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  1. 5 Year Plan

    sorry, but we have NEVER been financially sound.
  2. Robertson worse than Foran?

    believe what you want Fraz but who would engineer their own sacking with nowhere to go?
  3. Robertson worse than Foran?

    you are so right Kingsmills. The old memory is going😁
  4. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    we WERE an established top flight club until our chairman at the time thought he knew better than yogi and effectively sacked him.
  5. Robertson worse than Foran?

    Nobody could be worse than Foran
  6. Our Signing Strategy

    what absolute SHARN
  7. Robertson worse than Foran?

    we need investment and if this board can't attract it then they should come clean and admit they haven't got a clue how to run a football club. we NEED people who are prepared to invest and get this club organised for the FIRST time. Please don't make JR the scapegoat.
  8. Team for Livi

    Sure Robbo will make that decision zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. Number One

    his wage would at least be subsidised by the club he plays for
  10. Team for Livi

    just until it goes away Kingsmills!😠
  11. Team for Livi

    God I've got a double😁
  12. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    One of our coaches has a new haircut!
  13. Team for Livi

    Very good idea but but absolutely no interest in anything displaying that "ICTFC Pride of the Highlands" crap. Pity someone doesn't bin that sharn once and for all. This club is called Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC and those running the club should remember that. Still hope we gub the Livi.
  14. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels all wrong with the Tech CB🤓
  15. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    if they are supposed to be professional sports people they should know themselves what they should and shouldn't eat.