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  1. Let go aa few good uns to tho what happened to Roberts and Mutombo both were way better than Cole and Mulraney but ye i agree he has brought in decent players if only he could get them playing they remind me of my days playing school and welfare kick and rush tactics
  2. Showed plenty loyalty when he picked up a wage for 3 years and hardly kicked a ball fcuk him sack him hes a nugget
  3. Matchday Thread

    Agree 100 per cent guy is a disaster gonna turn us in to st mirren
  4. Went on a cracking run end of last season though could be about to happen again starting tommoz
  5. Haha class
  6. True that most fans of other clubs would clap there idols of after a 0-3 humping at home NOT
  7. And out of intrest who would you choose bearing in mind our current position and finances?
  8. Funny c#nt eh wasted talent u should be on stage! Your talking ***** bout reid as well the point i was possibly since i use a tombola to construct sentences trying to make was reid managed to get players from the youth team in playing and sold at a huge profit wheres our youth whys there development stalled
  9. If thats true what then yo yo between division till forans contracts up? Or is foran expected to turn in to an alex ferguson type after a season in the championship are people expecting us to steamroller teams like falkirk etc and just stroll back up if only!!
  10. No point blaming others forans the top boy all blames at his door the mans fckin useless him and rice need to go couldnt trust him to outfox managers like peter houston next season could easily end up like st mirren if he stays a stupid appointment at the time an unqualified manager in the spl ffs even if we stay up what then relegation fights every season fcuk that
  11. Billy reid unearthed some cracking players at hamilton spending buttons just the man we need used to zero cashflow right now id take daffy duck gotta be an improvement on foran
  12. Course foran should walk hes gotta be the worst ever manager at a top flight club dunno who we could get in on a short term basis would like to see billy reid ex hamilton in! When we go down its gonna be a mare getting back up specially if the board persist with forlorn
  13. Matchday Thread

    Fearing the worst now gotta start winning games dreading saturday a loss and its close to throwing the towel in time! The board trust foran to get us out of championship in worst case scenario?
  14. Matchday Thread

    Confident today long as theres no comedy howlers at the back should take something from this
  15. Ryan christie transfer fee money for reaching europe ! Inever said the board lacked ambition i said they never matched his which may have pushed us in to a best of the rest fight we were a decent side under hughes! What sort of $$$$ was yogi asking for?