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  1. I agree IBM, Am Baile are taking an interest, and you are right, a good bit of local history linked to the clubs founding teams.
  2. A fitting commemoration before yesterdays match. The Piper played a very poignant lament. Hopefully by this time next year, there is enough Thistle & Caledonian players who served and sacrificed, on a permanent memorial at the stadium. Lest we Forget.
  3. Rodgers has been superb over the last few years and one of our most confident players. On some occasions he has been the difference between loss / draw / win. Recently however, he has been below his normal high standards, basic mistakes have crept in . Change is inevitable!!!!!
  4. Mindful of our injury situation, but not for the first time this season, or last……..,,,,,,, just not good enough !!!! I question our training ( injuries in relation to other championship teams) performance and desire to win ( score goals) and our passing / possession / tactical game which has been Shi*e…….. so can only conclude our management team are not up to the task!
  5. No way we should be losing 4 nil to anyone in the Championship, regardless of injuries. My faith in our management team is much diminished!
  6. Despite the injuries, with the team we have, we should be doing much better than this !
  7. Regardless of our injury situation, this is a Shi*t !!!! Performance so far !
  8. I think you are right Am Baile is a good source of records, so is the National War archive which if you know the name of the person and unit in which they served, they can provide all their service history. I think the endeavour is to cover all WW1 Caledonian / Thistle players and rightly so.
  9. This sounds like a great endeavour, I hope some information can be found particularly from the Thistle side, to bring the recognition together for the club.
  10. Scot sounding quite pessimistic about ICT,s financial situation.
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