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  1. Good to see us recruiting youngsters with potential or who hsve lodt their way a bit. It would be nice to think that there may be enough cash left in the pot for a couple of more tried and tested players either signed or on season long loan. I think that will be necessary to sustain s promotion challenge it what, once again, will be a competitive division.
  2. I hope that we also retain our 'lucky' pimk strip and wear it occasionally.
  3. Very pleased with it. Reflects half of our hermitage just as the home one, very largely reflects the other one.
  4. For various reasons, not least financial, it will be the usual Highland league suspects this season. However, if we do manage to gain promotion this year, a little mini tour of the English Midlands and/or North, would be a great way to prepare for life back in the Premiership both for the players and the fans.
  5. How do you know what is going on behind the scenes ? It's only a short time since we knew which division we would be playing in next season. Have patience and I am sure there will be both permanent and loan signings announced. In the meantime, we have secured the core of our current squad which surely must be a good thing.
  6. I quite enjoyed both.
  7. In all fairness, will be earning at least twice what we could possibly offer him in the Championship and probably more.
  8. I merely pointed out that I can't think of anything positive about the club, either on or off the pitch, that you have ever posted. If I am mistaken, perhaps you can refer me to it and I will happily apologise. More seriously, if you think that I have been bullying you then that is a very significant breach of site rules which I suggest you report and I, in common with any other moderator subject to such a complaint, will recluse myself from being part of consideration of it.
  9. There is little that this particular poster posts that is not harsh. I struggle to think of him ever saying anything positive.
  10. Charlie Chritie is responsible for a great deal more than the Centenary Club.
  11. Delighted about the first. Much as he has been a wonderful servant over the years, a little ambivalent about the second.
  12. Just when you think there might be grounds for optimism, Scotland, well and truly, revert to being Scotland.
  13. Because the club has a combined history going back to 1885 when both Thistle and Caley were founded. My only issue with the Centenary Club is that I never win anything!
  14. Given that the results are improving, albeit marginally, and are pretty much in line with expectation, I don't understand the depth of negativity from some posters.
  15. Given the the choice, can I please opt for the former?
  16. Where are you seeing a clamour for glamour friendlies ? I think most of us, after a long hard season with a shortened break, are content with any regime that gets the squad match fit for the season ahead.
  17. Absolutely true both in theory and in practice.
  18. Once again, I may reluctantly reside in a monarchy but I am nobody's subject. One of our local estates seems to be having a 'garden party' at which their workers and tenants seem almost obliged to attend. Apart from that, as far as I can see, nothing at all in our village of about 2,000 souls. I imagine it might be a little different just over the hill in 'Royal Deeside'.
  19. Personally, I am nobody's 'subject'. I am a citizen.
  20. There is surely irony in a 'charity' concert to honour an over privileged trillionaire.
  21. I entirely agree. There are some good things going on at board level and sof of them may be commercially sensitive but most are not. Many of us are financially invested in the club, even if only to a very limited extent, all of us are emotionally invested and we do deserve to be kept better informed and on a much more regular basis.
  22. One way of wiping out these annual losses would be to somehow attract another thousand through the turnstiles.
  23. I agree. Too many and at too high salaries for a vlub of our limited resources.
  24. Although there was a point when we were paying managerial salaries to John Hughes, Richie Foran and John Robertson all at the same time.
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