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  1. Correct, "it's not Brian Rice's fault......." so let's leave it at that
  2. Sorry but I am being serious. Am I really the only one who is giving this poor guy any support? Waken up and smell whatever - it is the effin manager who has fekin destroyed us.
  3. FFS how can anyone with or without any football in their blood put this down ro Brian Rice. All those looking for Brian Rice's head are totally unbelievable - get a life ffs!!!!!!
  4. If that were the case Foran should have had the balls to tell his chair that he didn't want him by his side compo or not!
  5. That being the case, what a slap in the face for him. Surely nobody with any sense can be blaming him for this mess.
  6. Ach well we can now blame Malpas if we go down cos it's not Foran's fault it's Rice and Kellacher to blame. This club really needs a shake from top to bottom
  7. Was Mo not DOF at Raith for a time this season?
  8. And no doubt a fekin expensive one
  9. I believe the board are looking to get someone in to support him until the relegation issue is sorted. I don't know how successful they have been.
  10. I don't think it would be wise to get rid of them all at once but Kenny Cameron and the invisible Ken Thomson and any other Sutherland appointment need to go NOW. That could attract Mr Savage into the frame.
  11. I really think our chairman should resign NOW. He has made two questionable appointments in Foran and D Macdonald both of which have NOT worked. Come on man do the honourable thing.
  12. Matchday Thread

    In either case I doubt it. Who would tie themselves into a manager without a clue.
  13. Matchday Thread

    I would like to hear the answer to that as well SMEE but I think you should contact the club direct on that one as they don't answer sensitive questions on here.
  14. Yes to both
  15. You are probably right on both counts. Probably the only one left with any football knowledge after Donnie Fraser's passing. We continually seem to get rid of the wrong people