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  1. What a fantastic result and can I say big respect to that excellent away support.
  2. Poor second half. Disappointing to give up a 2 goal lead. A point is ok ( for first half performance) but 3 would have been better.
  3. Against the run of play, keeper could have done better.
  4. I have been to every home game and two away games this season. I am convinced the players are better than the recent run of results. I think the manager & coaching staff are the biggest factor in not getting the best from this team. Notwithstanding finance, when is enough , enough ?
  5. Not for the first time this season….,,,,, Just not good enough !!!
  6. When some are now comparing our recent results to our worst era under Foran……….. when is it too early / late to make some structural changes.
  7. Gutted………..again……… not a performance that showed we have a desire to push for a win. Too cautious, not taking chances again . Woeful !!!!!
  8. Killie are a decent team & splashed the cash for some decent signings. Our new additions are welcome, but I still feel disappointed with todays result. Slipping down the league a wee bit with the teams above with games in hand. I hope we manage a playoff place and sort ourselves out by then !
  9. Just watched the post match interview with BD, same old chat every week. More time talking about opposition, than what needs to be done for us to close out the win. Can’t see much changing.
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