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  2. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Good first half, but we needed a second goal to into the break with. Second half we seemed to run out of ideas. I thought Seedorfsome red was soft. Trafford looked like he could do a job for us.
  3. Results / Table - Game 07

    NPL Review for Game 07 Yippee!!, our first point of this Championship season. At least it’s a start. No Max’s in the Correct Score section. No Max’s in the First Score section – in fact no points at all here. Kingsmills hit maximum points in the Crowd Section. Caleyjag leads the way to the title. Total Entries 29 Jokers Played None The Results HT: 1-0 FT: 1-1 1st ICT: Warren 1st Opp: Thomson Crowd: 2201 Predicted Match results H: 20 D: 7 A: 1 Correct Predictions HT: 9 FT: 3 1st ICT: 0 1st Opp: 0 Crowd 5 pts: 6 Crowd 10 pts: 1 Crowd Bonus 2Pts: 0 Bragging Rights 12 - Kingsmills Your Points Kingsmills 12 JodieC95 11 RedCard 11 Tichy Black's Back 11 Andrew Fraser 7 Cal's Thistle 7 bughtmaster 6 Caley Braveheart 6 caleyjag 6 crownjaggie 6 EyeSeeTea 6 Gavroche 6 Gringo 6 Scotty 6 caleycalum 5 Doofer 5 Joonya 3 Caley Mad in Berks 2 CaleyCanary 2 caleymac 2 CDN Girl 2 lilmissictbabe 2 MrCaleyjag 2 Mrs Gringo 2 old caley girl 2 Renegade 2 DoofersDad 1 SOS 0 TABLE - 07 01 - 51 - caleyjag 02 - 45 - Gringo 03 - 44 - Andrew Fraser 04 - 37 - old caley girl 05 - 36 - Scotty 06 - 34 - RedCard 06 - 34 - Tichy Black's Back 08 - 33 - Renegade 09 - 32 - DoofersDad 09 - 32 - JodieC95 11 - 29 - Kingsmills 12 - 27 - Mrs Gringo 13 - 26 - caleycalum 13 - 26 - Joonya 15 - 24 - Caley Mad in Berks 16 - 23 - bughtmaster 16 - 23 - CDN Girl 18 - 20 - SOS 19 - 19 - Gavroche 20 - 16 - Caley Braveheart 20 - 16 - Cal's Thistle 22 - 15 - MrCaleyjag 23 - 14 - CaleyCanary 24 - 13 - Doofer 25 - 12 - crownjaggie 26 - 11 - Ictross 26 - 11 - lilmissictbabe 28 - 10 - EyeSeeTea 29 - 7 - WYNESS101 30 - 4 - caleymac 31 - 2 - tm4tj
  4. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Not too downbeat. Certainly an improvement on last week, even if that was probably one of the worst displays perceivable. Morton have had a good run of form as well so today was always going to be a tough encounter. I'd have obviously liked the win but if it's the beginning of a turnaround then I'll take it.
  5. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Positive: off the mark. negatives: still bottom no clean sheet centre half top (only) scorer Seedorf suspended Not sure how I feel about all that. Disappointing.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Disappointing after a good first half for us.
  7. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Seedorf sent off. Hanging on for a draw here.
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  9. POY Template

    *** VOTING IN THE POLL ABOVE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE AT THE MATCH ONLY *** If you were at the match, please use the poll above to vote for your top 3 players. As a bit of fun, we have also added an option to rate the referee .... Please make sure you vote for 3 separate players. If you make an error, let us know so we can fix it. PLEASE ONLY VOTE ABOVE IF YOU WERE AT THE GAME Anyone caught trying to cheat the system WILL be banned from voting in ALL site polls...this is your only warning. **NOT at the game ?** As a result of requests received, we have made a slight change to how these threads work for site users who watched the game on TV or listened to the full game live on the radio ....... You too will now be able to cast your votes, but should do it in the thread below, and NOT in the official poll above. Just list the three players of your choosing and award 5,3, or 1 point(s). You can give the ref a mark if you want too ! These votes will NOT be counted in the official total, as we only count votes from those who where actually at the game, but it IS a way for you to participate in the process .... which many people asked for .... a happy medium we hope !!!!!
  10. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    1-0 ICT. Morton's keeper distraught!
  11. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Nothing less than 3pts today will do.
  12. Transfer in and outs

    Can't wait for Hogmanay!!
  13. Game 07 - Greenock Morton (H) 19 Aug

    0-0 2-1 Baird Quintongo 2546
  14. Team for Morton

    When I said chasing lost causes, I meant going after balls that a lot of other players would give up on, Billy Mckay used to do it a lot, running after balls which looked like a lost cause, and keeping the move going.
  15. Team for Morton

    Agree we need energy but not to use it on chasing lost causes.
  16. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    I presume that's in the print edition because they only have him as on trial as of yesterday online
  17. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Oh great another dud...
  18. Transfer in and outs

    It really is unprecedented, any team would struggle with that amount of turnover of players from one season to the next. It will take time to find the right formation and blend, I just hope we can find it soon.
  19. ICTFC Open Night

    Maybe we should start up a new thread and post any questions there? Take the most popular questions along. If any overlap merge into one question etc. Also as someone above asked regarding other Q and A formats. We did used to have an ask the board segment on here (think it ran the last time we were in 2nd tier) but it fell by the wayside. It always seemed to be something that the admin and mods, like Scotty, used to have to chase up the board. I'd like to see the board actively ask fans forums and fan groups for their opinions and questions. Even if only bi annually.
  20. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Coll Donaldson confirmed as having signed a 6 month deal as per the P&J.
  21. Transfer in and outs

    Interestingly 15 players (including loans) have now left the club and 12 new signings made. That's a huge turnover of playing staff by any means. I think we all need to give the new boys time to settle in. So much for keeping the squad together Eh?
  22. Game 07 - Greenock Morton (H) 19 Aug

    HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 1st ICT: Baird 1st Opp: Tidser Crowd: 2121
  23. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Charlie Trafford signs on a three year deal. Reportedly a 2 plus 1 year contract. Reports that Coll Donaldson is on trial but no word on any contract. Ivory Lawton not to be offered a deal.
  24. Transfer in and outs

    If what you mean is that KC wasn't very good at keeping to a stringent budget and struggled to say no to the manager when they kept asking for more then I'd probably be inclined to agree there. Once the budget is thrashed out and agreed upon it is then up to the manager to find appropriate talent in that budget range. It did seem quite often last season that the chairman was very generous in trying to get Foran out of a hole. As for giving him a 4 year deal in the first Place? That was ridiculous no matter who it is getting the job, never mind a rookie. 2 years initially and then extend it at end of the first season if deemed worthy.
  25. Game 07 - Greenock Morton (H) 19 Aug

    HT- 0-1 FT- 1-1 Oakley Quitongo Crowd- 2657
  26. IRN BRU Cup (Challenge Cup)

    While the challenge cup may not be the most glamorous, or the most lucrative in terms of prize money and revenue, it can be a good opportunity to rotate the squad a little and if we do well, like win it, it can act as a springboard towards the rest of the league campaign. Players tails go up and such. I find myself not even looking at the website for information tbh. If it can't even keep a match date, time and venue up to date then it becomes almost pointless.
  27. Team for Morton

    The only time I have seen Foy play was against Forres and he looked lively when he came on as a sub. He was in the defenders faces and chased lost causes. We certainly need a lot more energy in the team.
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