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  1. Hope you enjoyed all your drams on the tour KM, have you tried GlenScotia's Victoriana?
  2. I agree but the Bunnahabbin 18 should be on your Christmas list to Santa
  3. Some commentary instead of wikipedia would be nice.....
  4. Iam not into conspiracy theories but someone must have planned that
  5. Absolutely, you have to laugh, as we get connection the players are walking off.....
  6. At least were winning now, think i will go back to sleep again until the next goal
  7. Nothing for me too yet, can someone wake me up when weve scored please
  8. Thanks for the award winning commentary a breath of fresh air !
  9. I have no commentry eithercits quite relaxing. Cant see us winning the league
  10. they've just scored pity the camerman missed it.....
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