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  1. Scotty HT: 1-0 FT: 2-1 1st Scorer ICT: Keatings 1st Scorer Ayr: Anderson CDN Girl HT: 0-1 FT: 1-1 1st Scorer ICT: Welsh 1st Scorer Ayr: Walsh SOS HT: 0-0 FT: 1-0 1st Scorer ICT: Kennedy 1st Scorer Ayr: Smith
  2. Scotty: East Fife @ 2.10 CDN Girl: Stenny @ 2.05 SOS: QOS @ 2.60
  3. I will take a look at the error logs when i get the chance and see if it throws up any clues to the login issue to the site. DD - I also dont have issue logging into PL either. Try the direct link and see if that helps : . I note the page says its not secure so i need to check which items are not using https but it does allow me to login. See this page to reset password if all else fails. . This is of course different than your site password as its not integrated. Note - the script for this is now abandoned by the creator and I do see some issues with it as we have kept our PHP and SQL versions up to date. I may be able to fix this or may not but will not devote a huge amount of time as there is only 7 of us in the competition this year.
  4. Nothing changed in that time although I did have to renew the certificate for our stats portion of the site. The login state is managed by cookies so the best advice - as always in this situation - is to clear the cookies on your browser for and then log back in. The login info should be stored in a cookie called ips4_loggedin and has a simple 0 or 1 for value.
  5. Scotty HT: 0-0 FT: 0-0 1st Scorer ICT: Sutherland 1st Scorer Pars: O'Hara CDN Girl HT: 1-0 FT: 1-2 1st Scorer ICT: Keatings 1st Scorer Pars: Murray SOS HT: 0-1 FT: 1-1 1st Scorer ICT: Todorov 1st Scorer Pars: McManus
  6. Scotty : Airdrie @ 1.80 CDN Girl : Morton @ 1.83 SOS : Cowdenbeath @ 2.10
  7. The club just announced their streaming info. Seems pretty reasonable to me ..... Following two successful test events in the last 14 days, the club is pleased to be able to announce our new live streaming partnership with StreamAMG which is in conjunction with the SPFL and Pixellot. This exciting new partnership means that ICTFC will utilise live footage supplied by the newly installed Pixellot camera system installed at Caledonian Stadium. The Pixellot system uses cameras with in-built, AI, ball-tracking technology to produce live HD footage of all home SPFL Championship matches at Caledonian Stadium, which will then be broadcast directly to ICTFC Season Ticket holders and those purchasing a PPV match via a centrally operated streaming platform at StreamAMG. ICTFC Season Ticket holders will receive an email from the club into their club registered email address at the beginning of next week and this email will include an individual personalised code, exclusive to the Season Ticket seat you have. This exclusive code will allow you to log in to ICTTV on match days to view our home games live and as they happen. The email will include instructions on how to access our live streamed home matches online it and will also include a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and Answers to help the smooth operation of our opening home championship game next week against Ayr United. Details of how those Caley Jags fans without a Season Ticket will be able purchase a PPV game day ticket will also be released next week. These single match tickets will be priced at £9.99
  8. Would be a welcome distraction I am sure 🙂
  9. Let me put a little flesh on the bones of what TM4TJ is referencing to help users know if they can help. First and foremost, we are always interested to hear from people with knowledge or expertise in PHP, SQL, or CSS. I can get there in the end but I would not call myself an expert! Right now I could do with some assistance in different areas of the site in each of those 3 areas. Can go into more detail with anyone who is interested. This is all behind the scenes stuff for site aesthetics or to make some of the integrated software work better and not front-facing stuff like match reports or writing. For the front-facing stuff, here's a little more info: League tables This is fairly simple as it just involves adding the league results as they come in. We have a program where this data is entered and it takes about a minute or two. On a scale of difficulty 1-10 its about a 1. Results Same as for the tables. We have a program where the ICT results are added and although it takes a bit more effort and requires more data like team lines, opposition players/managers etc it is still pretty straightforward. It is important this data is entered correctly as this forms the basis of our stats. Its maybe a 3 or 4 on the difficulty scale, not because of complexity but because it takes a little longer and requires attention to detail. Player bios This uses the same database as the results/stats. Its one of those things that needs constant attention as we hope to keep player bios and their careers up