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  1. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    As a former elite athlete I can concur with Alex's statement. We used to spend all week training and preparing for the next fixture and once completed we were allowed to eat high carb and high protein foods to help with recovery. Chicken and Chips was always my favourite. The carbs help to recover energy levels and the protein helps with muscle recovery. We even got a day off on a Sunday with no training! We are all human and despite what people think, elite athletes are not machines.
  2. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Inclined to agree there. Esson would easily be better than Ridgers but to be fair a kid with no legs from a blind school would be better than Ridgers. He is absolute dross that would struggle to hold his place in a Highland league side. Get Esson in now.
  3. CLUB STATEMENT : Supporter Behaviour at Brechin

    Once they behaved the way they did they were always on a hiding to nothing. Once the SFA got involved the club had no where to go other than do what they have done to avoid a big fine. Brechin may well have jumpred on the band wagon but there is no defence for the behaviour. They left themselves open and will have to live with the consequences. Hopefully they will learn from it and move on - or alternatively take it over the bridge where I am sure Cunty will be only to pleased to welcome them in lol
  4. Brechin City -V- Inverness CT

    Other clubs operate a zero tolerance policy when it comes to smoke bombs and flares ... they follow it up with 12 month bans for those responsible with the following ban being 5 years and then life. Think we should implement this as a club too. As for damage on the bus ... well those repsonsible should be banned from accessing the cheap subsidised transport for the season. Can't see them paying out £60 a time to get to some of the away games so that would deal with that element of the undesirable supporters. Everything we do while supporting the club, wearing club colours etc reflects directly back on the club. We can barely pay the wages of the players we have without having to fork out money for needless fines from the SFA. By all means bring an atmosphere of support but don't act like a bunch of NEDS - we all lose out in the end.
  5. Brechin City -V- Inverness CT

    SFA warning letter received ... what exactley is he supposed to do?! Seriously you need to do some serious growing up.
  6. Transfer in and outs

    It's more a case that he is a Championship level player and will do well at this level.
  7. Transfer in and outs

    Rest easy ... looks like warren is back from injury!
  8. MulrAneY 15

    You couldn't write this crap! Unbelieveable ... one of the very few players we have who has an ounce of ability (he may not use it) but we can't afford to lose him! I am seriously considering switching to Clach because I can't take much more of the nonsense now!
  9. Next Match

    Time for OFW and Raves to start earning their keep. Ridgers is *****, and Chalmers doesn't even qualify as a donkey.
  10. Board statement 14/08/17

    Same Pissshhhh different day. So according to that we have money in the budget to hold on to players. Well lets get that useless **** between the sticks out and put OFW in, and use Raven some more. Let's be honest Ridgers is not too convincing, Chalmers is absolute pissshhhh. Robbo should use Bell more beause Baird has to be pointed in the right direction of goal and then can only score from 5" out - if he were a horse I would have shot him by now.
  11. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    I'm off to support Clach - they have more chance of winning something.
  12. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    5-1 absolute embarrassment! Finlayson needs to step down with immediate effect.
  13. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    The board need to give the supporters some clarity on what is actually going on. They can't hide in their ivory tower forever.
  14. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Politics aside - they need to start using OFW and Raven. We ain't going to sell them as no one is looking at buying. They are being paid so use them.