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  1. OOPS !!!
  2. Scotty

    Jake Mulraney

    shame they fielded an ineligible player !
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  4. Scotty

    Russia - The World Cup

    VAR has been used in MLS for the last couple of years now (with former EPL ref Howard Webb in overall charge of the programme) . Overall it seems to be a good thing IMHO ... but like normal refereeing, the system is only as good as the referee himself !!! Webb was on the commentary team for the final over here and was absolutely slaughtering the referee's decision for the penalty in the final despite the opportunity to use VAR and be sure. I was impressed with how quickly it operated in Russia. In MLS it has been slower than that up to now.
  5. Scotty

    Russia - The World Cup

    I think football just found a new hero in Kylian Mbappe though .... not only was he very good, but he's just donated all his world cup earnings to charity.
  6. Scotty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I have reviewed the activity of all moderators and based entirely on that activity I have reduced this count from 10 to 5 : Moderators are now Mantis, Gringo, RiG, YngWie, and Kingsmills, all of whom, are and have been active in the moderator discussions and/or in actively moderating the site. TM4TJ and myself remain as Admins.
  7. Scotty

    Cowdenbeath -V- Inverness CT

    no idea if its a good game or not but Alloa - Arbroath looks like a rip-roaring affair on paper at least ... 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2 and all in the first 30 minutes !!
  8. Scotty

    Game 02 - Cowdenbeath (A) 17th July

    Scotty HT: 0-2 FT: 1-3 1st ICT: Austin 1st Opp: Buchanan Crowd: 394 CDN Girl HT: 0-1 FT: 0-2 1st ICT: Oakley 1st Opp: Sheerin Crowd: 596 SOS HT: 0-3 FT: 1-5 1st ICT: Polworth 1st Opp: Sheerin Crowd: 444
  9. Scotty

    Results / Table - Game 01

    932 crowd according to
  10. Scotty

    Liam Polworth

    We are happy to have sponsored him here on CTO since well before he broke into the first team as a regular !! Before that we sponsored Grant Munro during his whole career at the club and have continued to do the same for Polly since Grant left the club. Hoping we can sponsor LP for a few more seasons !!
  11. Scotty

    Player Sponsorship 2018/19

    updated the post to reflect current sponsors.
  12. Its time for Player Sponsorship for the 2018/2019 season. PLAYER TO BE SPONSORED: We will once again sponsor LIAM POLWORTH's Home Top. If we reach additional milestones we will look to add sponsorship for other players for 'lesser' items.: COST The cost has been confirmed to us for this coming season as the same as last season so £350+VAT. Other items are also the same as last year so those additional items are listed for reference. If we go well beyond the initial target we will look to sponsor other items as we can. Home Shirt - £350 +vat (420) Away Shirt - £250 +vat (300) Training Top - £100 +vat (120) Boots/Gloves - £100 +vat (120) HOW TO TAKE PART To take part in this sponsorship you will need to upgrade your site membership and join the "Player Sponsor" group. We in turn will use the money received from these memberships (minus paypal fees) to purchase player sponsorships from the club. We will set all memberships - regardless of when ordered - to end on June 1st of each year. This allows us time each year to gauge the interest in continuing for the following season. The cost to join this group is £11.00 (this amounts to £10.00 joining fee plus £1 to cover the aforementioned paypal fees). You may purchase multiple memberships if you wish, just amend the total in your shopping cart and add a note when placing the order if it is to cover family members who may not officially be site members !!! NEW MEMBERS: To join the group simply go to this page or access the CTO Store from the main menu at the top (under shop). All our site membership upgrades are handled securely via Paypal's platform which will accept direct payment from the majority of credit/debit cards so it should be easy enough to upgrade your membership whether you live in Sneck or somewhere thousands of miles from there. RENEWING MEMBERS: You can either use the same process that new members use or, as some have done already when they got a reminder email and invoice, you can do a simple renewal from your account. Go to and you should be able to renew from here. If you do not want to renew simply ignore any reminders and you will not be billed. CASH MEMBERSHIPS: We do NOT take cash payments. Everything needs to go through Paypal. Once we know how many members have joined the group, we will make a decision on what gets sponsored. The first item will be the selected player's Home Kit ... but the more members who upgrade to "Player Sponsor" membership, the more we can sponsor. At the end of the season, members of our sponsor group will be selected at random to receive any gifts we may receive from the club and the first selected user can - if they wish - attend the sponsors' event held by the club as our representative. If you are interested, please add your name to this thread or go ahead and join the sponsor group. You will be marked as once we confirm payment received via membership upgrade .... EDIT: As questions are raised in the thread, we will clarify any that need a response below: Technically the payment is listed as a 'subscription' when you pay, but that is internal to this site only and is done this way so that in a year's time it will generate an invoice on here allowing existing members to renew (if they wish) or to let it expire. Renewal (or not) is at the user's discretion and as far as paypal is concerned its a one-off payment and there will be no automatic re-billing from their side.
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    that must have been some thread to get deleted on P&B !
  14. Scotty