to date even if a player is no longer at ICT. Within the player bios there is the option to show other teams played for and/or international caps. I feel this would be a good fit for anyone interested in the threads about former ICT players scoring or making appearances as these could all be added to the profile data. It could also be multiple people with different areas of focus. Also looking for many photos here. Strips This is a new one added this year. I was playing around with the stats code behind the scenes and managed to get this section more or less working so now we are looking for images (photos) of all our various kits and - more crucially - 3D renderings of them (or someone who could create them). I know my limitations and that goes beyond them. The idea is to bring this page into the current century! If we cant get 3D style renderings like then someone to help with 2D versions like would be equally great. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can give more examples or info. PotY poll Previews Reports Matchday stuff For each of the bullets above we have templates or previous examples that can be used each week to help format the data. The big ones are the previews and reports. Is ideally suited to those who like writing or want to practice these skills. Bottom line - as TM4TJ says - there is an almost infinite number of areas where we need help or are willing to listen to suggestions for new features users may be interested in. 'lurkers' who read the site but never post are also welcome to come forward and help .. you can remain in the background 🙂 EDITED TO ADD Programme Covers If anyone has programme covers they can scan for any season we can also add these to the matches. like this image on the right. Size should be max 600x800 pixels and preferably jpg format.
  10. For once the Scotland game was live on telly here ... was looking forward to seeing how Ryan Christie did only to find out yesterday he was out of the squad as a close contact of Armstrong. Nice result in the end but that was a hard watch.
  11. Scotty HT: 1-0 FT: 3-0 1st Scorer ICT: Sutherland 1st Scorer Hearts: Walker CDN Girl HT: 0-0 FT: 1-1 1st Scorer ICT: Keatings 1st Scorer Hearts: Wighton SOS HT: 0-1 FT: 2-1 1st Scorer ICT: Storey 1st Scorer Hearts: Boyce
  12. What I dont get, and why I gave a confused emoji on the original post by @RiG was the club already upgraded their infrastructure, equipment and bandwidth when we were in the Premiership? I get it that we may have cancelled/downgraded the contract for the streaming services / monthly bandwidth but did the previous regime also sell the family silver in terms of the equipment?
  13. Scotty


    If we stuck that between North/South Kessock you could probably drive in one end and out the other
  14. because you hit the return key to try and add line spacing likely .... If you want to do that hold down the SHIFT key and hit return.
  15. That's the thing … there's a lot more to successful streaming than people think. Various folk that were at the club whilst we were in the Premiership worked hard to have the technical aspects approved/upgraded then implemented and did manage to put together a pretty good setup. If we still have the same infrastructure in place and we decide to run with it then our home matches should be pretty decent I would have thought as our in-house commentary team last time we tried were a good bunch. Also depends on the broadcaster though. Back then we were able to tap into the raw feed from BBC/SKY etc. and overlay commentary. If that's the same then all bodes well. Biggest issue might be bandwidth costs and that's why many may fail (or not bother) … if you don't pay for decent bandwidth, you get crappy streaming, lag, buffering all that nonsense .. but bandwidth costs money and good bandwidth cost more money so its a balancing act between service and cost.
  16. That's why I said my comment might be unpopular ! I know we have a good away contingent of home fans .... but if the rules in place will allow people to travel from outside the highlands to the game then maybe some fans can pre-register and pick up tickets on the day? Depending on who you believe the virus goes from not surviving on surfaces (which I believe to be incorrect) to surviving for weeks ... the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle but no-one seems to know for sure. With all due respect to our current stewards, I think they would be hard pushed to organise an orderly exit from ground, car park or anywhere else and as for stopping someone from entering the toilet because its at capacity, also difficult. Fans want to get back to football in person, but also want to be safe so its very much a hard question to answer .... if you limit numbers how do you tell 1400 season ticket holders which 500 are allowed to come in? Its a case of damned if you do and damned if you dont really.
