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  1. HT Dundee 0, ICT 0 FT; Dundee 1, ICT 2 ICT; D. McKay Dundee; Mullen
  2. .and I don't get a single point for being virtually spot on with the crowd number 😁
  3. Some just seem to like to grumble no matter what the club does or doesn't do. There has been legitimate cause for criticism, particularly with regard to communication which seems to be a perennial issue, but this was a welcome, swift and pragmatic decision which quickly solves a problem for which the decision makers at the club should be given due credit
  4. Disappointing to lose points from a winning position yet again this season. However, we were competitive and well organised throughout and a point against the league leaders and,by far, the best resources club in the division, especially under the current circumstances, is a very decent result and a good start for the new interim manager.
  5. I agree with you that the important conclusion will be that of the Hamilton Enquiry. I wouldn't be too concerned about being called a tin pot dictatorship or banana republic for that matter. That is typical Unionist rhetoric whatever we do.
  6. HT; ICT 0, Hearts 0 FT; ICT 1 Hearts 1 ICT; Keatings Hearts; Halliday Crowd; virtually eleven thousand !
  7. Which stand are you in ? I'll buy you a virtual coffee and a digital pie.
  8. I appreciate that every penny is a prisoner right now but it now looks like this initiative will provide us with a windfall unexpected and not budgeted for in the region of £100,000 I wonder whether, in the circumstances the club might want to consider donating a small portion of it, perhaps 10%, to maybe be split between a mental health charity in Inverness and a similar organisation in Edinburgh?
  9. They may have missed the target first time around but County have got Lennon this time. Unsurprisingly, he has been sacked following Celtic's defeat in Dingwall. Let's hope that this is the last that Scottish football sees of this deeply unpleasant character.
  10. Like everyone, zi have no idea how long this appointment might last but give the man a chance and, at the very least stop making snide comments about the clubs he has played for. This is not poisonous west central Scotland. Mercifully, such things are irrelevant to the great majority of us here. McCann has been around the Scottish football scene, one way or another most of his life. He is fresh to the club and may bring a different insight. He must certainly isn't coming for the money or the glamour of managing ICT. There is no doubt that his only other spell as a manager ende
  11. Pretty well sums up this shytt season. The best 80 seconds of the season do far completely undone by the tail of 2 penalties. Ours taken far to casually, theirs struck competently and professionally. We lost those potentially vital 2 points through sheer complacency. In turning it around from 0-1 to 2-1 we seem to believe the task had been completed. A shocking attitude and not nearly good enough.
  12. HT; ICT 1 Alloa 0 FT; ICT 3 Alloa 0 ICT; Sutherland Alloa; Connelly.
  13. There are very many things in life more important than football and family is, without doubt, one of them. Best wishes to JR in dealing with his circumstances. It's important that he takes as long as is necessary and does not rush back. Given his Hearts connection, it is perhaps fitting that the virtual ticketing initiative initiated by Hearts fans can, in part at least, go towards paying his salary in full for as long as he is absent.
  14. AS was found not guilty because the jury were not convinced of his guilt 'beyond reasonable doubt' quite rightly a very high standard. The civil service led enquiry into alleged misconduct was flawed because a senior civil servant made a serious blunder which has been acknowledged. I too have been a member of the SNP for longer than I care to remember, since before I was old enough to vote, or legally have a pint in the Hay Loft for that matter and had a great deal of time for AS as a consummate politician although always a self promoter. I am fairly closely acquainted with a n
  15. I agree. There are certainly very serious financial constraints but someone finding the time to sit down 2 or 3 times a week to respond to queries and concerns costs nothing and would restore a lot of the goodwill and support which the fans have demonstrated in abundance.
  16. Not responding to anyone who is concerned about the issue does no good and damages the club's reputation not only with our own fans but more generally.
  17. I had forgotten about that. An opportunity to build up a greater head of steam before the Hearts game.
  18. That was much better. With games now about to come thick and fast, the result and the performance can give us confidence and momentum to start hauling ourselves up the table. With Hearts up first, building on that momentum straight away will not be easy but they dropped points today and, not for the first time this season, showed that they are far from infallible. Let's take the game to Hearts and, roared on by a crowd in excess of 10,000, start timing that table. Given that that crowd will be virtual, we can happily ignore the fact that the great majority of them will be Jambos !
  19. At least the Westminster government have now stopped advertising their inadequate 'hands face, space' campaign north of the border with regular reminders of the more comprehensive and older FACTS message.
  20. I certainly hope that it's Hearts that has organised this rather than this. Exploiting the goodwill of supporters whilst, at the same time, totally ignoring their legitimate concerns and queries is not a good look.
  21. HT; Ayr 1, ICT 1 FT; Ayr 1, ICT 2 ICT; Sutherland Ayr; Moffat.
  22. There is no doubt that recent performances, including yesterday, have been disappointing and we have lost touch with the promotion race but I remain confident that we are good enough to avoid relegation. However, that's not good enough. Robbo is the longest serving manager in the Championship and one of the longest in the whole SPFL. Come the end of the season he will have been in post for 4 years and, more recently and has not improved our position. More recently, we seem to be going backwards if anything. Robbo is a very decent person, he is working with increasingly limited r
  23. A game of football involving ICT that looks like it will actually take place. Hallelujah!
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