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  2. Let's go out of Sneck

    That must have been their summer day for that year
  3. Family Research

    Wee will see if CB can beat that
  4. Travelling to Falkirk away Oct 14

    ICT Supporters Travel Club Bus Leaving Caley Club 9.45 Stadium 10.00 To book Phone or Text : 07462 218717 Or book through ICT Travel Club Facebook page Adults £20 return Concessions age 12 and under , 65 and over and disabled . £10 return
  5. Game 11 - Dumbarton (A) 23 Sept

  6. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    To be perfectly honest, I felt that under JH we overdid the slow build up. Not because it wasn't affective but once teams realised what we were doing they crunch tackled us hard knowing the ball wasn't going to be played forward quickly. That caused a lot of the injuries you refer too. I didn't know you lived nearby, If you call in I have whiskey in the jar, as they say - next to Andersons. You can put me straight on my debatable tactics ?
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  8. Robertsons big changes

    When I look deep into my soul , I see players not good, but who can play at times. Against Livingston and Morton or even Dundee United had spells where they matched the opposition. I saw some good approach play , but poor finishing . I saw players make mistakes, but is that just down to lack of confidence. I have said before, and I will repeat. We need to play a simple game. watch the passing, Do not give the ball away. Close down the opposition runs , get close so they struggle to pass or shoot. Cover the corners better and clear the lines when in trouble. We should take a Big Sam lesson and respect the point. Most of all keep tight at the back . Our players are not superstars , nor are the opposition, but from what I have seen in the 3 home games the opps have been better organised, have better team work and fight for their own team right to the end of the match. I have seen better teamwork in Dog and Duck Sunday league matches,. These are aspects the management and coaches have to work on. No-good the manager blaming the players, it is his job to organise the team, work on the basics. I am sure all the lads have had their moments in the past, They have not got a job with ICT because they don't have a level of skill that most young men don't have. Lets see an improvement to moral and a work for the common good. The manger complains about players not picked banging on his door to get a game, surely that is a good thing. It would be a poor state of affairs if they were not asking oto play. It shows they are wanting to get out there and improve things. I expect the manager and coaches to get the team properly organised. For goodness sake we are not playing at the top level anymore.
  9. Game 11 - Dumbarton (A) 23 Sept

    HT 0-2 FT 0-3 Bell Morrison 823
  10. Game 11 - Dumbarton (A) 23 Sept

    H/t 0-1 F/T 1-3 ICT Warren Dumbarton Morrison Crowd 799
  11. Number One

    Agree, with Daniel Hoban hot on his heels..
  12. Our Signing Strategy

    I said this on another thread, but my hope us that some of these players are soon to be pushed for a 1st team slot by the up & coming youth players - can't throw all the youths in at once, obviously, but there are a few players who seem a bit too 'safe', in that they will be playing in the team no matter how sh#*e they were last week. Main worry is the length of deals (Trafford & Seedorf aside, who both look like good prospects) some of these players have been given...but perhaps Robbo feels he can get something extra out of them (which is possible, I suppose)..
  13. Why do you support ICT ?

    Funnily enough, I and my wife were actually in Seville that weekend, along with 2 business colleagues and their wives, having booked the week end ages before, knowing nothing about the Cup Final. Our hotel, along with most others was inundated with Celtic supporters, and there were, apparently, several thousand others who had no accommodation at all. I can well believe this as the city was overrun with Celtic supporters. I have to say I saw no trouble at all, and I had the greatest banter with those Celtic fans in our hotel when they found out I was an ICT fan. I usually have not a lot of time for the supporters of either of the 'ugly sisters', but I must say that week end the Celtic fans did Scotland proud, from what I saw anyway. Fair play to them.
  14. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT - Preview

