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  1. Transfer in and outs

    Hope so be a decent signing would also try and get Martin wood from them
  2. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    Don't you worry be some impressive signings soon enough
  3. New Manager

    Ye surprised with that appointment but can defo see it working out well! No doubts robbos got a few contacts for players coyc
  4. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    Is he not out of contract? Don't even no if he's fit yet good player when he is
  5. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    Maybe a budget cut or Houston has other targets! Personally I think both would do a turn bairds a goal machine at that level aird could replace doran who I presumes been freed! Let's be honest we ain't gonna be getting zlatan! Woods and Quinn from county on frees be a gd shout to!
  6. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    I hope so would also take Fraser aird he's on a free better start getting a squad together soon or we'll be forced to sign afore mentioned highland league players!! Ffs some people need to wise up these guys are no where near good enough for the championship!
  7. New Manager

    Feel free to use that pic as your tinder profile bud! Just gonna throw another name in Jackie McNamara dof at York be worth an approach??
  8. New Manager

    I certainly hope so some right dodgy managers getting plugged hope it's not sheerin have we sank that low we'd even consider a former Arbroath manager! Couldn't even win the development league! Has he contacts for players? Tactics? Style of football? Would rather not take another gamble! Personally I'd rather butcher back if he's come!
  9. Season Ticket Prices

    You heard it here first we will walk that league trust me! Board will pull a decent manager out of the hat retain big drapes and polworth happy days!
  10. New Manager

    I would be shocked if we appointed a rookie like McFadden he's an attitude problem and if he had anything about him Motherwell would've kept him in some capacity he is after a Motherwell "legend "
  11. Season Ticket Prices

    That's the spirit I'll defo be renewing look on the bright side wel defo win more games than last season! And maybe when we win the league which I think we will at a canter the board will then give us a bonus
  12. New Manager

    And you had the cheek to criticise billy reid! Could do without another inexperienced manager!
  13. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    I actually thought that to Quinn would defo do a job so I think would the boy woods! Depends who stays with us and finances but if they got us out of championship soon be forgotten they were county cast offs
  14. Richie Foran Has Left The Building

    Same was a big critic of foran in hindsight not nice as he was 1 of the best players to wear a caley strip! Would've no doubts been a good assistant learn the job first! But hope he returns to football soon as good luck foran

    Ye it was the latter two I was meaning they backed him when they probs should've sacked him mackay mccart and Laing were decent! Coles attitude was shocking right enough! Ye agree there our youth system isn't the most productive! Ye could do with some hungry young bosmans signings be interesting what funds be available next season and what players will jump ship