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  1. I agree. I think this league race will be very closely run and every slight edge we can manage might just make the difference to getting over the line in first place.
  2. I would be as delighted as anyone to be proved wrong and for us to continue to win match after match after match until the end of the season and secure the title with four or five games to go. However, this is a very competitive division, we have a relatively thin squad and, being realistic, I suspect injury, suspension and dips in form to play a part during the course of the season which is why the more hay we can make while the sun continues to shine the better.
  3. One for the Jambos. It won't be on my Santa list.
  4. No room for complacency here. After successive top of the table clahes we have top verses bottom. However, nobody should be fooled. They may be on a dreadful run but the Pars have one of the strongest squads in the division and the fixture will be no less difficult then the games against Killie and Partick. Of course we are capable of extending our winning streak but it may take a performance like the second half on Saturday to do it.
  5. I was in my office when I got a 'phone call from a colleague. Since I had no more appointments scheduled for that afternoon and my office was yards from the house, I went home and warched events unfold in front of the TV. Whilst I was alive at the time of JFK's assassination, I was a mere toddler and have no recollection of it. Accordingly, 9/11 is one of the two seminal events in my life where I remember exactly where I was when I heard of it. The other was the Dunblane massacre which I heard about when I was working in Falkirk and spent the journey home tuned to Radio Sco
  6. Those were the days. Romping up the lower divisions with Steve Paterson and his troops...
  7. I appreciate that it is somewhat immature but another pleasing aspect of yesterday was, yet again, getting one over Ian McColl Now that Derek Adams is plying his trade elsewhere, surely the most consistently deeply unpleasant character in Scottish football.
  8. Divers have been an irritating part of the game for as long as I have been watching it which is half a century now and probably for long before that. To be fair, in all that time, one of the very best practitioners of that dark art was our very own Barry Wilson, what made him so successful at diving is that he seldom if ever did so blatantly but whenever there was a more subtle opportunity boy did he go for it. That said, I still didn't like it no matter how many penalties and free kicks it won us.
  9. There will almost certainly be a slump in performance and results at some point in the season. However, the more points we can put on the board now and the greater the distance we can put between us and the rest the better able we will be to weather any such storm.
  10. Can we not have Billy Dodds as an option this week for his performance in the dressing room at half time?😁
  11. The only slight negative is that football like that deserves more than a couple of thousand home fans. Keep up that standard and hopefully we can prise a few more away from Tesco and the Eastgate Centre on a Saturday afternoon as the season progresses.
  12. Night and day between the first half and the second half. Great credit to the manager for whatever he did or said at half time and even greater credit to each and every player for responding so well and demonstrating such resilience just when we needed it most. Despite their current lowly league position, our trip to Dunfermline next week will be far from easy. The Pars have a very decent squad and will be smarting from another embarrassing result so could be a dangerous wounded animal. However, if we avoid any sense of complacency, there is no reason why we can't make it six in
  13. We have a hundred percent record this season against our fellow teams called Thistle. Let's make sure we maintain that tomorrow.
  14. HT; ICT 1, Partick 0 FT; ICT 1, Partick 0 ICT; Sutherland Partick; Graham Crowd; 2,209
  15. I was dubious when he was appointed as assistant last season but, since then, almost everything he has done has proved me wrong and I have seldom been more delighted to be wrong. Well deserved and time to expunge the curse by winning several more such awards this season starting by adding Manager of the Month for September.
  16. Only four games in, David Hopkin becomes the first managerial casualty in the Championship.
  17. Slightly better this evening, especially in the second half. A very welcome three points although the penalty was extremely soft and Dykes was very fortunate to see his poorly struck effort cross the line.
  18. I don't agree that he the new Ryan Christie but the first Roddy Macgregor certainly has the potential to be just as successful as Ryan perhaps more so and perhaps also to generate more for the club than Ryan did when he moved on. The initial fee for Ryan at £500,000 was half of what we should have held out for. If Roddy continues to improve and develop as he has been, I can see him moving on for a seven figure fee and a decent sell on clause with an eye to the future.
  19. He is so good and has so much potential that, very sadly, I can't see him staying with us for years. However, this very welcome contract extension, hopefully ensures that we will be properly compensated when he does move on.
  20. So I have. Only read as far as Cammy 😁
  21. More good news. We are very fortunate to have two goalkeepers who could, and hopefully will next season, play at Premiership level.
  22. Absolutely fabulous and very welcome news. An extremely talented young man who is improving with almost every game. He will, without doubt, go on to bigger and better things but great to have his immediate future secured for now.
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