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  1. I may be wrong but I dont think we invest much in sports science so not surprised.
  2. Privately owned i believe seen it a few times but don't recognise the driver.
  3. Is life not morbid enough at the moment without talking about potential disasters !
  4. Nothing wrong with the La Scala, I went to the matinee there every Saturday morning as a kid 😄😄
  5. Boris J is basically saying that restrictions continue for 6 months so I don't see us survive without financial aid
  6. He's a time bomb and high maintenance but used to know his way to goals.
  7. I just can't believe there is a need for a full time coach for any youth squad. If true it's time we saw sense and restructured the whole set up.
  8. I don't think he'll be a bench warmer Alan. He's a proven striker and I think he'll give him a chance to prove it at this level.
  9. are you forgetting Shane?
  10. and which arm are you wearing it on RIG 🤣
  11. Robbo certainly signing players of the right age and giving them a platform to shine. I hope he turns out to be the one we are looking for 👍👍
  12. 4 from 6 is good for competition but we do need a solid RB who can get up and down. 4 from 7 better fo us.
  13. Doubt it, we are now well covered for CBs
  14. I think we would all prefer to see our home grown talent get a game but they have to be good enough to get into the squad in the first place and get the experience to help them stay there. That's where a Reserve team helps.
  15. Patience is not something our club can afford Satan. If our directors and managers are happy then so be it but it is only prudent to review every part of our business regularly considering our financial situation.
  16. from what I hear PB costs are in the 6 figure bracket so 3 years is certainly long enough for the club to review everything and take the required action if it is not producing a return.
  17. I wonder how much employment costs are?
  18. I would just go it alone OCG and push hard to get our reserves in the SHFL. We don't have dozens of quality kids so let's concentrate on the ones with potential.
  19. From what I hear this Project Brave costs an arm and a leg - do the benefits outweigh the costs - if not ditch it and replace it with an affordable youth programme and a Reserve Squad within the same budget.
  20. I don't think anyone is devaluing our youth it's just that we can't afford to run a reserve team where they can gain the necessary experience and develope against men.
  21. Sorry Satan I don't agree with you. Every kid needs a level up from playing in youth football before having a chance in the first team. We need a reserve team where they play with and against men, not an U18/U19 squad where there are kids ,who have no chance of making it. We seem to think numbers is a success but it's not, quality with potential is the answer. I don't blame our management for not giving some a chance but maybe next season he will have no option.
  22. If there is no pathway for development there is no point in investing in youth.
  23. Not a fan of pink football kit but hey ho. Would have preferred red and black stripes. I suppose what matters is the quality of players wearing them.
  24. fact of life guys we can only build what we can afford to build so let's not get ahead of ourselves
  25. That's the problem with footie admin Kingsmills too much talk and not enough action.