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  1. As nobody has yet started a word association thread on this site I thought that I might as well. Piano.
  2. Any idea who and what position he plays ?
  3. I certainly think that Shane would pose a goal threat in the Championship.
  4. With the starting pistol having been fired at Bute House this morning, it's probably time to open a new and distinct thread to facilitate discussion. Given the passionate and strongly held views on both sides of the argument, it's probably also appropriate to post a reminder of the site rules with a view to promoting healthy and robust debate but without resorting to unnecessary and unhelpful personal abuse of those, of whichever side, holding opposing views.
  5. I am of similar generation. Hamish French too. There may be some merit in looking on our doorstep but one major issue is that the standard of the Highland League is far far below what it was thirty or forty years ago.
  6. You disgraceful 'alarmist' you. Commenting on bad press just because it appears to be true
  7. If true. It is a very poor show indeed. The trouble is that the statement now issued attempts to put things right but does not refute the initial allegation. If it's not true the club need to deny it. If it is true then, as well as thanking Shearer for his work they need to be apologising for how his time at the club was brought to an end.
  8. An apparent wrong corrected again much like the season ticket fiasco. It would be far preferable to deal with things properly in the first instance.
  9. There are indeed two sides to every story but in this case it's pretty simple. Either he was dismissed by email or he wasn't. If this allegation, which causing further damage to the reputation and image of our club and those now charged with running and being the public face of false then it is important that a correction and clarification is issued without delay. If there is silence, and we've been far too good at silence recently, only one inference will be drawn from that.
  10. I agree entirely. If true it is a disgrace on those responsible. I am not the biggest fan of Duncan Shearer after the way he conducted himself during his and Pele's move to Pittodrie. However, no reasonable employer should ever treat any employee in such a manner. Nobody deserves to learn that they've lost their job my email. No doubt other fine backroom staff will go as a result of our reduced financial circumstances and I sincerely hope that they are treated with more respect and common decency than DS seems to have been. I am proud to support my home town team but I am ashamed of the way we have been conducting ourselves lately. There was a welcome apology after the appalling initial statement on season tickets but, if this is true, then no genuine lesson has been learned. There is an announcement before every home game that we are a family club and I hope that we are. High time that those now at the head of the ICT family started treating the family members, particularly those losing their livelihood through no fault of their own with some humility and humanity.
  11. To be fair to him, he would have at least trebled his income. Nice to see a little bit of loyalty in football for a change.
  12. I disagree. Nick Ross is one of our own, didn't always get a fair crack of the whip when it came to a run in the first team and is capable of doing a very good job indeed at Championship level.
  13. Have moved this thread to U.K. Football as it's more speculation than rumour.
  14. This will not improve things for the vast majority of clubs. What would improve Scottish football is the replacement of Neil Doncaster with a chief executive who is interested in the welfare of all clubs not just the toxic two.
  15. There may be legitimate concerns but, rather than focussing on those, why don't we just give the man a chance ?
  16. Have locked this thread. Robbo's return is being fully discussed on the 'New Manager ' thread. No point in duplication.
  17. I sincerely hope there is no truth in that. These are exactly the type of committed players we need to have at the heart of our team if we are to have any hope of a quick return to the Premiership.
  18. Digression
  19. Some may disagree with it, many may regard it as the cheap option but the fact is we have a new manager and a very challenging season ahead. Time to put any divisions behind us from board room, to dressing room, to the stands and all push in the same direction to stabilise the club and regain our place in the top league.
  20. A bad error made initially but good to see that it has been quickly rectified and an appropriate apology issued. Bodes well for the future.
  21. Robbo has been out of the game for some time and his record since he left us has been uninspiring but he is a football man who is decent, articulate and has always spoken positively about the club and the area. There may be reservations about whether he can repeat his earlier success with us but now is not the time for division. We need to put any personal reservations aside and back the new man and whatever team he manages to retain and/or assemble for next season. Just a pity that he is not taking the shrewd and dependable Donald Park with him this time.
  22. Bizarre
  23. Rules
  24. Agree entirely. The club are always short of cash and that will be even more the case next season but some things cost nothing or next to nothing and can make an enormous difference. One of these things is communication and I don't mean a 'media team' volunteers or otherwise tweeting endless drivel but simple communication of facts and plans for the future to the fans, who are the life blood of the club and who have been treated very badly in that respect of late. All that is required is for a single member of the board to be designated as communication director who's principal responsibility is to keep the paying customers in the loop. Some things will, of necessity, be commercially sensitive but there is much that can be shared that we are being utterly excluded from and, if they want us to continue to back them with our full support and hard earned cash then that must change.
  25. I think you will find that those who have resorted to personal attacks don't know the man at all. They speak out of ignorance and sheer ingratitude for all the hard work and success prior to one hugely disappointing season.