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  1. 7 of them started then the other 2 came off the bench
  2. You must have missed every other game this season where he does absolutely nothing apart from standing around and falling over
  3. During the game today, young Anthony Macdonald went on a great run beating a few united players and his shot went just wide at which point very obviously to anyone who was at the game Austin started shouting at the boy and having a proper go at him even though Austin had done nothing today apart from stand around.
  4. Take it too the semi final, or do what some clubs do and use the bigger flags and cover part of the main stand on the edges with it
  5. You're so right, we should have kept a hold of a player who refused to play due to the cold on a number of occasions cause that is the sort of attitude that every manager wants in their dressing room
  6. ht 0-0 ft 1-0 us walsh them forrest crowd 2354
  7. ht 0-0 ft 0-1 us walsh them dobbie crowd 2345 yellow polworth red tremarco
  8. ht 0-0 ft 0-0 us white them tidser crowd 1654 yellow polworth red rooney
  9. Very unlucky yesterday with a 2-1 defeat against Aberdeen, Donald Morrison with the goal.
  10. ht 0-0 ft 0-1 us white them shankland crowd 1657
  11. ht 0-0 ft 0-1 us welsh them rudden crowd 2101
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