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  1. The reality is that (I imagine) we currently cannot pay Ferguson off. Unless he agrees to go he is staying and we have to build next season and like it or not. I think we go for it next season to win league one and if he isn’t producing after 6-8 games he will walk. Gardner on the other hand… who knows how, what and how long he is being paid for…
  2. Where will Ict fans be pre match that is child friendly?
  3. That’s me also paid up! Cheers
  4. Insight into his days at Inverness and Craig Brewster! ***warning, contains lot's of sweary words*** Great interview though.
  5. Agreed. Huge games coming up. Not that you would know from the chat on here ...
  6. Obviously would have loved to win and have another final, but playing against better players both technically and physically was gonna be tough. Another good run and eyes to the league again for the playoffs. Good effort in the cup this year boys. Let’s try again next.
  7. Awesome. Always look for some one doing commentary.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002mhm
  9. Good display up to midfield area then nothing. White is meant to be a holding lone striker and overall he wasn’t great. Need to change our ideas up front if we want to score and win games. The passing in the first have was decent and closing down too. Can see the potential but not sure we have the bit of flair to spark something when we need it.
  10. We should be four or so up. Giving ourselves a chance !
  11. This... so many people forget that they wouldn't have wanted back however long ago something they now suddenly wish for. getting pretty annoyed at a load of the guff people are harping on about. What if this and he should have been sold then. Either not happy then if it had happened but supposedly not happy now because it didn't happen. Need to get back to now and the future and try and back whatever that brings.
  12. I thought that would have been something included but if it had been then I would have thought they would have actioned any option to end it by now.
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