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  1. No.3 Chalmers - Wasn't expecting much given that i'd seen numerous Motherwell fans rate him poorly however I thought he did quite well. Eager to get down the flank and support the winger, vocal in encouraging other players and didn't let much past him defensively. Pretty tidy on the ball overall No.6 Leitch. Good first half performance, very energetic and full of running. Good on the ball and technically sound. Constantly asking for the ball and keen to get forward. More disciplined performance in the second half and less involved as the game seems to move more to the wings. No.9 Dav
  2. Astounded by the amount Boden is rumoured to be getting paid. What a complete waste of money that transfer has been. Certainly hope that the termination of his contract was by mutual consent rather than a pay off!
  3. Tremarco out injured until about October time iirc so definitely need cover at left back
  4. Given the most likely candidates named over the last week or so: Danny Lennon and Paul Sheerin then I'd be happy with Robertson over them
  5. Linky Don't want him anywhere near our club
  6. Not good! Do we have any cover at left back? Vigurs?
  7. Gives us another option in an area where we were a bit thin on cover. Will reserve judgement till I see him play but good to see that Richie has identified a weak area and signed a player to cover it (a big failing in Yogi's time here!). Do we have any confirmation on how long McNaughton will be out for?
  8. We've apparently signed striker Scott Boden, no further information other than whats in the tweet from the journo below:
  9. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/36387772 Technically we would be a closer option for his family?
  10. 'im smarter than your average bear boo boo'
  11. Although there's no official word on Roberts I found this article from the official site when we signed him "Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC is delighted to have completed the signing of 21 year old, former Aldershot Town FC player, Jordan Roberts, on a 1 year deal with a 1 year option for the club…subject to international clearance." This suggests that we potentially have him under contract if we want him.
  12. I cant remember where I heard it or how true it was but he was rumoured to have been on around £12,500 a week at one point at Rangers. Don't know how accurate that was but i don't think anyone in the premiership would even consider paying a quarter of that to sign him given that he is still relatively unproven in top leagues. I would imagine he would try he luck down South but I could be wrong
  13. Whilst I'd like to see Nicky Clark here i think he would be very much outwith our pay structure. Fear this is a non starter unfortunately
  14. If he were open to a move then I'd be delighted at appointing Houston
  15. Well its been over two weeks since we were told that two pre-contracts were due to be finalised, still curious to find out who they are. Hopefully the added monies from finishing 7th will give us a bit more lee-way in securing targets sooner rather than later. Its a shame Fisher wasnt able to regain fitness in time to play for us again this season but hopefully attacking targets have been identified. This summer is going to be huge in terms of recruitment for us. Its a real make or break summer and our immediate future will rest on the players coming in. Can only hope suitable recrui
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