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  1. 1-1 which is probably about right given both teams cancelling each other out for most of the match. Wouldn’t mind a wee sneaky winner in the last minutes though !!!!!
  2. 1-0 to Raith ! Disappointing considering they are down to 10 men. To many loose passes and not enough quality in the final third.
  3. Reality check needed. This is no where near good enough , even at this stage of the season. Not good enough. 👎
  4. Ach well........ at least another season in the Championship!
  5. We can no longer hope against the games in hand, this is serious, we are in relegation mode.
  6. A play off place..... Aye right !!!!! I’ve just about had it with this lot 👎
  7. Another poor performance against the part time team at the bottom of the league. Again, just not good enough.
  8. Again....... a goal down to the team at the bottom of the table. What is going wrong here !
  9. A point is a point, but for me, just not good enough again. The ability is there, but there seems a lack of plan, desire, fight. We creep up the table, but we really should be wining these types of games.
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