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  1. Thank you to all the players and staff of ICT for a superb night's entertainment on a chilly evening. Four goals by four different players. Pity the BBC Radio Scotland match report could only concentrate on St Mirren's problems rather than ICT's excellent football and their convincing result.
  2. Did we not give Brewster the boot, quite literally? Humble pie duly eaten. You are quite right, Craig Brewster was sacked (although he should have gone months before he doomed us to Div 1).
  3. Terry, I thank you for all your efforts and successes with ICT and for all the good work you've done for us. You are a genuinely good guy. Its just a shame that more people couldn't be bothered to turn up to support Inverness at home games during your tenure and I can understand your frustration with that. However, now that you are leaving us I imagine that your career in management will be propelled onwards and upwards to greater managerial successes - just like your predecessors who left Inverness for greater things......like.....eh...Steve Paterson......eh.....John Robertson.....eh.....
  4. Global Energy Stadium = No Energy Stadium! What a joke County are - and an embarrassment to the Highlands. Scratch the surface and they are just a Highland League outfit with ideas above their station. Meantime the stage was set for another fine three points for ICT. Atmosphere was good. County started with all guns blazing (plastic ones, not real ones) but soon ran out of steam as the superior big city club started to take control of the game. Then they switched on the microwaves for the half time pies and the lights went out......................... Will get them next time!!
  5. Excellent display and result once again from our boys at ICT. Well done to the guys on the pitch and the management team!! Must be our best start to a season so far? First half was a delight to watch with some very neat football. Second half was harder work with Motherwell pressing us hard and closing us down. But what a defence! There is always someone there to back up his team mate or to make last ditch tackles/clearances. Very impressive team work. Really disappointed with the attendance though. Credit to those who were there but this team deserves a far bigger crowd. So, for those
  6. In fairness, we have to show some sympathy towards County. They were disadvantaged from the start due to having to play on a full-size pitch with a proper playing surface. Oh, and when you take into account their feelings of inferiority when playing their greater, more dominant neighbour you can understand why it must upset them when they realise that they will be..............forever in our shadow!!!! Well done to the lads at ICT!! I enjoyed the game today - although it got a bit nerve-wracking towards the end. The defence continues to impress. Our defenders are prepared to put their bodi
  7. 3-1 to Celtic is not a fair reflection of the game. A draw would have been a much fairer result. Our team played some good stuff but didn't get the breaks while Celtic did. There were a lot of good performances - Aaron Doran in particular. The real disappointment for me was the size of the home support (especially after deducting out the Celtic and County fans from the North and Main Stands). The size of our support was pathetic!! This was our first ever top-of-the-table clash - with probably our best ever team - and the size of our support was pitiful. Fair play to those who made the eff
  8. Maybe 'the bridge' was a cash loan to keep Hearts from going bust? If so, we want our money back right now!!!
  9. Highlight for me at Easter Road (despite the agony of losing) had to be the wee guy in our end with the Hibs scarf supporting our team. I now find myself starting to like Hibs! As for our boys in blue - you've all given us a fabulous season so far and we still have hope in both the Scottish Cup and League. You've all done us proud - TB, Mo and all our lads. So chin up please. Saturday is water under the Kessock Bridge. There are bigger prizes ahead of us to be won!!!
  10. Proud of our lads today - every one of them. Richie is an inspirational captain and the team works so well together. The real quality for me is the way the team keep possession and pass the ball with intelligence and precision (most of the time). There is so much to praise about this team and it was a sheer delight to see them in the second half today. Can't wait till next Saturday at Easter Road. It's a fantastic stadium with a great atmosphere. Its going to be a great occasion - so don't miss it folks!!!
  11. We love you Tel!!! So glad you are staying. Now let's show our appreciation at the turnstiles by turning up to matches!!!!
  12. Any talk of selling players for big money leaves me cold. I go to watch football matches to see good players playing well and getting good results - not to watch a club's bank balance. If we have success on the park then the cash will roll in. Maybe not as quickly as a "quick fix" sale but it will roll in.
  13. A96


    I'm always delighted to see OTJ take a shot from distance. His power and accuracy when shooting from distance is really impressive. For a big lad he has a neat touch when under pressure. Having been at the last Wales v Scotland match in Cardiff - Gareth Bale and Ramsay apart - OTJ is as good, if not better, than those who played for Wales that evening.
  14. Fab result and some fab goals. Well done to all our ICT heroes yet again. We seem to like scoring 4 goals against teams from Dundee!! As others have said, the crowd of only 3,003 was disappointing but what I do notice now is the change in mood of the crowd - even if its a small crowd. Its easy to sing when yer winning but there is a really pleasant atmosphere in the ground these days (well, at least in the North Stand - not too sure about the sweetie paper rustlers in the Main Stand ). We might not have big crowds but we are loyal. Quality rather than quantity!! The real losers are the co
  15. Amazing, we score six goals and still don't win (ok, two of them were for United)! Well done guys, you truly showed character today - traditional Caley Thistle character - to turn 3-0 into 3-4. It was a moral victory. I'm proud of y'all. We seem to enjoy scoring 4 goals whenever we play United!!
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