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  1. I understand the difficulties involved in setting up coverage from scratch but the quality of that coverage really wasn't good enough for paying customers of any business. The quality of the coverage was worse than the quality of the football which is really saying something.
  2. HT; ICT 1, Ayr 1 FT; ICT 2, Ayr 1 ICT; Keatings Ayr; Moffat Crowd; FirstHalf; 19 watching from the A9 Laybye. Crowd; Second Half; 0 police cleared them all away
  3. I agree. Fine player as he is, through no fault of his own, Doran is persistently and consistently injury prone. One reason why he is still with us and not plying his trade at a higher level. For that reason alone, he has to be regarded as an occasional luxury rather than in any way indespensible. We now have a squad made up of entirely of journeymen which means that no single player can be regarded as indespensible but, with such a thin squad, we can't afford to dispense with very many at any one time.
  4. I can never bring myself to bet against us no matter how tempting the odds.
  5. I knew I should have spent that twelve quid on a fish supper, a pickled egg and a bottle of Belhaven Best.
  6. A much less welcome dose of normality veing restored is our usual poor start to a league campaign. Disappointing after such a promising start to the game.
  7. Saturday morning. ICT playing an important league match and an opportunity to watch albeit remotely. What a welcome injection of normality into this thoroughly abnormal year.
  8. That may well end up being the case but the wonderful thing about sport is it's unpredictability and I don't think that we, or any other team in the division, should be regarding that as inevitable before we have even kicked a ball in anger.
  9. Hearts have cemented their status as firm title favourites with a thoroughly convincing victory over Dundee to kick off their league campaign. All the more incentive for us to beat the Pars. If we are to having any chance of automatic promotion we can't afford to let any gap develop between ourselves and the Jambos even at this early stage.
  10. Having been critical of the club in the past, great credit to them for getting this up and running for the league season and at such a fair and reasonable price.
  11. Those of us of a certain age have been there far too often before to expect anything else 😁 First experienced during the 1974 World Cup. Repeated frequently since.
  12. A squad number is merely a number. It's maybe my age but I don't see the fascination. I am interested in where players play and how well they play. I could not care less about what is on the back of their shirt.
  13. Jim McLean used to do that occasionally for Dundee United in Europen competitions back in the days when players were one to eleven on their shirts with no names. It did indeed often used to confuse the opposition for the first chunk of the match.
  14. HT; ICT 0, Dunfermline 0 FT; ICT 1, Dunfermline 0 ICT; Keatings Dunfermline; F Murray
  15. To be fair, not much different to the sort of attendance we would get in this competition in normal times for a home game against Cowden'.
  16. Disappointing not to beat Cowdenbeath and we are unlikely to progress in this competition. However, there are positives to take. We need to find our scoring boots but we have now played 180 minutes of competitive football without conceding in open play and we have another 90 minutes of football under our belts. Decent preparation for the vital league campaign ahead.
  17. We seem to be the only club now who has nothing in place yet. Given that much smaller clubs with even fewer resources have handled this so much more professionally, this is both a disappointment and an embarrassment. Unlike many part time clubs who have managed, we have a full time, well rewarded, CEO. Just what has he been doing ?
  18. HT; ICT 1, Cowdenbeath 0 FT; ICT 2, Cowdenbeath 0 ICT; Todarov. Cowdenbeath; Cox
  19. When did Margaret Ferrier get a job with the SFA ? What an incompetent shambles yet again.
  20. Assuming that he was within 2 metres of him for 15 minutes or more he will.
  21. No guarantee that the self preservation society won't move the goalposts half way through. I would put nothing past our disgraceful and incompetent football authorities.
  22. I think there is a lot of justified positivity. Our players have been idle, at least from a footballing point of view, for months and our thin squad was ravaged by injury. Yet, that was so very much more encouraging than our last visit to Tynecastle in this competition when all we had to do to progress was avoid losing by four or more goals and failed miserably to do that. On this occasion we only lost very narrowly due to a highly dubious penalty and a match rusty striker's lack of finishing ability. We are rightly treating these games as very largely 'pre season' but we have a realistic hope of qualifying for the knockout stages as one of the best runners up and some real confidence in our ability to compete with, far and away, the best resourced team in the division once we are back up to something approaching full strength. A credit to all at the club for getting us so ready for the season ahead in the most challenging of circumstances.
  23. A better result than many, including me, had anticipated. Much to take encouragement from.
  24. Not the worst thing in the world as long as we properly use these cup matches to get fully prepared for the vital league campaign ahead.
  25. HT; Hearts 1, ICT 0 FT; Hearts 3, ICT 1 ICT: Keetings Hearts; Berra.