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  1. Lets be honest who thought we would win that today ? I didn't as Partick are well and truly our bogey team but seriously when your chasing the game all 3 subs done on 85 minutes !! FFS!
  2. Just Home rather soggy but i think that is the best we have played all season the difference Keatings makes when he is in the Team and IMO we are better in midfield without Vincent Midfield much better today than recent home games Ayr were poor they created very little and Ridgers had very little to do he was a lucky boy with that gamble he took in first half. Once again refereeing was bad we were denied at least 1 stonewall penalty we are on a good wee run right now hope we keep it up.
  3. Let's not get carried away there was not much quality football on display but a much needed win but we have scored 1 goal in 4 games that's a huge concern and 1 that doesn't seem to be getting any better
  4. Wow ! Robbo speaking on Stv Sport news tonight saying Top Spot still achieveable Thats strong drugs you get these days for a sickness bug. Does he really think we buy that rubbish? He better change his game plan and get cracking then
  5. So what was Mr's Kettlewell & Ferguson doing there yesterday ? Who are they watching ? it certainly wasnt the quality football on display to avoid shopping with their other half's
  6. Dreadful 90 minutes nothing to be proud of cant see any improvement if anything we are worse wish i had gone Xmas Shopping with Alan too
  7. Agree ! and just mabey there is our problem
  8. Spot on ! there is nobody in midfield capable of getting the ball forward is it coincidence we are on a poor run once we lost Welsh ? Imo he is the only midfielder who plays the ball forward
  9. I would love to know Barry Wilson's thought's on recent form he had plenty to say when he was a radio pundit but now he is part of the "coaching " team and has to take part responsibility for the shambles We can all shout & scream Robbo out but be careful what you wish for as we would only end up left with the other 2 so nothing would change Personally i think the dressing room is lost and players so low on confidence it is very worrying times. It will be a very poor crowd next Saturday it is a must win for ICT
  10. But robbo will say there was nothing between the teams .... just goals
  11. Oh dear oh dear we are a laughing stock no plan B (again) more hoof is it so glad it is an away game and i am not sitting in freezing cold watching more of that crap
  12. Agree it's not about money it's about how you coach your squad DU have put 7 goals past us in 2 games so far this season and we have scored none as you say QOS scored 4 and i am sure are on smaller budget than us The problem is Robbo and his sidekick
  13. We are poor and getting worse by the week i think the players are low on confidence because of the poor coaching i think Robbo & Kellacher are not up to modern day coaching there is no change in how we play no matter how the game is going. Shocked to read Robbo's comments on BBC Scotland that there was nothing between the teams is he for real?? For a start they have goalscorers we may have but he gets left on the bench but it is coming down to our (1) style of play it's so poor and driving people away by the game
  14. Great result just what we needed i am not Vincent's biggest fan as imo he has been very poor until now but our Rooney is turning out some player he is a wee gem bit worried about Welsh injured again hopefully not serious This blows the title race wide open bring it on 😁
  15. It is not rocket science Robbo should give Todorov a chance to prove himself his goals v gametime is far better than Jordan some of Jordan's misses is quite embarrassing!