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  1. took my rcfc grandkids to dingwall on Tuesday as their dad was working. after gardyne scored his wonder goal on 3 mins I thought Hamilton bossed the game to the end. rc scored with 2 superb strikes ( franks had ballooned 2 previous hits over the bar before his strike on 94 mins) and a fluke coming back off the post then the keeper turned round to look for the ball it hit his leg and went in. Hamilton hit the inside of the post twice and fox had 3-4 tremendous saves to keep them out. I agree with manning and the bbc online report that they should have taken something from
  2. correct I was a rangers fan when in school 50 years ago. wow was it that long ago. every one in those days was probably rangers or celtic then used to watch the 3 inverness teams in the highland league, who ever was at home. ict since the merger and season ticket holder majority of that time. NOW THE IMPORTANT BIT. how do you think I am a rangers fan now. I don't know you and I don't think you know you OH I KNOW FROM MY PASSWORD FROM THIS SITE. so the only way you could know is by, I am guessing, looking up my details and then using my data to post on here.
  3. first half was as poor a game I have seen for a long time. we had a spell for 10 mins or so at the start of the second half where we scored a very lucky goal ( tide has turned) keeper diving to left and wicked deflection putting ball the other way into net. then I think it was billy sliding in to hit the crossbar from a foot or so from the goal line. goals change games but not taking chances changes it as well. 2-0 and we could have coasted home. again we were very pedestrian when in possession and lost the ball easily, so see why foran has resorted to the high punt but waste of time
  4. not expecting any of the above from cole, he is too light weight for that, and block-buster tackling he is a decent player going forward but when you get into a position to cross the ball, at this level, you have got to do better than trundle it along the ground.
  5. couldn't believe what I saw at the penalty last night. no one was willing to step up and take it. billy said no, saw tansy shake his head when asked then someone asked vigurs and he took the ball. should be nominated before the game, and that player gets hold of the ball asap. the rangers goalkeeper must have been filled with confidence seeing no one wanted to take the kick. funny how different people see a game. I wonder if those on here saying cole was a changed player were at the game or watching on tv. he had half a doz crosses in second half all trundled along the ground. his cr
  6. time to wake up and smell the coffee. we were playing the best celtic team for years, so confident they are going to win, who spend millions on players, no one else in Scotland can get near them and have a forward worth 40 million. we have a team bought from the bargain basement because our previous manager engineered his own way out of the club and legged it with the next couple of years transfer budget. move on to the relegation battle and see what happens. foran is going no where due to costs
  7. think we have used all our recalls on that one, hence we couldn't get him when Williams had bad back
  8. saw more action in the opponents box today than I have seen all season. doumboua's static style of play, couldn't hold up the ball, etc compared to billy mcKays movement was stark. esson showed his age today. first passback he took a touch and was like an old man trying to kick the ball up the field, went about 20 yards. Williams to start next week for sure. problem area today was warren and mcCart, both too slow and the young boy was out of his depth at the level. 1st goal the centre forward out muscled 3-4 of our defenders to power a header in. 2nd Dundee was a cracking cross from
  9. if the players were good enough we wouldn't be bottom. the squad is the core which stayed in league for years, minus, shinnie, shinnie, Watkins, hayes, rooney, McKay( until tonight) etc.etc, some are getting to the end of their careers or have been here too long and it's their time to move on. we haven't signed a player of the calibre of the players above, or half as good, since butcher left. hughes reaped the rewards when he took over and the next year signed inferior players, duds some would say. he then orchestrated his own departure and legged it with this years player budg
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/tennis/37839107
  11. didn't stop andy murray doing the right thing today
  12. at least the people in the north stand have paid to get in, unlike one who uses his press pass. probably never paid to get into a game but contributes to a "FANS FORUM " and rubbishes others who are only voicing an opinion
  13. goodbye yogi . I found your style of play very boring, so not bothered you are leaving. if you are lucky you may find another team just about to fulfil their potential as you did when you came to us.( missed Europe the year before after defeat in dingwall) you lost my support when you walked past thousands of our fans at the cup final. you walked from the corner flag where the players were celebrating with the cup past people shouting for you to stop so they could get a photo ( deffo not me), even a wave would have done some, to the half way line and gave a fist up to the Falkir
  14. were you at the game??? 1st half was a bore with only 2 long range hits by tansy straight to the keeper. we started with 10-12 passes across our own 18 yd box not moving an inch forward ending with devine passing to the opposition. other moves later ended the same way. far too slow getting the ball forward I am probably quoting hughes by saying " we dominated, were the better team and BOSSED THE BALL" but no excitement for the fans in the 1st half unless you admire possession football in your own half once we got the 1st goal Dundee took off a midfielder and it changed the game,
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