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    Apologies for the repetitive topic. My nephew is over from Germany (caley are his big team, Bayern Munich is small one ;) ) and wants to spend his holiday money on a Caley top. Is there anywhere in town he can do this or is the only place the JD Sports at the retail park?? Couldn't remember if the pop up shop in the Arcade was still there or not? Cheers
  2. Agree. Spot On. While our start to the season sucks and is a real downer from the end of last season (still smiling :) ) there is still a lot of football to be played. I don't feel we can really criticise Hughes too much at this stage and he deserves a bit of leeway in my mind anyway now. Outside of Celtic and maybe Aberdeen no other squad in the SPL could cope with the amount of injuries we have and done any better. If once we have some players available again we are still not scoring goals and the defence still looks shaky when we have more than 2 defenders on the park then I'll begin
  3. For PFA Scotland Young Player of the year. Well done Ryan!
  4. Fantastic News! congrats lads.
  5. yep, sounds like we are creating chances just not taking them. wonder if there will be many changes at half time
  6. rave off injured(?), horner on. presume that means shinnie goes full shift round to right back again? sounds like we are a bit un-protected at the back
  7. Team seems to be: Brill Raven Meekings Warren Tremarco Shinnie Polworth Watkins Christie Ross McKay Wasn't expecting that, expected more of what I think the team will be next week. i.e. draper, tansey and vincent in there. not necessarily convinced they should be mind but on the way the team has been laid out. either way interesting and perhaps a chance for ross and watkins to stake claims
  8. Can only echo what has been said from the Game. First half we looked confident in possession and passed it around easily limiting them to breaks. Which is fine. but felt we didn't create enough clear chances and looked vulnerable to the break. Its possible that against better opposition we'd be punished but also against better opposition we would probably have more space to play in as they wouldn't sit so deep all of the time. Have to see how it looks when the season gets going. Second half much of the same but with a change in personnel. I say much the same but i actually thought we loo
  9. Not surprised given the noises about funds etc. Although it is hard to imagine what he expected given the current sponsor funding dearth in Scottish football and falling crowds at Celtic Park. I notice the fans are already calling for Lawell's head as he isn't giving enough money to the team to strengthen. But if the money isn't there you can only live within your budget or you go the way of the other side of Glasgow. Unrealistic expectations as ever in Glasgow football.
  10. always had a soft spot for Munro's last goal for us after being told he wasn't getting a new contract. Beauty of a left foot volley against Celtic at the Bridge End if I remember right. Always thought he had another season in him with us, was a bit gutted for him then but that goal was special. Also, any one of the 7 against Ayr in Promotion Part Two, just for the spectacle of it all. can't really remember any of them for some reason :)
  11. We finished top six for the second season in a row and made a major cup final for the first time in our history which we only lost on penalties. Our player of the season (at least who I voted for) came through our youth system and is often captain when Foran is out. We have two local youth team players on the fringes who could go on to great things if given the chance. Nick Ross's equaliser. For the fiist time in as long as I can remember the majority of the squad is signed up for next season (these are the same players who played so well at the beginning of the season, it can
  12. If the club could afford it I'd be all for a Fifa standard 4G or hybrid. I've played 11s (not at any great standard) on both surfaces over the years and always reckoned the standard of the games played was far higher when played on a decent new 4G pitch rather than on grass. No dodgy bobbles or massive mud patches to negotiate meant you could concentrate on what you were going to do when you got to the ball and not have to worry about whether it will reach you and if it does take a first touch to control it. the most modern of pitches don't leave burns when you slide and feel just about the sa
  13. There is no Vs here. Should be &. Get them in the team for the rest of the season (a bit drastic I know) and they can get a wealth of experience that will serve us well next year as we will have a more 'experienced' squad to play with and will hopefully be less likely to suffer a second half dip as we have the past 3 seasons. We are safe in the top six. Don't have anywhere near the form to challenge Motherwell and Aberdeen so might as well use the rest of the season wisely. Plus our players are knackered at the moment, rotation really can't harm us. They both look they can be big
  14. Brill Raven Devine Meekings Shinnie Draper Foran Ross Tansey Williams McKay Bench: Esson, Warren, Tremarco, Christie, Polworth, Vincent, Watkins
  15. Okay, ridiculously ecstatic right now!!!! Warren and Meekings both harshly sent off we can all agree. Meekings may get an appeal to a Yellow. But the general consensus is that they are both suspended for the final. Yet, Hearts played mid week thus making Stevenson un-suspended for todays game. So how are our centre halves not suspended for the next two league games rather than the final???? One rule for the lesser rounds and another for the final? Can someone clear this up?? Either way today was awesome! but if we don't have them it'll be Devine and Foran at centre back again
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