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  1. Important we got a win today after last week's slip up.Well done boys and now heading in the right direction.What a difference big Dunc has made and worthy of Manager of the month for November
  2. That was a sore one to take,but Raith showed why they are second in the league.The first half was all Raith and they should have been one up by half time.I think the whole ground saw it was a clear goal for Raith.The ref then tried to make amends by giving every split decision and other non incidents to Raith.I felt we were missing Carson on the right. Second half better, as we had a better tempo and we upped our game and I even thought we would steal it,although I would have settled for a draw even then. The draw came and I was sure we would hold on,all we had to do was keep the ball out of our box. Big Dunc must have the hide of a rhino.We were all wrapped up in everything we could wear and he was standing there in his shirt and jersey. One loss in 8 is not so bad so lets pick up points in the next three games. I didn't think things were that bad that we needed Sheridan to come on. In his day he was s reasonably good player but alas.
  3. 3 hours since that game ended and I am still shocked by that performance.These last few weeks everyone has been upbeat,but that today was like back in the Dodds era.Every player was poor in first half.The midfield were poor I thought for the 70 minutes and im afraid Sheridan has to hang up his boots. At least Dunc will have a good idea who needs to move on in January. Concerning, that after our first 11,these are the next line. Welsh was also very poor.
  4. That first 70 minutes was dire.The fringe players had a chance to show what they could do and blew it.Duffy the only fringe player with pass marks.I was sure the calvery would arrive at half time.They didnt,but when they did,they showed their experience and scored 2. Dreadul watch and I thought our front two in the first 70 were very poor. Id say we got out of Jail.
  5. I think if we are being honest a draw was a fair result given they hit the upright or cross bar seven times. I only listened to the game on the radio and it seemed we had the better of the second half whilst the hosts had the first. More imortantly is the fact we are playing attractive football and getting better each week under big Dunc. 3 wins and 3 draws a game in hand and now 7th,at least we are going in the right direction and have our tails up.
  6. I think most of us were nippers when we last were 3 up at half time.Excellent performance great passing at speed and at last playing big boys football. Six weeks ago we looked that we might be going down,what turnaround under big Dunc
  7. I wish Robertson all the best and I am sure he gave ICT a lot of help, be that in his community efforts,or finding raw talent for the club. He was big enough to shout for help when he needed it personally and that was a sign of his character and integrity. Let's move on and consider using the salary to pay for an SLO,who can really break down barriers between club and supporters and can make it his or her mission to encourage more people to the Caledonian Stadium. Many clubs have a full time SLO who can do any amount of add on roles.
  8. Having seen the goal,it was a great build up,good sharp passing from our own end to theirs and finished with a composed well taken goal by a player who is turning out a star attraction. What a difference it is having a Manager who has a menu of options at his disposal, who it technically and strategically minded and who can convey his passion for the game to the rest of us. Big Dunc has turned the shop around and taken us off the rocks.
  9. Last week I said if we could take a point off United I would take it all day long. Well done boys.Good point.
  10. Good result,well done all.Aidrie started first half better,but we finished on top.Second half was nail biting at times.Thought Longstaff was star attraction along with Gilmour,Udjur and Shaw. Harper has good spells,but can be careless too.Jury out on Lodovica who can't jump just like a former big striker now wi County. All said and done a good win mentally confidence wise and psychology wise. I'll take a draw now against Utd.
  11. Well done to all the boys. I thought that was a much better team performance.First half was scrappy and first 15 minutes we looked shaky,but second half we came in to our own and had some good touches with all getting pass marks.Only criticism I would have is we should shoot on sight rather than try and pass the ball in.The team seems to have found some belief and have harnessed the passion guile and drive off big Dunc.At times we looked like Caley of old with some edge of the seat moments.Gone is hoof ball and great to see Dunc get the boys to push forward and have a high line,but get them all behind the ball when not in possession.Promising outlook.
  12. Well that appointment took everyone by surprise,but fair play I think this appointment is what ICT need.Enough of all the excuses,now big Dunc will sort the men from the boys. I agree a 3 year contract is strange but if I was him that's what I would ask for to get time and stability to sort the mess we are in out. However funny to see club statement say they hope supporters will get behind Dunc.We will,but why dont the club now look inward at themselves review procedure and process and engage properly with fans. This divide cannot continue. SG jacket still on a shouglie peg but I doubt he ain't going anywhere. Maybe he has just saved his skin,but he needs to look at how he is running the club.
  13. I thought that was the best we have played this season so far although that cannot be hard to be honest
  14. I thought all the boys give it all today and that was a much better overall performance.The defence looked more solid today and the new Australian lad looked good.We need to sort out play in final third because we had chances today and made wrong choices.Now we need a striker.A better game to watch than of late.We need our new Manager to get in and get confidence up and then we need to sort out behind the scenes
  15. I don't like seeing anyone losing their jobs,but the time had come to call it a day on the tenure of Dodds and Wilson.Certainly both had lost the support of fans and we can only assume some of the players, other wise they would have dug in and given all for a result.That said if they were encouraged to play a certain way and style what could they do about it as to ignore the instructions would mean them being dropped. I believe on paper we are a reasonable team and we just need someone giving the boys the right vision and direction,being realistic ,honest and above all open and transparent with a good football head. When we went so many games in the last two seasons without a win,then this pattern is being repeated in season three,you just wonder who decided to give Dodds a new two year deal and was that the same person who decided he should be sacked three months after giveing him this deal. If so that persons jacket should be on a shouglie peg. I don't think the CEO supported Dodds or the team as he should have done. Communication is the key element devoid within the hierarchy of ICT and this now needs ro be addressed also, but first let's steady the ship. Callum Davidson is the man for me Hopefully all at ICT will look at themselves and see what they have done to our club and then reflect and reset and move forward having learned some hard lessons.
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