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  1. A little confused by that post. Who are you referring to and what is their prime income bringer ?
  2. Agreed and the disciplinary action should be severe not merely a fine but dismissal. The very continuing existence of some clubs is at stake.
  3. The employee is, in my view, guilty of gross misconduct justifying summary dismissal. In any other industry an employee who breached a clearly stated rule placing not just his employer but the entire industry at peril would be dismissed. The Aberdeen breach was bad enough but this was worse and even more blatant. Over to you Celtic. Are you prepared to put short term financial interests to one side and do the right thing ?
  4. Celtic's Boli Bolingoli has apologised for playing at the weekend only a week after returning from Spain when he should have been in quarantine for a fortnight. Following upon the Aberdeen debacle, the government must be very close now to losing patience with the game and shutting down the professional game. We were given an opportunity not afforded the general public, simply asked to follow the rules and act responsibly and have failed miserably. I despair. The largest and best resourced club in the country must surely have known that one of it's players was absent from training for a while. Did Celtic know he was in Spain and play him regardless ? There needs to be an investigation rather than a simple 'oops he made a mistake'. If football is halted again will Aberdeen and Celtic compensate the clubs much less able to take the financial blow than they are ? Like so much else related to Scottish football,this is simply embarrassing.
  5. We stopped last season because the virus was running out of control with an R rate of approaching 5, the whole country, the entire United Kingdom and most of continental Europe were in a similar position and Scotland was rapidly heading towards having over 200 people in intensive care with the virus at any one time and a death rate of 100 a day of people who had tested positive. As of today, there are 3 people in intensive care with Covid nobody who has tested positive has died for the last week and the R rate is between 0.6 and 1. A very different situation to when football, and just about everything else was stopped. The situation in Aberdeen City is not a new lockdown but a limited restriction involving bars, restaurants and interactions between households as a precautionary measure to quell a local cluster caused by idiots like the Pittodrie Eight flouting the very clear guidance given to the general public and even clearer guidance to professional footballers. It is a setback and a warning to us all not to become in any way complacent but needs to be put in context. This is not the situation that prevailed in late March and early April and if everyone who has been following the advice continues to do so and those who have not but heed the warning start to do so, we will not find ourselves in that dreadful position again.
  6. The First Minister will be beyond devastated to lose the support of such an articulate and talented individual.
  7. I have to say that this former law student, albeit back in the days of parchment and quill pens, largely agrees with DD even if the suggested penalty is a bit harsh. In normal times I entirely agree that moving the goalposts after the season begins would be unfair and open to legal challenge. However, these are very far from normal times and society as a whole is subject to constraints which would not be acceptable in normal times. The continuation of the current season and with it continuing existence of some clubs is in genuine peril. The sanction for any club who's players or officials transgress in such a blatant matter needs to be meaningful and needs to be put in place now and remain in place as long as the threat remains. Of course it would have been far preferable if it had been included in the original protocol but it wasn't, perhaps because nobody thought that anyone would be quite so irresponsible as the Pittodrie Eight. We are where we are and action needs to be taken now. As I've said before, I don't think it fair, or even possibly legal, for it to be made retrospective but if the sanction is available and widely known there the fact that Aberdeen may have 'got away with it' is no reason or excuse for the authorities to take the appropriate action going forward.
  8. Entirely agree. With a very limited budget, there are other priorities.
  9. I am not suggesting that Aberdeen should be punished retrospectively. That would not be fair. I am suggesting the (temporary) change going forward. Clubs who have players testing positive despite sticking to the rules and the protocol should be permitted to have games postponed without penalty. Those who have an outbreak through negligence or, as in the case of Aberdeen, flagrant and dangerous breach of the rules, would be the ones affected. Changing a rule once the season has began is not ideal but it is far preferable to the authorities stepping in and stopping the season altogether and the dire consequences that would ensue from that.
  10. Then, at least while we are dealing with this pandemic, the rules need to be changed. Clubs and players need to be held responsible for their actions.
  11. Actually worse than useless. You would be better off without.
  12. Absolutely agree. There are some people who can't wear them but they are relatively few and absolutely should not be berated for not doing so. However, a little discomfort or mild asthma should not be an excuse for not following the rules.
