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  1. In the premiership hopefully! We're not so far behind the pace now. A top four finish is do-able and then anything can happen.
  2. Strange though it seems the last season we spent in the first division was probably about the most enjoyable imho but then we had a new manager who for all his faults had started a fairly successful re-build well before relegation. Despite a shaky start we were on the way up pretty quickly. This time the omens are less encouraging. Whatever else, we're in for interesting times
  3. Certainly don't condone any violence if the outraged Rangers account is true but from TV pictures it looked as though the vast majority of Hibs fans were just exuberant much as we were at Ayr Utd or in final game 09/10. Interestingly it was claimed on BBC that Rangers fans were also invading pitch.
  4. I accept that this kind of appointment can and has worked at both this and other clubs and that any appointment is always a gamble. I just don't think that this is the right gamble to take at this time. I'd rather see him as assistant to someone with a respected managerial CV who can re-instil confidence and attract quality players to the club as this seems to be a major issue right now.
  5. McCall- good guy Foran- good guy Butcher- rank Barry V Ferguson- seriously?
  6. Hope this is not true. No disrespect to Ritchie as he has given the club great service but he needs to prove himself with managerial experience in lower leagues and is not what we need right now to steady the ship.
  7. Not sure if he'd be interested but would be a great appointment, 'the rangers' connection aside. Modest, articulate and with a high enough profile to attract players in. Qualities somewhat lacking in the recently departed predecessor in my humble opinion.
  8. Liked him well enough when he was here but seemed to have a bad attitude at sevco so would not welcome him back.
  9. I agree he has some ability but our success of late has been largely due to a great team spirit. I can't see Vigurs adding anything to that. Non-starter.
  10. By all accounts a really genuine and personable chap. Very saddening news.
  11. Me too for verily I did doubt the word of John for I had given myself unto Butcher until he did reveal his true nature to me. I was lost but now I am found. Anyone else?
  12. Ofere is improving every game - hope we can hang on to him.
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