doran & White i get the feeling Polworth has played his last home game for us good luck to the boy ! I and all around where i sit very disappointed in Daniel when he came on very poor think Macgregor would of been a better sub. No Austin again ? As someone said earlier and made me laugh he is made of crisps he is that fragile ☹️ Happy Saturday everyone it is good to come home happy for a change we had forgotten what a home win felt like oh and the County score 😀😀 really didn't see that coming. Nearly forgot to say how good McCart was today very solid him and Coll make a very good partnership he is a much better player than Brad the bombscare .
  12. Polo Chick

    Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Quite agree i drove past the Stadium at 12noon last saturday and it was deserted i wondered had i got it wrong and it was an away game 3 hours before KO and no sign of life or any encouragement to turn up early and spend money then there was the Faff on Saturday getting in & out of the sportsbar was nonsense . I really think the mask is slipping with the coaches and none of them have a clue how to change things its 1 game plan no matter what the score is and trying to find the enthusiasm to attend on Saturday is difficult and friends that used to come along to games with us just will not go anymore.
  13. Polo Chick

    January signings

    Messi would make no difference it's the tactic's that need to change
  14. Polo Chick

    Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Hallelujah! I have been saying this for so long it is the tactics to blame but nothing ever changes
  15. Polo Chick

    Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Quite agree you never see the 'coaches' on the touchline for 90 minutes shouting instructions think they are sitting over a heater in the dugout😒