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  1. To keep the fans onside I think his first job is to convince the manager he should go.
  2. Very interesting, I didn't read it. Well done if he is that wealthy to be in a position to work for nothing.
  3. I think that is what most believed but how can anyone spend so much time at work for no money? Everyone needs some money to live.
  4. Don't think you need to look too far for the snswer to that one DC. How could anyone give so much time to the club on a 'volunteer' basis as some seem to think.
  5. Agreed. We now need a director of football responsible for ALL football matters who understands what is needed to take us back to the top league. Malpas maybe that guy.
  6. From what I hear the new appointments are more Muirfield Mills boys but who knows - politics politics
  7. And two new directors with a new general manager to be appointed later
  8. One of two in the frame I would expect
  9. Is Mr Thomson next to depart?
  10. Could all this lead to Malpas appointment as Director of Football? There is obviously no way he would be a "volunteer" but I would prefer to see us spend on this role than other areas which seem to be completely unproductive. Maybe there are others who could fill this role.
  11. We are all still waiting Mr Foran! Your reluctance to acknowledge failure leaves your reputation in ruins.
  12. My apologies for interrupting the sh
  13. Thank you
  14. Time for bed me thinks. I'm delighted the ball has started to roll.
  15. The end is nigh.....