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  1. Papers reporting John Robertson is being linked with a 3rd spell at Livingston. Personally think it would be a shock if he left after one average season with us.
  2. 27 year old doesn't want to move, but willing to play part time football, massive lack of ambition.
  3. Daily Record reporting he doesn't want to move his family north and has snubbed a move.
  4. Pretty sure we got 400k for Niculae?!
  5. The board has let the club down appointing a manager out of the game for as long as Robertson has, acquisitions have been very poor and players kept on are not showing their seniority in the squad. Genuinely think we will be lucky to stay up at this rate. Change is needed sooner rather than later!
  6. What has Hughes(his last season) Foran Rice Kellacher Shearer or Robertson brought to the Highland's for that matter? 2 managers that are out of there depth clearly and backroom staff that are stagnating. When a manager moves on so should the backroom staff. Cathro was just an idea, the club's coaching needs an overhaul from top to bottom. Suggesting a young manager out of work wouldn't jump at the chance to reinvigorate a failing team is a bit naive, think plenty would like the chance to manage in Inverness if given the proper structure by the board but clearly that hasn't been the case s
  7. Youth/development players who went on loan to Wick came back last week not sure who they were but surely brought back for a reason, as DoofersDad says good enough old enough. Who is our defensive coach? Must look strongly at the coaching staff as they seem to be the mainstay Kellacher/Rice of the last 2 and a bit seasons where we have gone downhill surely Cathro would like a job with Robbo in the Highlands!
  8. http://www.fsf.org.uk/assets/Smoke-Bombs-Flares-and-Fireworks-Factsheet-for-FSF.pdf Maybe the kids should read this then!!
  9. On Raven they have informed his agent it would be easier to get a 32 year old right back a longer deal in the summer rather than January when his contract is up and sounding like it won't be renewed, he will start Saturday as Seedorf is suspended. Fon Williams his contract is not terminated but free to find another club up until the transfer deadline(no fee to come into the club) if still here after that will be considered for selection. The Foran situation wasn't made fully clear just that it was a 4 year deal, which in hindsight an error from the previous board/chairman, there must be
  10. Chairman spoke very well about the club and that it wanted to gain the supporters trust again, stated there was obviously a shortfall in income due to relegation amounting to more than £1 million, expecting about a quarter of the revenue we've had previously from travelling supporters also no TV money etc. There are plans to remove the eyesore that is currently the club shop how and when were not clear but assumed to be happening sooner rather than later. Also talk off the concourse at the home end in the main stand to be made into a sportsbar type idea, toilets behind the west stand to be r
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