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  1. Great result a much needed 3 points What a FK from Keatings and Top marks to Todorov at CB IMO anyone there is better than Brad where was he by the way ? injured or suspended ? More of the same on Saturday please
  2. A must 3 points tonight if not kiss goodbye to second place
  3. We are crap there is no sugar coating it Robbo clearly cant change his tactics when things do not work but this is what happens when you dont strengthen the team in January to secure second place Toshney will probally be out for weeks now which leaves us Brad 🙄 I just get the feeling that so many players are away at end of season so dont give a S**T . One other thing has Shane Sutherland scored a goal for Elgin since signing his pre season contract ? So many chances to make up ground on DU not taken its really not good enough
  4. Watched match on TV as it was made impossible to attend with game being on the Friday anyhow i thought that was one of better games we have played in recent weeks i will never understand how we cant beat Partick ,struggle against Alloa & Arbroath . Ref was usual little jumped up S***e ! What concerns me is the bench was poor on Friday with Trafford a red card in waiting there was no replacement i really not sure we have the squad to finish second as CaleyD says wheres the money getting spent as none of the money made in January was spent on the squad People say Robbo wont get us out of thi
  5. Anyone know what is up with Welsh this time ?
  6. 👏Terrible Ref today but well done to the team playing in those conditions glad the club is appealing the red card
  7. Actually a decent performance yesterday and a deserved win as Livi were no great shakes but it makes is all the more frustrating we cant beat Alloa or Partick at home Who would fans like in next round?
  8. Some might say that serves them right for not getting someone else in before the window shut us fans deserve better than turning up to see a striker playing in defence when playing a Premiership Club
  9. I am reading thats Rooney signed a Pre- season with St Johnstone now ?
  10. Brad at the back for remainder of season a very worrying thought ☹️
  11. How Childish leaving McCart on the bench he is a far better defender than Brad and should be playing Do they intend to leave him on the bench for rest of season ?
  12. he apparently fell out with Barry Wilson a few weeks back after telling him his coaching was rubbish hence why he has been benched
  13. think we did that the hard way but well done and County out makes the result even more sweeter! ?
  14. Theres no way they paid that for a player out of contract in May that rumour was started by a County fan as a wind up
  15. none what so ever we wont catch them plus they have a massive squad who all know how to score
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