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  1. As nobody has yet started a word association thread on this site I thought that I might as well. Piano.
  2. I would attach far more weight and credence to what the likes of Charlie and Barry Wilson say than what is posted these days on the increasingly deluded and out of touch official Twitter account.
  3. As it's now abundantly clear that we will be looking for a new manager within a matter of days who would you like do see appointed and why ? Personally, I would be pleased with Paul Sheerin. He did well at Arbroath and has experience now at working at coaching level at a Premiership club. He is familiar with the club and with the area, my only concern would be whether his contact book would be entirely comprehensive and up to date.
  4. I have seldom seen a thread with less merit than this one. Not only are your 'jokes' in thoroughly bad taste, they are not even remotely funny.
  5. GTF is too harsh for someone who contributed so much as a player. However, I do agree that no matter how good and committed he was as a player for us, he has proved to be a hopeless and clueless manager with no sign of improving. On the contrary, he is getting worse and worse and has to go or be made to go and go now.
  6. A shrewd and welcome move.
  7. Just out of curiosity, is there anybody left who still believes that Foran should stay and be managing us in the Championship next season ?
  8. Matchday Thread

    I owe a lot of fellow posters a profound apology. You argued that there should be change in January to save our season and our Premiership status, I argued that Foran had potential and should be given time to put things right. I am so very sorry, you were all right and I was entirely wrong. Foran is getting worse as the season goes on rather than better, It's quite clear now that he can't coach, he is no tactician and he can't inspire and that he is never going to be capable of doing these things. His attempt this evening to heap blame on the players rather than take any responsibility himself was contemptible. The players are good enough for mid table. The manager has proved that he is not good enough for the Highland League. The fight for Premiership survival is lost. Nevertheless, we can't drift for the rest of the season. Foran needs to be gone by Monday either of his own volition or at the hands of the increasingly discredited board. This season is lost and was a complete shambles. We need now to get someone who can manage in to start preparing for life in the Championship to give us any chance at all of recovery.
  9. HT; County 0, ICT 1 FT; County 1, ICT 2 ICT; Billy McKay County; Boyce Crowd; 5,158
  10. The sad fact is that this season County have emerged from our shadows blinking into the sunlight. This evening not only represents an opportunity to boost our prospects of Premiership survival but the chance to start to put them back in their place. As things stand, The Highlands are theirs. We need to restore the natural and proper order.
  11. With the starting pistol having been fired at Bute House this morning, it's probably time to open a new and distinct thread to facilitate discussion. Given the passionate and strongly held views on both sides of the argument, it's probably also appropriate to post a reminder of the site rules with a view to promoting healthy and robust debate but without resorting to unnecessary and unhelpful personal abuse of those, of whichever side, holding opposing views.
  12. It looks like the Tories are going to reselect each and every one of their MPs who are under investigation not just for any old crime but for the crime of election fraud. Contrast that with the SNP who have swiftly moved to deselect the two MPs in their camp under investigation despite the fact that one of them is likely to be fully exonerated before the poll actually takes place. The Conservatives have few morals and absolutely no scruples. .A majority south of the border clearly want those sorts to be governing their country. A very clear majority of Scots do not. That is untenable in the long run and will be a huge factor in bringing this increasingly unbalanced union to an end.
  13. When someone who is devoted to the club and, without doubt, has it's interests at heart, goes public with such comments it is concerning indeed. Something is seriously wrong behind the scenes. There is no point in burying hands in sand. Until that problem, whatever it may be, is acknowledged and addressed it's unlikely that our free fall from the giddy heights of just two years ago will end any time soon. Get it sorted and do it now for everyone's sake.
  14. Cargo
  15. I see that Goodwillie scored a hat trick for Clyde today which may go a long way to save them from the prospect of being relegated out of the SPFL. Personally, I would rather see our family oriented club relegated, as it's looking increasingly likely we will be, than sign a man who has been judicially determined to be a vile rapist even if that was guaranteed to save us. There are more important things in life and more important moral values than football.
  16. Perhaps you would enlighten us on why Scotland, uniquely among small developed northern European nations, is incapable of managing our own affairs.
  17. ....and If the Prime Minister was at all confident that there would now be a majority for remaining in the union after a properly and democratically run referendum where both sides are given a fair opportunity to present their cases on the circumstances and facts now prevailing, a very different political landscape to that in 2014, does anyone seriously think that she would be chanting repeatedly ' now is not the time' ?
  18. Factor in lower crowds, loss of commercial revenue and lower ticket prices and the cost of relegation in the first season is in the region of a million pounds. Considering that without windfalls in the form of cup runs or transfer fees we tend to run at an annual loss of circa £300,000 from a typical mid table season in the Premiership that is a painful hit for a club with our resources.
  19. Simple question. How do you feel about Richie Foran being appointed new manager, happy, unhappy or not sure ? I appreciate he lacks experience in the role but we have fared well going down that route in the past and I place myself very firmly in the 'Happy' camp.
  20. It is appalling but until a majority of us have the courage to take our destiny into our own hands, it is a sad reality.
  21. That stable door is hanging loose but the horse has not quite bolted yet.
  22. Time to move on from that. MM is never likely to win a popularity contest with ICT fans but if this move helps us escape relegation then I, for one, am prepared to consign both his words and his actions to the past. What happened years ago is history it's what happens in the next month that's vitally important now.
  23. Bad luck....poor timing missing the skills and goals of Ian Stephens and the original Don Cowie
  24. Buffers
  25. Better late than never and, for those devoting such time and effort into organising torch lit protests and the like to force the board to take action, now that the board has taken positive action, perhaps they can now devote all that time and effort into fully and enthusiastically supporting the club for these vital few games that lie ahead. Depending on what happens, there may be an argument for protest at the end of the season but, to quote the mantra of the Prime Minister 'now is not the time'.