  13. The protocol reached between the government and the football authorities to allow the return of professional football could no be clearer. Unlike members of the general public, professional footballers have agreed to remain in a 'sporting bubble' and the guidance on that was issued in writing to all clubs two months ago and going to the pub is about the most blatant breach possible. Quite apart from the risk to the community, these particular selfish idiots are risking the privilege of resuming professional football being withdrawn which could sound the death knell for a number of already struggling clubs including our own. I see that the Dons have issued a statement saying that 'the players have been reminded of their responsibilities'. Frankly, in the current circumstances that is not good enough. They need to be sanctioned and the club need to make it clear, that sanctions have been applied. There is a role for the SFA and SPFL to play too. They cannot wait for the government to take draconian action and suspending the leagues. They football authorities need to be imposing sanctions for such breaches including forfeiting games that have to be postponed due to players breaking the rules with the ultimate sanction of expulsion or relegation. That way clubs will ensure that players and other staff take the obligations that they have signed up to seriously.
  14. The St Johnstone v Aberdeen game has been postponed. Inevitable in the circumstances. The players who were out drinking and clearly lax in following the rules need to learn the lesson of their mistakes and set a better example in future. This virus will be with us for the foreseeable future and, if we are going to get back to any time normality, we all need to take individual responsibility for our actions but institutions like football clubs need to set an example.
  15. I confess that I am waiting increasingly impatiently 😁
  16. The rules are not difficult and publicised more widely than anything else in recent times. Nor are they particularly intrusive or restrictive. It is no hardship to wear a face covering in a shop for twenty minutes, health workers were far more uncomfortable PPE for ten hour shifts and just how difficult is it to stand six feet behind the the person in front of you in a queue? We all have the right to be cavalier about our own health and wellbeing but these idiots who are selfish or stupid or both, have no right to gamble with the health of society at large.
  17. A talented and versatile young player with bags of potential on a lengthy contract. What's not to like about that piece of business?
  18. At last.A post surely everyone can agree with.
  19. In common with Mantis, I too seriously considered closing this thread and I agree that some of the posts are not only embarrassing to read but are disgraceful. However,I remain, on balance, of the opinion that the thread is a valid one and, for now at least, the thread should remain open for reasoned debate.
  20. The debate is a valid one which relates to the club and how it or individual players or other members of staff will want to react to a serious and ongoing contemporary issue which, not just football but all professional sport is acknowledging now so, in my view, the thread should remain. However, if any contributor breaches site rules with unacceptably inflammatory or racist posts then, be assured, appropriate action will be taken. I think that I have made it abundantly clear that, from a personal perspective, I believe that at least one poster is sailing very close to the wind in that regard.
  21. Congratulations to Harrogate Town for winning England's National League play of final and, next season, playing league football for the first time in their history. They join Northampton Town and Wycombe Wanderers in being promoted, through play offs through leagues that had otherwise been abandoned. The same option was available to the SPFL which would at least have added a bit more fairness to our truncated season but, as always short sightedness and narrow self interest prevailed over fairness and sporting integrity. For what it's worth, I would have made the same point even if ICT hadn't finished the season in a play off position.
  22. I remember visiting the Islands Hotel in the late 1970s with my then girlfriend and ordered a pint of Export for myself which was not an issue but when I then went on to ask for a Bacardi and Coke for her, was met with the response 'we don't do fancy cocktails'. I am struggling now to remember the name of the formidable proprietrix.
  23. Communities get 'overrun by rats and other vermin' Communities do not get overrun by decent human beings who are our friends, neighbours, doctors, nurses, restaurateurs and perform many other positive roles in our community. Once again, I respectfully invite you to reconsider the phrasing of your post. If your point is that Inverness and the Highlands in general is not particularly ethnically diverse then that is undoubtedly true. Mores the pity in my view but I fail to see why that, in any way, is relevant to the debate.
  24. I think that the red dot that I have given this post is the first that I have given this year but I make no apology for doing so. I did consider hiding this thoroughly offensive post but I would very much prefer that you chose to reconsider and rephrase.