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  1. Just to add to this with the reason why. Pretty sure the club already saw them on thin ice after damaging the train they took to Elgin. And were supposedly caught smoking up the back of the stand, hence the initial ejection. Whether or not the rest of the group left because they were ejected I’m not sure, but they weren’t initially thrown out over making noise or anything similar. A chunk of the group ended up moving from section to section throughout the game
  2. Can’t remember who he wrote for, but a reporter called Robbie Thompson said he’ll be signing tomorrow morning for us on Twitter about 30mins or so after st Johnstone announced his release
  3. Dapo is supposedly set for the first team at rangers in the near future, hence why he never went on loan last season. I think he’s in a similar situation as Kennedy, except he’s probably going to stay at rangers or get a permanent move higher up the ladder. Can’t see him coming to us, or us even trying given clubs already got shot down when going for him
  4. Pretty sure, he was one of the two, along with dapo mebude, that quite a few people in the north stand left saying we should try get them on loan after the semi final. Plus the fact that he’s wanting first team football, I’m guessing he’ll see us as a chance to put himself on the market for bigger contracts in the summer. I’m not usually a fan of us being used as stepping stone, but if he wants to come in and play out of his skin to prove a point. I’m all for it *Quick edit, he was indeed the number 10 that tore us a new one. At least according to BBC sport anyway
  5. Mentioned this in the other feed, but Supposedly Kai Kennedy coming in on a six month loan which will add a lot to the front line. And Wallace Duffy released by St. Johnstone, which would fill the void at RB/CB. If both rumours appear to be true then we will be fine
  6. Kai Kennedy reportedly joining on a 6 month loan deal, instead of signing a new deal at Rangers/Moving to Man City, Sheffield United or Bayern. Combine that with Wallace Duffy, that would be two signings for the exact positions needed. Even more so now Toshney is potentially out injured again
  7. So, Danny Devine has been in the highlands for a week or so. Was in aviemore not so long ago, and was seen out and about in Inverness today apparently. Reckon he’s coming back? As much as I reckon it would be wiser fielding the Under 8s ahead of him
  8. Been told by coaches within the highland league that all our loaneesw to Fort are out of contract as to make their loans work, they were released under the idea they’d all resign. Hence why Kieran Chalmers has already left the club completely. And Matheus is likely off, however some people are saying he’s staying. Hard to take anything about the boy seriously unless the club say it themselves at this point
  9. Out of interest, where did you see that he was spotted at the stadium?
  10. McAllister handing in a transfer request at Peterhead. We were supposedly chasing him last season according to a few sources, if robbo was being honest about being linked to 2 or 3 players other than Toshney. Wonder if we’ll try swoop in before someone like Cove snaps him up.
  11. Taking a look at out of contract players, wonder if it’s worth taking a look at Declan McManus? Did well at Dunfermline and Raith, scoring for fun at Falkirk. County never gave him a shot and he’s already living in Nairn. If the moneys there from departures, he could be very useful if we made a deal with him. *Especially if we pick up Sutherland, two strikers who know where the goal is. We’d have Todorov still, if promotion doesn’t come this season. That would be three reliable options to push on in 20/21
  12. Trafford and Carson were at the heart of some of our best performances this season. White still up there with a decent tally of goals even when playing poorly. Meanwhile Aird struggled to to make an impact in League 2 with Cove, after he was binned off by United and QoS for not being good enough. Plus, with Walsh coming back we don’t need someone like him when we already have Doran, Keatings, Roddy, Machado and Storey.
  13. Need to steer as far away from Toshney and Aird as possible. Theres good reason why united spent so long trying to punt them off for nothing. Dreadful in the championship and sub-par in league 1.
  14. Surely worth taking whatever we can get for Donaldson since county will likely be his preferred move. Use the money to secure McCart on a longer deal as he has outperformed Coll almost every game. Try give Rooney a new deal aswell while we’re at it. Need to keep as far away from Berra as well unless we want to go bankrupt
  15. We were never going to be signing him anyway, why would he drop from an English wage to move up to Inverness. He was never going to relocate
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