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  1. That was more like an exciting game and certainly was not flat. I thought we were better first half, Partick took second half. I thought we had some nice touches and there was some good play.We have to remember that this team is work in progress and half the squad are new.We gave away soft goals and could have won it if pebble had just passed to Cammy running up his inside. That was never a red card when you consider kerr being poleaxed and no cards shown. At least we never lost,which looked highly possible the way things were going . Positive signs althoughI must admit some of the substitution were a bit strange.
  2. That's your opinion STFU but still think we did alright as a team in fact think BBC had first half 47% us 53% Hibs.Mind we hit the crossbar and their first goal was a deflected shot. Just amazed how quick some on here just look for all the negative things with the team,not considering seven are new and Dunc is rebuilding.
  3. No worries entitled to our own opinion,so respect yours. I think the team now has potential we just have to put the right pieces of the jig saw in the right places and hope Pebble can fo something up front.
  4. Don't agree with all the negative comments on here I thought the boys did okay especially the first half. I thought ourback three of Mullen, Savage and Carracher did well enough and looked solid its our final third where we are struggling. 3-1 flattered Hibs,the first two goals were a deflections and a mistake. Dorans goal was quality. We need to up the tempo and be more proactive. I agree we need a striker and just a shame Samuel was out injured.
  5. I suppose we have to accept its a new half team and a number of players have never played together. It's simple I suppose put the ball in the net to have any chance and if you cannot do that don't give away a goal. First half we had so many chances but tried to score the perfect goal.Queens first shot on target and they score.You couldn't make it up. Not despondent as Savage looked good,as did McAllister and Kerr. Samuel holds the ball up well and has show he can score,so sometimes we have to take a sore one,whilst we regroup and build a new. Next week will be the test and a time to show what we can do. Some of these boys met only two days ago so it is far to early to be overly critical.I didn't read much criticism last week when we beat second in the league,or when we were pipped by the top team before that. Why not give the team time to gel and get to know each other before slaughtering them. If we were to somehow beat Hibs next week will all those down on the team still be doom and gloom. We are far better than we were at the start of the season that's for sure and I'd have big Dunc anyday before the previous incumbent.
  6. Was thinking that Dunc clearly wants a stronger more solid pool and the five who came in seem better and stronger than the five that left.We all were concerned that after our first 11 we did not have strong fringe players to call upon.Now we have bolstered our pool taking one in from Dundee,one from Ross County one from Wigan and I cannot recall where the other two are from.Already,the pool is stronger which allowed Dunc to take three defenders off today and put back on three equally strong defenders.Maybe an attacking midfielder would be the icing on the cake.It should make a difference having a strong bench to call upon.
  7. Great result away against second.Had to listen on radio and seemed a good game with new boys doing okay. Dunc seems to have a sound idea of what he wants and how he wants us to play.Glad we tried shooting from outside the box for a change with good results. Samuel's seems to have slotted nicely into the space left by Spoony. Now we seem solid at the back and with options up front maybe we can start climbing the table.
  8. Well the highlight of the first half was Samuel's who showed some nice touches,good positioning and good passes,the goal, which amazingy was a shot from outside the box.We said week after week we need to shoot more rather than pass into the goal.We do that today and score. Good to see Doran and MaGregor,Thompson and Co get run out. I have to say passing back and sideways non stop is boring to watch. When said and done banana skin avoided.
  9. I thought we played pretty well tonight,passed the ball well and were on top for long spells.We need to shoot for goal more often rather than play about outside the box. Devine was immense tonight,but to be honest I think the whole team played pretty well just a pity we never took our chances and for that we paid the price.0-0 would have been a fair result. Just missing that cutting edge
  10. Well done boys a good 3 points away at Ayr and we'll done the 109 travelling support.I thought if we got a point today and in our next two games we couldn't complain,but right now I would take 5 out of possible nine points which eould obviously be better. If only Logan Chalmers still played for us.He was a threat all day. Some nice balls in from Harper,but we never have players on the end of them.Could have easily had another two goals today.Big game Friday now especially with United losing today. I still think if we are in about the opposition box we should try shooting more, instead of trying to walk the ball into the net. Notwithstanding all that overall a good win. Anothrr former Caley player Oakley scores a hat trick for Morton.
  11. Really a must win today.Watching the stream and so far nothing exciting to report. Big mistake by Ayr defender with a pass back,let's Billy Mackay in for a goal. C'mon boys build on that. Chalmers causing us problems. Real think we need to up the tempo and play with more urgency. Not feeling confident after that 45 and the game is generally scrappy.If only Spoony was playing. We need to move the ball about faster and take any opportunity to shoot.
  12. I said it last week and still think that the saying 'Making a silk purse out of a sows ear' covers our problems.Realistically,we have no stand out stars in our team,we have men who are trying their best most of the time. Other than Spoony who have we got that we can rely on to lead the way? Mackay,Welsh,Devine,Carson maybe but thereafter alas... Shaw is at his best on the wing,running down the channel.Udjur is steady but really our recruitment over the years has come home to roost and we have the problem of playing in the championship 100 miles north of Perth,so who,being half decent wants to come.Somehow we have to make the prospect of playing for ICT more attractive and I thought the prospect of playing for big Dunc was a start.
  13. I suppose we shouldn't be too negative because other than Spoony this is Dodds team and Dunc up until now could only take players on loan or on a free.Silk purse and sows ear comes to mind.He has to fo his best with what he has at his disposal. Playing out from the back is good if the tempo is high and you have runners for the channels to cross in for strikers. That didn't happen today and Shaw didn't look settled where he was playing.I think we needed Welsh in the middle to direct operations. Let's give Dunc a chance to build his own team.
  14. Scrappy game in which we tried to walk ball into net.We need to take more chances and shoot for goal.I think we needed more balls in from the wings and great to see Carson come on.Good we kept the back door closed,just a pity we were no sharper up front. Neither side shone today and if we don't up the tempo and get sharper at passing the best we can hope for is to stay in this league. Hopefully we will see positive moves in tansfer market
  15. Delighted with that draw which I would have taken before kick off. Well done ICT we needed something from this game.With weather was listening to Celtic V Livingston but watching live score for our result.Now no long nails left on fingers.Hopefully ee can build on this result.
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