    Game 01 - Cove Rangers (H) 14th July

    Scotty ht - 2-0 ft - 4-1 1st ICT - Austin 1st Cove - Megginson Crowd - 994 SOS ht - 1-0 ft - 3-1 1st ICT - Oakley 1st Cove - Megginson Crowd - 725 Cdn Girl ht - 1-1 ft - 3-1 1st ICT - Polworth 1st Cove - Park Crowd - 1101
  15. Scotty

    Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle stats

    Just got back from holiday yesterday and headed to the lake for a much needed rest this weekend ! Isn't it funny how you need a holiday to recover from your holiday !!! According to the app on my phone, in 4 days at Disney and 6 days in Hollywood/LA we walked about 110 miles in total (I didnt hire a car - just used Uber/Lyft for long distances and shanks' pony for the rest) ... didn't measure the distance in San Francisco as my iPhone camera caught the dreaded OIS camera shake syndrome so it got left behind in the apartment in favour of an old Samsung phone (with a better camera!) most days but on the one day I did take it we covered 12 miles ! I think the little project that @CaleyD references might be able to accommodate this provided someone (or a few folk) were happy to do the data entry .... need to check the logistics as we would likely have to set up separate instances for Caley and Thistle but its probably do-able and eminently suited to this kind of thing.
  16. Scotty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    ok folks ... back on topic please. the last half dozen or so posts have nothing to do with the subject. thanks.
  17. Scotty


    This is really for the tech support forum, but will put it here as it may be relevant to people navigating the site in general ..... You can create your own searches and feeds and filter in/out the content you want or don't want or you can use the defaults under the 'my activity streams' menu. The default we set is to use 'unread content 2' . This will show all unread content since your last visit and index it by newest first. It does this as we have three search fields active (see below - 'read status', 'time period' and 'sorting' all have values. you can adjust this and save it as a custom stream which will appear in your new custom searches option. (see other image below). One thing that WILL mess up the (default) unread content function is if you routinely clear cookies after you visit and I have mentioned this to you many times. The system uses cookies to remember your login and to figure out when you last logged in to the site. If you insist on clearing cookies then change the time period to something like last 365 days instead of last visit and it should work better for you as it wont care when you last logged in/out. As I wrote this reply I have actually tweaked this for you ... the my activity streams will now show Unread Content (last visit) and Unread Content (all) ... set it to to use it as I have described. and then click the little checkmark shown to set it as your default.
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    ok I'll bite (a little). Disagree. Whilst Twitter and Facebook inevitably affected forums initially there is now a bit more balance. Forums have more structure and not everybody likes how it is hard to search or index things in social media. Forums now try to integrate more tightly with those media so they can co-exist rather than be rivals. People come and go. It has been thus for the last 25 years on CTO. I seldom read P&B but when I do I usually only last a few minutes before logging out. Each to their own though 😉 Contrary to the suggestions of some ... we seldom delete things, we rarely ban people and only close threads when they go off topic or are inappropriate. We have a very basic set of rules that have done us well for 25 years and if that means we also have standards then I wont apologise ! CJT has nothing to do with us. We have offered a platform for them to share info, nothing more, nothing less. The fact that some of the new office bearers are also posters on here is not exactly a revelation or a leap. I agree that there is a malaise in Scottish football but its been there for years. and the silly season at the end of the playing season is the worst part of any year .... look back at most seasons and its just as bad,
  19. Scotty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I haven't bothered to read the thread in full as I am on holiday in California right now but the rules are and always have been that personal attacks on other posters and staff members (past or present) of the club are not allowed and should be removed and posters dealt with. Other posters concerned about content can also use the report function if its not being attended to and they feel it should be ... I have spoken to one of the posters on this thread via PM (which is how I even knew about it) and the mods did hide all the crap from the thread so this is done as far as I am concerned. Aware that all mods are not active in terms of dealing with the stuff that arises - or the discussions that mods have about reports - and will deal with that on my return. I intend to trim the team quite a bit and may even look for some new blood .... I will use the site moderation activity logs to make my decisions. OK - back to vacation mode.
  20. Forres Mechanics -V- Inverness CT (friendly)