    Rock Tour A difficult season so far and it could continue for a while yet as Inverness struggle to come to terms with life in the Championship. We face another daunting task this weekend with a journey into the unknown. A visit to Dumbarton to face a side we have had no league business with although we did enjoy some success in a couple of League Cup games. Immortal Howden Ender has been doing his homework and has penned this Preview for you ahead of the game on Saturday, which will kick off at 15:00. ARE YOU GOING to the YOUR Radio 103FM Stadium ?!! That is a bit of a mouthful and a come down from Boghead, or even the Bet Butler Stadium. And since the demise of Boghead and the new stadium build in 2000 it has also been dubbed the Strathclyde Homes Stadium, the Cheaper Insurance Direct Stadium, the Dumbarton Football Stadium (twice), the Bet Butler Stadium and this season The YOUR Radio 103FM Stadium. Who said sponsorship deals were taking over football. At least my “home” club adds a sense of humour. The yokels refer to it as the Rock and the fans are known as the Sons. “Sons of the Rock” sounds more like a Biker Gang or a New Age Religious Sect. Still it is a cub steeped in history, having been formed in 1872. The stay at Boghead lasted 121 years and is an unequalled record for a club staying at the same ground. And they too have won the Scottish Cup – in 1883 !! It is a picturesque if not barren stadium. The present capacity is 2020. Away fans are situated in sections 1 and 2, at one end of the new stand. Around 500 fans can be accommodated in this area. Castle Rock dominates the Dumbarton skyline, and with the ground sitting just beneath, it is fairly easy to find your bearings. Follow the A814 into Dumbarton and just after you go under a railway bridge, you will see a sign pointing left for Dumbarton Castle. Turn left here (Victoria Street) and the ground is down the bottom of this road on the right. There is a fair sized car park at the ground. BUT it might be more difficult to get to this weekend as engineering works have closed down the Glasgow Line and there are major roadworks approaching the Erskine Bridge. There is a bar located at the ground but this is for home fans only. Popular with away supporters is the nearby Rock Bowling Club. This is situated a little further down the road from the ground, opposite the entrance to the castle. A bit further away is the Stags Head, which is situated opposite the entrance to East Dumbarton station. It is a good sized bar, with TV's and a pool table. ICT and Dumbarton have NEVER played each other in a league match before – so you could say it is another historic moment for ICT. But some of you may have been to Boghead. ICT played Clydebank there in December 1997. At that time Clydebank were ground sharing. 326 hardy souls watched a 1-1 draw. The referee was carried off on the half hour and Daisy Ross notched a late, late equaliser. We have played and beaten Dumbarton, in Sneck, in League Cup encounters. In the 2-0 win in 2003 the scorers were Wyness and Ritchie. The scorers in the 3-1 2007 win were Wyness, Bayne and McAllister. You may also have watched Kilnockie FC play at Boghead. The 2002 blockbuster film “A Shot at Glory” was filmed at Boghead, starring Robert Duvall as the manager and Ally McCoist playing an ex-Celtic legend !! Anyway back to the here and now. The Sons had a worse League Cup than us but have fared better in the league. They only have 6 points out of 6 and two above us. However they have only been beaten twice, a 4-0 home thumping by Dunfermline skewing their statistics. Defensively they look solid. Apart from the Pars debacle they have had one clean sheet and conceded only 1 goal in the other four ties. Their last game was a 2-1 win against Brechin but that was aided by a Brechin sending off in the 71st minute and two goals in the last ten minutes. Sons fans are excited about midfielder Dimitri Froxylias and they may well opt for the journeyman plodder Christian Nade up front against our suspect central defence. Lets hope Greg Morrison, on loan from Tinkerville does not do any damage. As for ourselves Robbo is threatening to ring the changes. To be honest I doubt if anyone will call the starting X1 and sadly I don’t think that Robbo has a Scooby either. Chopping and changing should not be happening seven games in to the season. I would go with: OFW or Esson Raven? Warren Tremarco Calder Mulraney Trafford Vigurs Bell Polworth Baird. Latest team news from Inverness is that David Raven could miss out with a virus. Owain Fon Williams played in a bounce game against Brora in midweek and survived with a clean sheet to boot in a 2-0 win. Usual long term casualties in Aaron Doran and El Bouzedi. Riccardo Calder missed out last week as did Big Susan. Robbo will be looking for more effort from fringe players after slamming them openly for not producing enough when given the chance. Mulraney and Oakley to name a couple were targeted by the fuming gaffer. Over to you guys. Another detailed Preview can be read here on the official website for ICTFC.
  15. Travelling to Falkirk away Oct 14

    You could take the supporters bus.
  16. Why do you support ICT ?

    I think "being a refusenik" in Inverness is rather like Celtic fans having "been in Seville".
  17. Why do you support ICT ?

  18. Why do you support ICT ?

    I ran line at caley park and Thistle at kingsmills park so I was always impartial of all the team's I had soft spot for Clach. So the amalgamation didn,t really impact on me that much, so I watch and support the New team Caleythistle
  19. Robertsons big changes

    Would be a fantastic addition to the first team, hope he's back sooner than later. Really missed having a wide man that not only creates chances but also gets amongst the goals . Billy King, Mulraney, Cole and even Polworth(reluctantly) have all played out wide and failed miserably.
  20. Is anyone travelling from Inverness to Falkirk for the game in Oct 14 and is willing to share expenses and witty conversation with a large Australian?
  21. Robertsons big changes

    Not according to the man himself...
  22. Let's go out of Sneck

    As seen from the other side. I'm guessing this was taken during the 1960's
  23. Family Research

    I have a paper copy for 1971 which extends that by three years.
  24. Dumbarton Preview (Away) : 23/09/17

    Ooh, you've acknowledged Fon Williams' existence at last! Does that mean he's in from the cold, and we'll have a competent goalkeeper this weekend?
  25. Why do you support ICT ?

    Doesn't help that I work with a couple of refuseniks & am pals with another one (who professes undying love for The Sheep - even went to an ICT v Partick game in the away end!).
  26. Yesterday
  27. Robertsons big changes

    I wouldt pin much hope of seeing Doran this season. I actually wonder if he will ever regain fitness. I was led to but it was a career ending injury. I really hope that isn't the case.
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