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  1. what we need to improve in the transfer market is Money but sadly we have none so no point dreaming of who would be good
  2. this is what really annoys me they lie to us fans telling us he is injured when we all know he is not then he appears on the bench
  3. both of them liability's Rooney on saturday was dreadful and was clearly heading for a red if we had played any longer
  4. This is now where the small squad will cost us i think we all know OFW is not still injured so if the club are series about wanting to make the play offs he should be played as sorry but Cammy looks nervous when playing and to my knowledge has not had a win while playing in place of Mark nothing personal to the lad but we need experience between the sticks. Coll was a big miss on Saturday and will be tonight if he is not fit to play. If and big if we miss out on play offs because the club chose not to play OFW well that just shows a lack of ambition and they will deserve all the flack that will come their way.
  5. We have driven down in the past and always parked at Queens Park both sets of fans share it if my memory serves me correct it was around £5 to park there and its around a 10 minute walk to Hampden Park hope that helps X
  6. Ref really awful but if our players had started better and looked like they could be arsed it may well of been a different game. One thing i did notice is County exploiting our weak side The Right Brad's side knowing full well how poor he is . Still work to be done on Penalties not sure they practice them very often.
  7. Hell Yes ! who would have thought earlier in the season with all that draws we would get a day out at Hampden so lets be proud of the boys for getting this far and turn up and cheer them on Hearts can be beaten i'm sure of it
  8. Cracking result today 3rd place looking possible now lets do this come on everyone get yourselves down on Friday night and make some noise
  9. Well done boys everyone was fantastic today that win is so deserved seen as DU resorted to cheating to try and win the game .Safe journey home to all travelling fans and the team ####weregoingtohampdenagain 😀
  10. What i meant was his treatment to our players not how he was playing he is nothing but a thug to his once co workers
  11. what a bellend he is cant stand the little P**k
  12. How bad was Draper last night ? Still he wont be so cocky today 😄
  13. Happy to report my gut feeling was completely wrong Well done ICT that result was badly needed to boost morale on the pitch and for fans Hope lots make the effort to go to Tannadice
  14. couldn't make tonight but had a bad feeling about it what with Robbo's win rate so rare . We haven't had a win over that mob since Yogi days
  15. We have no chance of promotion with this small squad if we cant beat Partick at home with all "key players " in the team Then the chairman sells a striker on deadline day to save a wage on an already threadbare squad whoever comes down if it is Dundee or St Mirren or whoever will have bigger squads than us and parachute payment we have dwindling fans and in all honestly no hope on a good day we play every bit as good as all other championship teams but sadly those days do not come around very often and it is nothing to do with how loud fans sing.