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  2. Caman I am quite sure you are not trying to be cheeky but did you notice that the thread had already "gone off topic" before Auld Pimple woke up and seized on one of his last desperate attempts for recognition before fading away for good. The old fella is losing his memory and fully expects to lose his marbles sooner rather than later now. Some people already think he has lost everything and it will happen to you too many years from now. Remember, life is short, shorty.... It's just that one thing leads to another and's.... back on topic and I have avidly read your comments on Mr. Vigurs. I remember him from his time at Ross County when I felt strongly that he was an aggressive, quite dynamic player who went at it full pelt in most games. I think that as his career has motored on he has dropped a wee bit of his drive and the vigor of Vigurs is not quite what it was. i.e. He's like the 79 year auld Pimple--he's reached a platform and needs a leg-up now and then. Aye!
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  4. The council charges too much in business rates.
  5. On 13th June it stated on the ICTFC website that there would be an 'Open Day' for season tickets holders to meet with current players, management and directors. Any word of when this is happening? Getting tight for time before the start of the season now.
  6. Don't mean to be cheeky Scarlet Pimple, but what has Foran got to do with this thread? Let's not talk about last season and the managerial disaster (albeit not intentional on his part) Foran was anymore please. Let's move forward, and hopefully upwards and onwards please.
  7. Well, Mantis, it seems he was certainly bearded in his den and catapulted into the darkness at the end of the season. I was thinking about him just the other day and trying to empathise with his situation. Which, in a sense, went downhill so fast, almost from the sublime to the ridiculous. Can anyone throw light on what he is doing for a living now or is he concentrating on some other career path... like becoming a home builder... I wonder? Or, as the Donald would say..."SAD!"
  8. They should recommission Cath's van and fit it oot with all the club regalia, and then drive all over toon, selling the stuff, along with rolls, butteries, and the like, and the vendor would have a pencil behind his ear, glued on like.
  9. The idea is really good Caman, something along these lines would not only be enterprising and forward thinking but essentially beneficial to our Club. I hope that someone will think deeply about trying out something like this, Given the right site, management, staff and a great deal of research there is every chance it could succeed. Of course it would take a lot of money to get it up running and established but nothing is impossible in an entrepreneurial world. There is a real business opportunity there, one that could be a great asset to both Club and Investor. Good thinking Caman I really hope something transpires from this.
  10. H T 1 - 1 FT 3 - 1 ICT ' Susan ' Falkirk Loy crowd 2315
  11. Caman has to be commended for the thought and his concern, but I'm afraid I tend to echo Kingsmills' reservations. These are large premises so would come with a large rental after the capital cost of fitting out. It would therefore be very difficult to achieve the kind of turnover to make such an enterprise a going concern, and that's before you consider that this is located in the city centre which currently seems to have some kind of retailing bubonic plague. Furthermore, the location is in one of the less affluent and less central parts of the city centre. Indeed I always suspected that Farmfoods located there so their bargain basement pricing policy could attract a less affluent passing trade - many of whom in that neck of the woods will be Clachers who may not feel all that well disposed towards buying merchandise from "the city's only senior football team". There is no doubt that the current club shop is woefully inadequate, but I also suspect that its current turnover is so far short of what it would take to make the Farmfoods suggestion viable that even a major transformation would still, unfortunately, make this a non-starter.
  12. I remember watching a mini-documentary on Rosenborg once and I'm sure they had a cafe (though I think it may have at their stadium). It's a nice idea but we're too backwards in Britain to do something like that. If it was done right and done well I'm sure it'd get plenty of clientele from fans and well wishers and I'd certainly rather pay my money there than the likes of Costa or Starbucks (who certainly don't need your cash). It would have be done well though. A soulless concrete room like the stadium bar or a dump like the Caley Club, would certainly not be blueprints.
  13. Disagree.
  14. Quite a promising start H2H league has 10 entered so only 10 spaces left remember this league closes when we reach 20 , however if you are too late for the H2H you can join the classic which is unlimited
  15. It's a lovely idea & one that I'd fully support, but really can't see the club going for it. Maybe, as suggested elsewhere, a joint venture? If the quality of the cafe was good enough (there are lots of decent places in town already, so it would have to be excellent), maybe this might be a draw by itself? Best example of somewhere like this I can think of is the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore. It's definetly worth talking about ideas like this, so good on you Caman for suggesting it & getting a discussion going!
  16. There are hardly any shops in the city centre anymore, let alone a Caley shop. City centre shops are money pits.
  17. ICTFC Dorandos
  18. To be fair to the club, it's not a case of don't want but can't afford.
  19. The group stage games last season were just as poorly attended. We have been crying out for attractive and successful football for the last two seasons. If Robbo's side can produce that I'm sure we can top 2,500. We have a limited support but very loyal and winning again on a regular basis will keep the turnstiles clicking.
  20. ICTFC website shows it was 1419. Only North and Main stands were open which is understandable. It is still the holiday period and I know a few guys who are on holiday. Anyone know what the season ticket sales numbers are up until now? Wonder how it compares to last season as well.
  21. Given my name, 'Caman' I support the shinty bit and other Inverness teams, but Nairn County? (lol) Maybe ICT can find a spot in the new tourist information shop on the High Street? Maybe sell merchandise from there as the town is hoaching with tourists. There is something like 50% more crusie ships this year at Invergordon than last year. I'm sure some tourists that are football fans might buy a scarf, which is more likely than a shirt. Every penny helps
  22. Fair enough.
  23. What was the crowd given as on Sat? Looked very poor from the highlights. Not sure if we are going to get over 2000 for a home game this season.....
  24. Result!
  25. Dont think we have ugly sister shops anymore in Inverness tbf
  26. HT: 0 - 1 FT: 1 - 3 1st ICT: Baird 1st Opp: Aitken Crowd: 987
  27. HT: 1 - 0 FT: 2 - 1 1st ICT: Baird 1st Opp: Loy Crowd: 2223
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