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  1. Anyone know what is up with Welsh this time ?
  2. 👏Terrible Ref today but well done to the team playing in those conditions glad the club is appealing the red card
  3. Actually a decent performance yesterday and a deserved win as Livi were no great shakes but it makes is all the more frustrating we cant beat Alloa or Partick at home Who would fans like in next round?
  4. Some might say that serves them right for not getting someone else in before the window shut us fans deserve better than turning up to see a striker playing in defence when playing a Premiership Club
  5. I am reading thats Rooney signed a Pre- season with St Johnstone now ?
  6. Brad at the back for remainder of season a very worrying thought ☹️
  7. How Childish leaving McCart on the bench he is a far better defender than Brad and should be playing Do they intend to leave him on the bench for rest of season ?
  8. he apparently fell out with Barry Wilson a few weeks back after telling him his coaching was rubbish hence why he has been benched
  9. think we did that the hard way but well done and County out makes the result even more sweeter! ?
  10. Theres no way they paid that for a player out of contract in May that rumour was started by a County fan as a wind up
  11. none what so ever we wont catch them plus they have a massive squad who all know how to score
  12. Looks like the rumours of players not getting on with Robbo may have some truth in it they cant wait to get away but its a difficult one for the club do they let them go and make a little money? or loose players in the summer for nothing? But if the Board have any ambition at all they need to be very careful who they let go despite the pennies they may get for them not sure i want to keep players in the team who do not want to be here and dont get along with the coaches but the coaches i am sure are not totally blameless
  13. You are spot on we are going nowhere with his tactics
  14. Is it not Robbo's tactics and team selection?? Do we have faith in him to change it next week .... eh no! So glad i had visitors today and could not go sitting in the cold to watch that must of been horrendous
  15. ?Merry Christmas ! I actually enjoyed yesterday in spells we played really well with Keatings being at the heart of most good things i thought Storey had a decent game again he put pressure on the GK and their back line which is something White clearly does not he is getting worse IMO he doesnt chase anything or win anything in the air despite being probally tallest on the pitch how much longer is Robbo going to persist with him not sure Todorov is the answer but we will never know when all he gets is 5 minutes a game. Second place is the aim now as DU are running away with it thats the difference a goalscorer makes lets hope & pray we keep going in the right direction.