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  1. According to P&J, Brian Rice and Scotty Kellagher will be Robbos team
  2. Im happy about this appointment. (rewind one year and i was saying the same thing). Im happy to see Robbo get another crack at the job. Im looking forward to a good season with him at the helm. Am i remembering correctly...but at one point, didnt Robbo have an account on this site, interacting with fans (after he had left the club)?
  3. Im not up for the appt of Sheerin at all
  4. Well....its now offical. We are in the market for a new Manager
  5. Also sounds as tho he maybe left by choice...meaning we wont have to pay out any compo
  6. Pretty sad for him that it didnt work out. Was totally on board with his appointment and so wanted it to work. And its not as if i expected miracles....maybe a run in the cups and a 6th - 10th place finnish would have been enuff for me. But alas, it wasnt to be. Wonder where that leaves Richie now. I do feel we had a man with the club and the area deep in his heart.
  7. I heard some talk of Aberdeen being interested in Meekings
  8. Now that we know we are in The Championship next season, which of the current team should we keep and who should we look to offload. Who can we afford to keep?
  9. Im just so suprised, that despite how atrocious ICT have performed this season, it took to the last day of the season, to seal their fate. At least we now know whats what for next season. Well done to the Board, not only has their decision to take the cheap option backfired big time, but they are now also responsible for many losing their jobs. Ironically, Foran seems unlikely to be one of them. 4.0 to Hamilton now
  10. Scored.....thats it all over.......RELEGATION for ICT
  11. 2-0 to Hamilton now....season over!!
  12. If that dumpling McGhee became manager.....myself and my son would not be going along to any games
  13. To avoid going down...essentially, we MUST win BOTH games and Hamilton LOSE both their games. Anything else..............