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  1. He probably needs to be careful about where, in Inverness, he goes for a haircut.
  2. That's the first part of the job done in securing a play off place notwithstanding yesterday's result. We need to negotiate the final two games of the regular season without injury or suspension. These play off matches, potentially six of them, will be the the most important games in our twenty five year history and that includes our two major finals and two European games. The only way we will prevail is if the team, management and fans are all fully focused and fully committed. I understand that the matches will be televised live. Despite that, as many of us as possible need to make the effort to get to as many of the games as we can and to offer full and vocal support from first whistle to last. We really need to avoid another financially disastrous season out of the top flight.
  3. Of course we can beat United. We have done so very recently. However, we will have to play much more clinically, defend better and be more committed than we were today. Any one of the four teams taking part in the play offs are capable of winning through and that, on our day, includes us. If we go in to them with a defeatest attitude we will, without doubt, be defeated.
  4. Not the best of games, especially the second half. However, we are now secure in the play offs and I, for one, would have settled for that at the start of the season. Hopefully, we can overcome Ayr and take revenge on the Arabs after that.
  5. I agree with all three who have posted so far. The main and worst culprit has departed the club and will not be missed. Time for a fresh start and to back one of our home grown players who, in the circumstances, have to represent the future.
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    Easter themed. The Disciples are a bit sorry for Jusus as they appreciate that he's in for a tough few days. They decide that they will club together and pay for his meal at the last supper. They book a table for thirteen at a local Japanese restaurant and, Judas Iscariot apart, they all ate heartily and had a great time. However, when the bill arrived it appeared that, in addition to the food, Jesus had consumed two extremely expensive bottles of rice wine costing more than the food. The twelve decide that while they were happy to pay for Jesus's meal they were not going to pay for the wine. Jesus himself had no money. Eventually the waiter exclaims in exasperation "well who is going to pay for Christ's Sake?!".
  7. HT; ICT 1 Dundee United 1 FT; ICT 2, Dundee United 2 ICT; Doran Dundee United; Safranko Crowd; 2,722
  8. ..and let's hope that we will be facing both in the league next season.
  9. A number of survivors and relatives of the dead have criticised the enquiry for not attributing or apportioning blame. I can sympathise with them but that was never the remit of the enquiry. The remit was to investigate the causes of the fire and to recommend measures to prevent a similar catastrophe in the future which it did very comprehensively. As for Laurence's 'suspicion' that there was a build up of combustible material under the floorboards of the stand, that was confirmed by the enquiry. If Laurence is interested, he can obtain a full copy of the report from HMSO.
  10. To be fair, given the time of year, that's probably because they were about to nail him to two big planks of wood !
  11. They might not be so tempted if, come the end of May, we are back in the Premiership having swapped places with Accies after the play off final.
  12. Damn. I was hoping to move this to Rumour Mill and for it to stay there. Good luck Liam and thanks for some really good memories. I hope he gets a great reception when he steps on to the pitch on Saturday, he certainly will from me. I have no doubt that between now and the end of the season he will be fully committed to trying to get us back up into the Premiership next season.
  13. Strictly speaking, the club could but the income generated would then be fully taxable which is why such things are generally organised by committees at arms length from the club.
  14. We only need to take one and the Pars only need to slip up once. I know which position I would far far rather be in.
  15. Whether he stays or whether he goes he has been a great and loyal servant to the club. The boo boys may be pleased but they will be very much in the minority and if he does go our team will be the poorer for it whichever division we are playing in.
  16. Let's also hope we are practicing penalties both for taking advantage of any we are awarded and also any potential shoot outs.
  17. That's an impressive level of pessimism even for this site !
  18. True. Quite remarkable. With only three games left to play, we are one of only four teams in the division arethetically safe from relegation.
  19. It may not have been pretty but, barring catastrophe, that point just about guarantees our play off spot. Important now that we manage our small squad and do our utmost to keep our discipline and avoid bookings during the last three games of the regular season. We can't afford to be carrying injuries and/or suspensions into what are likely to be very closely matched and competitive play off matches.
  20. Close completion between Brad Mackay and Shaun Rooney for the most defensive errors in a season.
  21. Assuming he doesn't further strain his groin walking from the dressing room to the bench.
  22. Whilst Yogi often tried to make a point about not having the depth of squad he would like by naming only four or five subs, I much prefer the fact that Robbo is prepared to give our promising youngsters that experience.
  23. Absolutely not OFW's fault. He accepted an offer which was as big a gamble as giving a rookie manager a lucrative five year contract. Neither gamble paid of and the club continues to pay the price.