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  1. "Nessa's pregnant..... and smithys the father!!!"
  2. Comes in with similar credentials as billy did. Not scored many but has done it on a big stage down south (Billy scored at anfield, and storey got a double against villa a couple seasons ago). definitely worth a shot and hope he does well. 9 goals in 66 games isn't great but billy wasn't much better when he joined (16 in 84).
  3. Thought we played well and held them to only having 1 real chance when they hit the post. Other than that they score a free kick and boom its 1-0 not much you can do about it. Didn't rate Tansey in the advanced role. Think he's wasted there much better at dropping off and picking passes, And with his range of passing that's what we should be doing putting someone like Christie in the hole, as he finds pockets of space between the lines a lot better than Greg did last night. Not saying Greg was poor just felt we didn't play to his strengths. Wedderburn I'm not too sure of. Could be a mighty f
  4. Ched Evans got a team yet?
  5. Just gonna put this out there. And don't know if anyone else has suggested it but. Ched?
  6. Basically everything that happened in that game. Drapers pen, Hamills faces, Tanseys strike, But nothing will top Nicks equalizer for me, I nearly ended up on the pitch to play the extra time, and to this day I have no idea how I got down there so quick.
  7. The worst part about losing to that mob is that all the Inverness based stay at home sevco fans will be giving it big licks tomorrow, in work, and schools everywhere. In saying that. I watched the game on a stream. (couldn't make it as i was working.) and we were dreadful. Just didn't show up at all. Sat too deep. Didn't keep the ball well enough, and we just didn't penetrate!
  8. If you think he is a baller i hope we don't sign him!!!! Just remember Iain I've seen you play football...
  9. It is 100% Marlon Jackson. I don't think we will sign him though.
  10. Clearly Very good. Your term stolen. Is a strange though. Personally i thought the council did the right thing in giving us the park to play our home games at and progress further through the junior ranks to not only help us, but to help local football in Inverness. Xx
  11. We'll win the league and it'll be fine
  12. Was that you!!?? Did you lose count of the score, like!? I didn't know this was on either. Was it at the Bught? Could've been 5 for all i know tbh. My Short term memories not great.
  13. Technically it was a closed doors bounce game....but that's a bit hard to enforce at Stolen Public Land Park. Who stole what now?
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