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  2. I want United to lose for 3 reasons: first, it would be one in the eye for the establishment and pundits who want "normal service" to be resumed as soon as possible. Get rid of the "wee teams" and replace them with the "proper teams" who appear to be entitled to top flight football. Hits and Dundee United for ICT and Hamilton would be their dream come true. 2nd, I think United would struggle even more than us financially, if they stay down. They would, at best, have to bin their better players and at worst might have to accept 15 point deduction for administration. 3rd, they play on grass.
  3. You would think after a whole week of meetings the board & new chairman could have released a statement about Richie's future. The only positive I had after being relegated was that common sense would prevail and Foran would be replaced asap. Yet nothing so far! Reading most of the posts on here suggests that there are more reasons why it is time for Foran to go, the only sticking point is his contract/compensation package. If Foran stay's I can't see any positives. After watching every game this season it became apparent early on for everyone to see that the appointment was a catastrophic blunder! Don't think I can watch another season if he remains manager. And it pains me to say I will probably not be renewing my season ticket. I believe both the players & ICT fans deserve better!
  4. Quite honestly the atmosphere around Foran is so negative that I would take just about anybody as an improvement. He has set the bar low for a replacement. The most important thing is that we start again with an atmosphere of positivity and optimism, so I would welcome somebody like Sheerin, Hartley, Dodds or even Eustace P McGargle.
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  6. Sheerin now being linked with post if Foran goes.
  7. STV Sport has Sheerin the favourite to take over from Foran.
  8. Aye, really enjoyed the semi-final, even though beating Celtic was getting a bit passé by then (things have changed now, though). Was dreading it if we'd made the play-offs and ended up paired with Falkirk. Coulda been payback time. In the end payback wasn't needed, and they didn't make it anyway.
  9. Accies, from the point of view of it being a shorter away trip for those of us based in the west. Mind you, I watched that doc on BBC TalkFunny the other night about United's UEFA Cup run in 1987, beating Borussia Munchengladbach and Barcelona on their way to the final. Remember watching the Barcelona away leg live on telly. What a come-down for them to be trying to overcome Accies to get promotion.
  10. Arabs to go up today, forcing us to play on more plastic next season
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  12. Absolutely!! More of a bag of rotten tomatoes than a bad apple... I reckon Mulraney may have a big part to play in the team for Boden, who knows - finances may dictate we have to rely on him, maybe he will come good with regular game time..don't think he is particularly hard working though. You never know, can remember Rooney coming good in the championship & even Denzil Wyness wasn't much use when we 1st had him...think that's wishful thinking though, comparing Boden to those two...
  13. Fair point - the 3 names quoted above would be better.. Jack Ross Darren Dods Paul Sheerin Although we will be stuck with RF, I fear. Maybe there will be a left-field choice that none of us will see coming..I would even rather have Malpas, despite his poor record as a manager.. Think the point about Dundee being ill prepared to play in premier league is valid - I just thought that Barry Smith knows the championship & would be looking to get back into full time management. Also annoys my Wife when I suggest him as she is an East Fife fan (as well as an ICT one..)!
  14. Probably similar resources as well - we have punched well above our weight (until last season, obviously). Sure Falkirk in particular will relish the chance to lock horns with us, given the 2015 cup final. Go Dundee Utd today! Lets get the last so called 'big club' out of the championship - think Hamilton may prevail though & go down next season. As I said before, hopefully we will be replacing them!
  15. Accies I would imagine will be easier to beat next season.
  16. Barry Smith Dundee in the season 2012-13 had a premier league win rate of 11.54% which is worse than Richies whose win rate is closer to 17%. However in his defense his Dundee team may not have been prepared for the SPL as the were only promoted after Rangers went into Administration.
  17. Sadly I can see us being relegated again next season.
  18. Armstrong was indeed let go because of relegation - we didn't field an u20 team (or whatever the equivalent was called then) when we were in the first division, so Armstrong was one of a lost generation. Regrettable! I assume that similar considerations are being made right now for next season - hopefully there is a realisation that youth is the most cost-effective option for filling holes in the first team squad. as for Bowden and Mulraney - I'm not surprised on either count, but I think Mulraney could tear up the championship. I think it was against Dunfermline this season that he was unplayable. Unfortunately, it seems that Foran is still making the decisions. He should have been relieved of any role in decision making, given his track record over the season. The worst apple is still at the club and must be removed immediately.
  19. Could see a lot of discontent if RF is still in charge next season - protests,etc. We need unity & harmony (as well as kerping majority of current squad, of course..)to have a realistic chance of promotion next season - which I can't see us having any of the above with RF still in charge
  20. Like most rumours, this one makes sense & has a ring of truth about it. Totally unfair on Fisher, as has been said, demonstrated RF's poor man management - surely given the circumstances, there shouldn't have been an issue here. I certainly wouldn't fault Fisher's workrate, definetly one of the hardest working players we have. Woulnd't be at all suprised that if RF stays, Fisher will go - and who would blame him! Only suprised Alex isn't away already...
  21. Every single one of them has a better manager than us.
  22. Just look at what county sell, I want that please! Obviously in Caley Thistle colours.
  23. In some ways it does not matter. We have to get ourselves sorted out or within 12 months we might be really in the doldrums. Throughout most of this year Richie kept talking about the top 6. So next season as Malpass has indicated to the Inverness Courier, we need to readjust quickly and work out how to make progress in the Championship. We should not set stupid targets and keep harping on about them.. With Rangers and Hibs back in the SPFL the competition will intensify in that league regardless of Hamilton staying up. Dundee United might offer a bigger threat next year if, as I suspect, they will win today. Simon Murray's presence will probably sway it for them. As we know to our cost, on penalties they have a very good keeper. If Hamilton prevail, we will have to wait and see the reaction from Dundee United. But let us not kid ourselves, there are some very good teams in the Championship with good managers.
  24. Could still be a dual citizen gentlemen and ladies of the jury. When he hears the Pimple is a Canajin + dual citizen he will be impressed then? And I should contact him for a free stand ticket the next time I am over on
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  27. Ah...cheers. Probably end up at the TCS then.. Was reading in the courier that Maurice Malpas may be interested in the General Manager post..
  28. A proper feckin shop would be a good start!!!
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