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  1. The boys done good correct result should have been 3 -0
  2. Let's go for it boys and good luck, nothing between these two teams but pressure is on the home side
  3. What happened to my new favourite player Jamie Mccart today? Was he concussed?
  4. Score a fourth and home support will be off
  5. I fully agree, he is the one decent player we have left and we should all be careful what we wish for
  6. When was the last time we had a decent second half at home? I am getting a little concerned about the d motivating half time team talk
  7. I used to fancy her when I was a wee boy but John Thaw beat me to it
  8. Any away cup game to lower league/non league opposition is a potential banana skin. Looks like we've escaped this one and the boys will do the business in replay, but penalty practice in training should be given priority until 4th Dec!
  9. He's folks it was Firhill for thrills on Sat and for me it was McCart who stood out Also how about the selection of tunes playing including teams coming out to Sylvia by Focus, superb!
  10. Can't believe their goalie saved that chance........
  11. Ronaldo


    I find it hard to believe that anyone who is a professional footballer can't learn to or want to take penalty. They all kick balls for a living for goodness sake and is it such a hard thing to do?!
  12. My observation today was its a pity we didn't have a right winger picking up some of the balls that Rooney ended up with in that position today Also this is no criticism towards him whatever