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  1. Transfer in and outs

    Not trolling at all. 20k if we get Top 6. 15k if we get to a cup final in two years. I suppose the board had no option but to accept since Draper put in a transfer request a couple days ago.
  2. Transfer in and outs

    Close. 75k initial fee with add ons if we make Top 6 or a cup final.
  3. The "Signed Up For Next Season" Thread

    It's been the talk over here since about January/February. I can't see it happening but interesting that he's still not signed a new deal with ICT yet.
  4. Next Ipswich Manager

    It's public knowledge that he bought a house in the Ipswich area last week...
  5. ICT finances

  6. ICT finances

    Not having a dig here, just intrigued at the financial state of your club. Is there major money troubles this season? Tullochs up shiiit creek? Will it just be a one-off season as our honeymoon period will eventually go away? On OTB a lot are laughing as your hospitality has been cancelled this weekend v Aberdeen after only selling 1 table plus that the club has banned milk for the players as it's too expensive! Obviously like to see County do better on the pitch but I hope ICT are not on the decline too much financially as both need a strong County/Caley.
  7. Small crowds? Little wonder!

    What on earth are you on about? I'd say there was about 200-300 there today, plus Derek Riordan. EDIT: You got your info from my mate on Twitter who was joking with you when you asked him the travelling support but as long as it made you feel better.
  8. Ross County V ICT (fan match) Matchday Thread

    Not sure of the exact total but we raised over a grand. It was a good game. Just a shame for you lot that my pen was too hot to handle.
  9. Tokely Offski - to Countski

    Signing for us tomorrow I believe. Hopefully nonsense.
  10. Tokely memorable moments

  11. season ticket prices............FROZEN!

    County prices if anyone is interested. I imagine the cheapest in the SPL next season. ICT Equivalents East / West Stand Main Stand £360 - Adult £370 £210 - Over 65's / Student / Under 18's £300..........age 16-25 £260 £80 - Under 16's £150 £0 - Under 12's (when purchased with a full adult ticket - applies to 1st child only) N/A Jailend (South) Stand North Stand £300 - Adult £320 £165 - Over 65's / Student / Under 18's £190......16 - 25 £180 £80 - Under 16's £90 £0 - Under 12's (when purchased with a full adult ticket - applies to 1st child only) N/A In addition ICT offer £200 for one adult and 2 U-12s in uncovered section. Also prices for Family section.
  12. Zander Diamond

    At this stage I very much doubt we will offer the same for wages as you could. We're in the same league now so I imagine both sets of fans this summer will be wondering why they didn't sign a good player than went to the other club.
  13. Zander Diamond

    2 weeks ago there were a lot of rumours in Dingwall that he's signing for us. I doubt we could afford him but we'll wait and see!
  14. Embarrassing Support

    Indeed. I've noticed a lack of branded footwear in our support. The charity shop must be thriving!
  15. Embarrassing Support

    Atmosphere you say?