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The fifteenth annual Narey's Toepoker Team Of The Year (part 2)



 The keeper and back four can be found here.

We're going 4-2-3-1 this year, as for some reason none of the strikers in this league could hit Adam Rooney levels of goalscoring, let along Michael Higdon levels. On the other hand, the midfield could get a bit over-run and there may be more wingers than there are wings. Still, it's my site and my rules, so there.


Honourable mentions: Lewis Ferguson (Aberdeen), David Turnbull (Celtic), Tom Rogic (Celtic), Jason Holt (Livingston)

McGregor fits into Ange's system like a glove and is back to the high levels he hit in Brendan Rodgers' time. Is Aribo too attacking for this position in my XI? Maybe, but there's no question he should be in it. I wouldn't be surprised if Premier League clubs come calling this summer.

Maybe Ferguson only stood out for Aberdeen because his competence was out of keeping with the shambles unfolding around him this season. Turnbull was great until an injury mid-season and is the player best placed to take advantage of the imminent exit of Rogic; the Australian leaves Scottish football having had possibly the best and certainly the most consistent campaign of his career. Holt was super-efficient in Livi's midfield.


Honourable mentions: Connor Ronan (St. Mirren), Martin Boyle (Hibernian), Alan Forrest (Livingston), Liel Abada (Celtic), Ryan Kent (Rangers), Greg Kiltie (St. Mirren)

As I said, too many wingers. But Charles-Cook (who some idiot who shall remain nameless put in his top ten worst signings of last season) was the top scorer in the Premiership this season, McKay would have been an assist machine had anyone finished off the gazillion chances he created, and Jota will be a bargain if Celtic make his loan move permanent for about £6m.

Ronan stood out for St. Mirren because he scored so many Goal Of The Season contenders, but his all-round play was excellent too. Boyle was clearly Hibernian's MVP given how they fell off a cliff following his January departure. Forrest came to life after the winter break and is heading for a decent move when his contract expires. Abada isn't even 21 yet but still hit double figures. Kent wasn't as impressive as last season but even when he's putting in half-assed performances he's still better than most. I have a big soft spot for Kiltie and he delivered when he finally got a run in the team.


Honourable mentions: Kyogo Furuhashi (Celtic), Tony Watt (Motherwell/Dundee United)

No, Morelos wasn't as good as he has been in the past. But he was still effective and was showing signs of his best before injury ended his campaign. Kyogo's extraordinary start to his Celtic career was abruptly halted by injuries as well; imagine the damage he could do if available for more than half the games. Watt gets on this list for his performances for Motherwell before January where he scored nine goals, rather than a meh-second half of the season at Dundee United.

Lawrie Spence has whinged about Scottish football on Narey's Toepoker since September 2007. He has a life outside this blog. Honestly.

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    • As we drove through the very busy tourist strewn streets of Inverness today, I was thinking, I wonder if the club has capitalised on the increased footfall by having a pop up store, to take advantage of our friendly visitors? What if we had a little section in one of the touristy shops, how many shirts or club souvenirs would we sell? I can't see many tourists going all the way out to the stadium to have a look, but they might if it was in one of the shops in town. We always seem to miss a beat when it comes to self promotion, while other clubs have their finger on the pulse. There doesn't seem to be enough hype surrounding the final. Celtic are a worldwide name in football, and we are playing them! Every man woman and child that visits our town should know that, and maybe they would take a little souvenir from our club back to their part of the world if they were readily available. The only thing of interest regarding ICT that surprised me today, was I found a little poster inside my copy of the Inverness Courier. So that will be put up tomorrow, and maybe a passing tourist will see it and think, oh the local Inverness team is playing the giant Celtic, I wonder where I can buy their football strip!
    • No info on ticket sales till Gringo’s NPL is closed to new posts 
    • Yea I just don't understand it 🤷🏻
    • Why the secrecy? Was the same in 2015. Seems crazy that the club won't tell us. It will only put people off trying to get tickets cos they'll likely take the view that tickets are either sold out, or so few sold that there won't be a good atmosphere!  It'll be clear to see on the day exactly how many tickets we've sold so I really don't understand the club's stance on this?😵‍💫
    • Is that to caley fans or celtic fans?
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