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  1. On this occasion i do not agree with you if it is St Mirren that join's us in the Championship they will have the Parachute payment but if it is DU they will only have to cut their cloth even more if they have another year in Championship which might just weaken them
  2. For those who dont know Steven Clelland is a County fan with plenty to say he even changed his name on social media last year on their relegation to avoid the slagging he was getting after he posted plenty about ICT on our relegation he is an A*****le who thinks he is funny but i suspect he was not laughing once his bosses read what he had done
  3. Ok Robbo is spot on with what he says about Ref's in Scotland totally agree with him it is shocking but we cant blame them for not winning the game we never scored in either game despite chance after chance that is what has cost us we have seen it time after time all season not taking our chances or seeing games out and all the draws that is what cost us automatic promotion and until they address that problem we are going nowhere . Unlike some i do not think it has been a good season yes we made semi final of Scottish Cup but how often did we leave the ground after home games feeling happy or say we played well ? Now we have all heard the gossip that Coll is away he is going to be a huge miss he has been the best central defender at the club in years imo . Let's hope next season we have more win's less draw's and really go for it 👃
  4. We will always be in their shadow when it comes to running the club Yes they have money but with Roy Macgregor he has the best interest in the Club & community we have never had that we have been mismanaged for so long now and never anyone with a clue in charge Our chance to capitalise the club was after the Scottish Cup Win . This season the Title was there for the taking but we blew it months ago you cant win a league with a small squad that's the difference. County players never gave up in games they train hard & well and are most likely coached well where our players get 3 days off a week and post on Instagram pictures of them out drinking (not just a little bit with some ) another area where we have failed. We cant even finish the league and match last years points then we hear the rummours of the players all wanting to leave . We will always be in Their Shadow ....unfortunately !
  5. Absolutely spot on the football is boring to watch it is slow and at times mind numbing we are the only team that plays like this and other teams have us sussed as we never change our style of play depending who we are playing the only games that have been exciting this season has been the Derby's why cant we play like that all the time??
  6. I struggle to understand why Robbo persist's with Austin he clearly has a terrible attitude all around me screaming for Robbo to take young Roddy on instead but he just wont give him a chance
  7. Well said Cable Guy can someone show your post to the team before 3pm as you say they are guilty of not turning up at times
  8. what we need to improve in the transfer market is Money but sadly we have none so no point dreaming of who would be good
  9. this is what really annoys me they lie to us fans telling us he is injured when we all know he is not then he appears on the bench
  10. both of them liability's Rooney on saturday was dreadful and was clearly heading for a red if we had played any longer
  11. This is now where the small squad will cost us i think we all know OFW is not still injured so if the club are series about wanting to make the play offs he should be played as sorry but Cammy looks nervous when playing and to my knowledge has not had a win while playing in place of Mark nothing personal to the lad but we need experience between the sticks. Coll was a big miss on Saturday and will be tonight if he is not fit to play. If and big if we miss out on play offs because the club chose not to play OFW well that just shows a lack of ambition and they will deserve all the flack that will come their way.
  12. We have driven down in the past and always parked at Queens Park both sets of fans share it if my memory serves me correct it was around £5 to park there and its around a 10 minute walk to Hampden Park hope that helps X
  13. Ref really awful but if our players had started better and looked like they could be arsed it may well of been a different game. One thing i did notice is County exploiting our weak side The Right Brad's side knowing full well how poor he is . Still work to be done on Penalties not sure they practice them very often.
  14. Hell Yes ! who would have thought earlier in the season with all that draws we would get a day out at Hampden so lets be proud of the boys for getting this far and turn up and cheer them on Hearts can be beaten i'm sure of it