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  1. Is there a Cash equivalent instead?
  2. Punt all the players in the summer (along with the manager and Board)
  3. Hey everyone...we shouldnt to quote the manager this past few months....."The Wins Are Coming"
  4. 4-0 and down to 10 men. What an effing shambolic display
  5. Acts of PURE desperation from Foran now
  6. I believe that is 7 against us this season
  7. Its an Effing embarrasment Totally agree. You dont languish at the bottom of the league for so long without fully deserving to get relegated
  8. Its not uncommon for HUGE multi national companies to get incentives etc to bring their businesses to a location. Inverness Medical get cut a lot of slack to be in Inverness.
  9. I thinks this is classed as Shutting the barn door AFTER the horse has bolted. This move should have came 6 games ago when it was blatantly obvious ICT were struggling badly.
  10. Question i want an answer to, is, would a Board dimwitted enough to hand a rookie/unproven manager a 4 year contract, been as smart as to include a Relegation Clause. If not....heads should roll
  11. Coupled along with somehow, Dundee and (lets say Hamilton) picking up no points whatsoever, during that period
  12. Hamilton 2-0 up