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  1. Polo Chick

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I heard the interview on MFR and my first thought was he picked the starting team and also its never good hearing the manager tearing into the players there was 7 different starts from saturday but it was more of the same on the pitch which surely must come down to the way they are coached??
  2. Polo Chick

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Hope we tell them where to go its a NO from me
  3. Polo Chick

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Quite agree about Doran we are not seeing the Doran of old it looks like he is scared to take players on he seems to nearly always go backwards with the ball and teams are going to pick up on that
  4. Polo Chick

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I was wondering the same is it down to money? like not sending money on the recording of interview but as paying fans i think we deserve to hear the managers thoughts after a game . One thing for sure its going to be a long season its very early on but fed up of it already🙄
  5. Polo Chick

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    £35 spent tonight to get in very steep and it was very poor first half not good second half much better when subs were made Walsh very good i was glad Trafford went off he was terrible and sorry but Polworth didnt have a good game. All this missed opportunities is going to haunt us i fear. Just where do they get such poor Ref's and linesmen ?