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  1. Tickets for Ross County

    Roughly how many tickets to County have for our end? Anybody know?
  2. end of the world

    Looking for survivors, Did anyone else survive the earthquake ?
  3. Alternative Split

    Then what would be the point in the split ?
  4. ICT -V- Hearts : Matchday Thread

    Apart from the ref, my day was ruined by some d*ck screaming at everything in section G. Couldn't ignore him because he was sitting right behind me.
  5. tuffy starts for northern ireland v scotland

    Not looking good for Tuffey
  6. QWOP

    http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html This might be the most difficult and fustrating game i have ever played. My P.B is 10.7 metres
  7. merged : 6th Round (QF) draw

    Am I correct in saying that it took a last minute goal from a guy with a very long name to put us out of the qaurter finals a few years ago ?
  8. Yesterdays Attendance

    I will wager there will be plenty of empty seats tho....which, all things considered, is a pretty poor show! I really doubt that
  9. What keeper for the Quarter-Final ?

    Would be unfair to drop Tuffey. Big Tels got some decision to make
  10. Yesterdays Attendance

    I agree with dougal. If the low attendance this was a one off I would ignore this thread but I'm begining to see a patterns in the cup games, not just at TCS. Where are the usual 3000 home fans that turn out for the league games The mind boggles
  11. St Midden Roll Call

    Me + 2