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  1. I redeemd code ok on laptop, wouldnt do it on my phone, hope I can get to watch the match....... If not I plan to get the ref to help with me it before kick off.
  2. Will the Coraina 19 we had during the night put this game in jeopardy?
  3. I think the Dundee hokey cokey vote is going to be a very keen point in this matter
  4. If this golden opportunity to play in the top league, where we belong, presents itself we need to grasp and embrace it fully with no fear! On wards and upwards
  5. I am quite impressed with her continuing efforts and perseverance of bribery, which could suit us just fine
  6. Well you are probably right KM but iam quite a positive chap and think we should be slightly optimistic about this development
  7. Blimin eck, I thought we had signed Lenny Henry!
  8. Not that I care a jot, but Iam sure there are some who would like to see some of the bigger/traditional clubs, such as the two Dundees, back in the top league?
  9. Ronaldo

    ICT v Morton

    We never gave up tonight
  10. Thanks guys, i know he was out for a long time and should have had a lot more games but hopefully many more to come and goals too. Another one tonight might come in handy....
  11. Out of curiosity how many games has Mr Doran played for us?
  12. Thanks for this afternoon's entertainment IHE
  13. Well done to all and Iam glad we we're away for for the second leg next week, suits us just fine