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  1. We did ok first half but when we went 3 at the back for the second half we were awful. We did the opposite at Brora and went to a back four and we improved. I understand Robbo is trying out different things but I hope 3 at the back is not one he is considering
  2. Aberdeen cannot pay any sizable fee upfront. They have money but not large sums and will want to pay any transfer in instalments and this can be a get out clause if we really want to keep anyone they come asking about. Aberdeen fans seem to think they are in for Jamie Ness and are doubtful about the club dealing with ICT because of the upfront costs.
  3. Club have asked Nairn County for a game next Tuesday
  4. First half was even with us having more possession but no cutting edge and then Vigurs fails to fight for a ball just inside our half, Partick move it well and Erskine curls it in well. Second half started with Partick pushing harder and pushing us back. The second goal was a cross from a free kick and all our defenders stopped and called for offside, Partick player headed the ball back across goal and it was scrambled in. We never looked like scoring but the disappointing thing is that both goals were avoidable. Vigurs had an off day and Polly looked very out of sorts. He seems to be flat foo
  5. See Partick are opening up the Aiken Suite for both sets of fans from midday.
  6. Deserved the win. As well as the goals hit bar 3 times. Warren should have been sent off before he scored but Finnie the ref was appalling. Good workout as Liam Fox has Cowdenbeath well drilled and fit.
  7. Was that not in the cup at Motherwell?
  8. You obviously have a blind spot. I give you Russell Duncan, Ian Black, Barry Robson, Ian Vigurs (both times), Ritchie Foran, Phil McQuire, Graeme Shinnie, Charlie Christie, Paul Cherry etc. All able to act in a less than gentlemanly manner.
  9. He's working for BBC Wales as a Welsh language reporter and was on a Welsh celebrity Masterchef recently
  10. With Dundee having the chance to relegate United on Monday what would you prefer, a relegated team coming north on Friday or us being able to hammer the nail in the coffin. Personally I would love to relegate this club after a history of events between the clubs leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. First was the reluctance to pay the full fee agreed for Barry Robson and then refusing to pay money due to ICT when Robson was sold on. The tapping up of Brewster after they were refused permission to speak to him and then Stephen Thomson saying teams like Inverness brought nothing to the SP
  11. Hearing Aberdeen will come in with a bid of £400000 plus player (Constadine being touted) for both Tansey and Draper.
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