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  1. Don't think there is any doubt about his ability but I think there is a big question about his attitude. Pity.
  2. Thanks Scotty
  3. Well done Scotty 💙
  4. Somebody obviously liked the dots so another red one for me! Wow - I probably wont sleep tonight.
  5. Red and green dots are pants so I got rid of it for you.
  6. I can't see it being Doran. If he's injured he hasn't a hope in getting a new club so we would need to keep paying him.
  7. Oh my. I didn't realise I was the only one who is totally embarrassed by our incompetence. The team has nothing to do with this but unless we get our act together we won't have a club to Support. I don't expect positive responses from anyone so blinkered.
  8. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. More whisky please
  9. Submitting a termination form by mistake! Absolutely No chance of that happening ! Who on earth gave you that naff info? On the remote chance of that being true it just shows what a joke we are.
  10. I would not be at all surprised if we show a very substantial loss for last financial year. From what I hear some players were earning big money and with our limited gate receipts I don't think there would be anything in the coffers. This would mean that the company needed cash from somewhere to cover wages etc. Where did we get that money from? Are we now due to repay this? Oh how I wish the board would come clean and tell us what kind of financial state we are in and give us the true reason they are calling this EGM.
  11. No problem. I won't bother searching. It's good to hear I'm not the only one.
  12. Come on, if it was nothing the EGM would not have been called! And BEFORE the accounts have been issued. Again we are not being given the True picture.
  13. No need for the sarcasm Scotty. I don't think I'm on my own with my views on that hideous club crest appearing on official club stationery. That is NOT our official club badge/crest and well you know it.
  14. Maybe to raise money to repay loans or as CB says to cover losses or just maybe to attract investors with the club at heart or maybe a combination of all. I think we are in for some very interesting times.
  15. I have just checked the official companies house site and Willam Finlayson IS a registered director. Gordon Alan MUNROE resigned in May 2017. I really don't know where you got this information so I think an apology is due to Mr Finlayson.