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  1. Absolutely no problem with this as our away strip. Should have been from day 1.
  2. Matchday Thread

    Maybe it's you who should wind his neck in. Don't drown in the hype - we are in serious trouble and your job will probably be one of the first to be ditched if this manager doesn't wake up and get our formation right.
  3. Who the hell do you think you are? Some chance this poor lad has with you passing comments like this.
  4. Maybe this was what bob the builder was waiting for
  5. Wow! Cream always comes to the top and Ryan will become one of, if not the best talent to come from this area. It may not happen with Celtic but this boy will get there.
  6. Better take someone with you Charles just incase you're the only one there.
  7. You really should contact the club direct Charles as you shouldn't expect them to answer a post on an unofficial form.
  8. Good luck to them both. Very good proven coaches
  9. Why not put a name to green dots as well as red.
  10. Maybe the club should do a bit more research before selecting a kit provider in the future. If the club haven't started their search for next season then they should make this one of their many priorities.
  11. Didn't know we had this - nice. Good slogans, name and BADGE. Hope you get more in.
  12. More to do with my time. They could have simply answered the 2 simple questions on this forum.
  13. I don't think you'll be too surprised Charles
  14. "Apart from the fact that it is not the appropriate channel, it seems pretty clear that it is just a very small minority of people who feel strongly on the issue." It doesn't matter how many people feel strongly about the issue, there was absolutely no need to change what was a clear club identity on our badge. And who says this forum is not an appropriate channel - your opinion but not mine!