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  4. We lost 2-1 to a late penalty.
  5. Score update?
  6. Hi Grant - I realise this post is quite old now and I apologise for not seeing it at the time I was writing. My brother, Mike, inadvertently came across your post while doing some research on our family shop, Skinner's, and realised it was in reply to one of mine so I'm really hoping you are still active on these boards as we're very interested in the fact you're related to Tom and Ray. Tom was my Dad's uncle and originally had the baker's shop in Stephen's Brae. We think it might have been a baker's before this but are not sure. Tom was a hard-working, no nonsense, fairly strict man who took no prisoners but when we realised how much tragedy he had gone through in his life we understood him better. His wife, Fanny, died on Christmas Day (I'm not sure of the year) and he lost both of his sons to diphtheria, one dying on Boxing Day. Rumour has it that he ran through the streets of Inverness with the body, unable to bear his grief. It was no surprise then that he became very close to his surviving daughter, Ray, whom he lived with in Auldcastle Road until he died. Ray ran a cafe at the bottom end of Church Street called, I think, Strattons, or something similar. (I need to check that out.) She never married and looked after her father until he died, still living in the same house in Auldcastle Road when she herself died. We know of no-one named Grant on Tom's side of the family so wondered if you were connected to Fanny's family? We know almost nothing of her family at all so it would be really interesting to find out. Dad sadly died in 1976 but Mum lived until 2015 when she died at the ripe old age of 94! My sister still lives in Inverness as do 2 of her daughters and their families. I myself am in Aberdeen and my brothers, Ian and Mike, live in Fort William and London respectively. Let me know if there's anything else you would like to know - I may not know the answer but can find out. Margaret
  7. Charles - I was at a family meal on Sunday as my brother, Mike, was up from London and we were talking about the shop when my Uncle Tom had it. He mentioned that he'd seen me posting something about the shops and I had no idea what he was on about but luckily he remembered the website had something to do with Caley Football Club and that rang a bell! All 4 of us were at the Academy - I can remember you being there when I was so I think Ian & Mike would have passed through its portals by then but you were right - Ian went on to become a geography teacher and had a successful career at Lochaber High School for many years. He has now retired and still lives in Lochaber. We did have another shop in Kenneth St (No.79) on the corner of Attadale Road but the Stephens' Brae one was the main one and very popular with the Academy pupils as you so correctly pointed out. I personally haven't found any better cakes than Dad used to make and I loved working in the bakehouse with him but then I suppose I'm slightly biased!! He took the BBs in the East Church and the Young Brothers and also ran the badminton club - in a different life he would have loved to have been a minister and often did lay preaching, standing in for Donald McFarlane, the minister of the East Church. He also took services in the old Barn church out at Culloden - the original one. Sadly Dad died prematurely in 1976 of a heart attack. Mum carried on the business for several years afterwards but eventually sold it to a hairdressers initially then to Girvans. My apologies if I've already posted this - I haven't read the whole thread - but I seem to remember my posts were back in 2012/13 (which is why I couldn't remember them when Mike mentioned it!) and as your post here is 2015 I probably haven't. Mike had inadvertently come across the postings when doing some research of his own on the shops at the time our great-uncle had them. That old photo of the Stephen Brae one we think was around 1920ish - Dad's uncle, Tom, had it then - Dad came up to Inverness to work for him then eventually took over the shops when Uncle Tom became too infirm to do so. Tom's daughter, Ray, ran a cafe near the Old High Church end of Church Street - can't remember what it was called but think it started with an S? Strath something maybe? Now I'm away to search for a post Mike found from someone who said they thought they were related to Tom and Ray which we found really interesting. We think that may be from Tom's wife side of the family whom we know nothing about so I hope I can find out more. Hope you are well - loved your books on the Academy - brought back many great memories!
  8. Hit the above link takes you to ICT facebook page and video is about 5 or 6 posts down.
  9. Cannae find it.
  10. pants
  11. We're going to have a crack at running tonight's Development League match v Dundee on Facebook Live Kick Off is 6pm, so keep yer eyes peeled over at
  12. Who knows exactly what the problems are, but I would imagine Charlie is saying that he feels he could have helped avoid some of the disastrous team selections and tactics we have witnessed this season. He does know his football. If the talent available to the club is not being deployed to maximum advantage, especially with a rookie manager out of his depth, then that is a great shame.
  13. Agreed. When Brewster left in 2006 there was a considerable hiatus during which the feeling was that Charlie was being leant on to accept, and eventually did. I think he did a very good job but am also quite aware of how his life outwith football was suffering from his place in the goldfish bowl. Now that the minutiae of board business are no longer available in a certain, recently refurbished hostelry, Charlie's Courier column, coming as it did on the heels of Richard Smith's resignation, gave rare food for thought as to what may be happening.
  14. It looks like the Tories are going to reselect each and every one of their MPs who are under investigation not just for any old crime but for the crime of election fraud. Contrast that with the SNP who have swiftly moved to deselect the two MPs in their camp under investigation despite the fact that one of them is likely to be fully exonerated before the poll actually takes place. The Conservatives have few morals and absolutely no scruples. .A majority south of the border clearly want those sorts to be governing their country. A very clear majority of Scots do not. That is untenable in the long run and will be a huge factor in bringing this increasingly unbalanced union to an end.
  15. When someone who is devoted to the club and, without doubt, has it's interests at heart, goes public with such comments it is concerning indeed. Something is seriously wrong behind the scenes. There is no point in burying hands in sand. Until that problem, whatever it may be, is acknowledged and addressed it's unlikely that our free fall from the giddy heights of just two years ago will end any time soon. Get it sorted and do it now for everyone's sake.
  16. The opposite, actually. He had the honesty and self-awareness to realise that the pressure was too much for him and resigned. That took some guts and humility. Unlike many others.
  17. HT: 0 - 1 FT: 1 - 2 1st ICT: Billy McKay 1st Opp: Boyce Crowd: 5555
  18. The last time he was allowed to 'contribute in areas where he thought he could help' he walked out as soon as the going got tough. Strikes me as someone who's high opinion of themselves is very misplaced.
  19. Yesterday
  20. I think it is very sad that the lack of youth development and progression has been a key note of this season. Richie as a former development coach and charlie as current incumbent cannot use simple statements to deflect from an abject failure in the youth system or belief in the calibre of players. I hoped at the start of the season an internal managerial appointment would result in progression for jason brown, blair,alisdair and many others i couldnt name. If this has been the case and relegation happened i would have accepted this as a long term change of focus with a belief we were building something stronger like united in 80s or even hearts. Instead jason won a cup and man of the match with cove ,youth keeper has been standout with elgin and others have dissappeared.
  21. Cargo
  22. It is indeed. Charlie normally steers clear of saying anything controversial in his Courier columns but this comment is very telling.
  23. Intriguing comment from CC:
  24. I didn't need to zero the abacus this week that's for sure I'm doing my best to do a 'Dundee' and throw away the title but the chasing pack are having the same bad luck.
  25. Last week
  26. I didn't credit Hayes with the 3rd goal as BBC have it down as an og.
  27. And their only goal in the last round was G Shinnie! Christie can't play in the final as it is v Celtic.
  28. Easy maths for the spreadsheet this week :)
  29. Johnny Hayes got the third for Aberdeen yesterday, that is 3 ex ICT players getting the win for the Dons!
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