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  1. jonahict


    Missed the h2h :( But in the classic :)
  2. jonahict

    Player Sponsorship 2016/17

    Just paid via email for renewal
  3. jonahict

    Fantsy Football 2015/16

    I am in and hopefully I got the hang of it so not such a bad start this season!
  4. jonahict

    Player Sponsorship 2015/16

  5. jonahict

    2015/16 Season Ticket Info

    Looks like I may be joining section E this season :-D I did enjoy the cheap seats in uncovered stand but time to put the sweets away and join the singing section as got a friend who is only getting a season ticket if we go into the section that makes some noise! So hopefully 5 new section E members.
  6. jonahict

    Pub for SC Final

    Bus 9 would like wristbands please.
  7. jonahict

    Pub for SC Final

    Bus 9 are going (those that need refreshments) and have about 10 kids
  8. jonahict

    Caption pompetition

    Your arms are good but your footwork is all wrong. It's step and tap step and tap left leg swing then right leg swing. You won't get away with that moves in the den.
  9. jonahict

    Player Sponsor's Evening

    I forgot to say my plus 1 can be another member of sponsor group and will even share any gift we receive
  10. jonahict

    Player Sponsor's Evening

    Put my name in the hat please and it would be cottage pie. Thank you Jonah
  11. jonahict

    Fav ICT Moments of 2014

    9 men we only need 9 men definitely the best feeling at a ICT game of 2014 Need a few years to see if that game or super caley go ballistic is my favourite (hearts edge it because my boys talk about it all the time)
  12. jonahict

    Low crowd today

    I took 6 non season ticket holders to game yesterday, 2 left at half time to watch arsenal match, as were disappointed at football on display! I try and get people to come with me but up against Arsenal v Chelsea and our first half performance. There was no convincing them to stay. Granted second half was better but damage had been done. Now I need to try and get them to return, a hard job on my hands for that one.
  13. jonahict

    MFR coverage

    My understanding is it is away games they covered. So if midweek it would be Partick v County.
  14. jonahict

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    Got mine and walking around the shops and meeting work mates for a bbq mixed reaction, 80% positive 10 % unsure 10% dislike,
  15. jonahict

    Season tickets

    I have just renewed (moved seats slightly) in probably the best value seats in SPFL £200 1 Adult + 2 under 16's section A (uncovered section) it rained once in all games at home this season (midweek and if we moved to empty seat don't think I would of got a row) on a slight tangent, because I had these seats when we made it to our first major final I was able to buy tickets for as many as wanted and thanks to CJT I was able to get a bus running from slightly out of Inverness.