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  1. I agree with this, i had great hopes for him he looked like a proper centre forward. Lets hope this situation can change and improve
  2. Well done to all, very entertaing game. Pity we couldnt have signed Raiths no.11 what a player he looks
  3. Let his football do the talking i think he would still add value to our team
  4. We need to come out in the second have wearing pink, its our only hope!
  5. Dont think our bobly pitch is doing us any favours
  6. Nice one how did we manage that?!
  7. John, you will be in all our thoughts tonight and hopefully your boys will do the business for you and get us the three points. Stay safe and strong buddy x
  8. Might get a chance to chip their goalie in the second half hope he has been spotted well off his line often
  9. Hope you enjoyed all your drams on the tour KM, have you tried GlenScotia's Victoriana?
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