  17. streaming costs money if the club are doing it. Theres a fair bit of infrastructure (and red tape) berhind the streaming arrangements and copyrights, its not as simple as having someone go live on facebook or similar (although for friendlies I guess it could be).
  18. Agree. For ICT it should be relatively easy to ensure social distancing in the ground - we have practiced it for years with the average crowd being 20% of capacity, although that crowd is typically congregated in specific areas and might need to spread outside of their normal seated areas. That would hopefully be a small price to pay for allowing some fans back into the ground. It may also be unpopular to say this but it would likely only be allowed (or be sensible) to allow season ticket holders in. No away fans and no pay at the gate walk-ups. This would ensure they have contact tracing details for everyone present without much more overhead. The bigger problem becomes all the stuff we might not think about. The choke points in the ground like turnstiles & toilets. The pie queue (I presume we just would not have food available), even the car park. Not to mention ensuring that everything is cleaned thoroughly after the game which would likely be more expensive than the perfunctory clean-up that happens now. I hope they figure this out but at the end of the day the health and safety of players and fans alike is most important so getting our thinking caps on and figuring out alternative revenue streams is another area they need to focus on. For comparison - Over this side of the pond we are resigned to not seeing anything in-person until at least March 2021 and probably later. The Canada/USA border is still pretty much closed down (since March) unless you have a dispensation to cross, so although they have resumed play in MLS its a lot different. Canada's 3 MLS teams just played each other 3 times in the league with only Montreal allowing anyone inside the stadium (250 fans spread out). Now they have all migrated to the USA for the rest of the campaign, quarantined for the required time, and will play 10-12 games between now and first week of November in temporary home locations. This is all in front of zero fans - or in some cases a handful of fans where local bylaws allow it. Everything is broadcast on normal telly, not premium channels (in Canada at least) and to be fair, they do not try and pipe in crowd noise like I have seen in other leagues, instead they put better ground mics in place and also with the officials so it was fun to watch and hear the players and managers going loopy-s*** about things and actually hearing it! However I wonder how they will do things in 2021 ... Toronto have about 95-98% of their ground sold out to season ticket holders so unless we are throwing an extra tier on it, how will they social distance in 2021 as I am sure that will still be a requirement. I will leave them to figure that out and bitch and moan about it later ....
  19. There are restrictions, but its the clubs themselves who submit what they want restricted direct to UEFA and they ratify it. I am not certain however if other neighbouring associations, like the FA for example could object on the grounds it could affect their attendances if the SFA wanted to unrestrict 3pm on a Saturday and they did not. I think these restrictions may need to come to an end anyway though. It is maybe not a concern for ICT who fill 1500 seats out of 7700 capacity and can social distance the in-person crowd easily for most games, but some clubs have 100% or close to it in ticket sales and there is going to have to be some new normal for this both in the short and long term. Online season tickets seem like a good idea, and even by extension online season tickets for new viewers is another revenue stream that clubs should explore .... Look at cinemas ... For donkeys years they have stuck the film in the cinema for a few weeks/months, then it went to DVD and Pay-Per-View, then it went to premium movie channels, and finally maybe 3 or 4 years later it ended up on normal telly ..... this summer cinemas are closed and many films (that didn't get their releases delayed) went straight to PPV before even going to DVD and some without a cinema release as they are empty or closed. Disney also just released Mulan and not only do you have to pay a big fee to watch it but until the New Year you also have to have Disney+ subscription on top of that .... They are all tweaking their online models to adjust to the new normal and discovering or cementing new revenue streams while doing so. There is no reason football cannot do the same with online broadcasting.
  20. CaleyStan - I agree with you. Not only has this trumpian nonsense been debunked (several times). It definitely crosses the line for the site, and for me personally. We will take appropriate action on this. I have largely stayed out of social & political discussion on this and other threads but as husband to a woman of colour and father of a biracial child, and who knows far more about BLM than I probably would otherwise, I cannot allow or accept this post on this site. Reasoned argument is fine, but spouting already debunked conspiracy theories ... nope. I have hidden the post for now until we decide what action to take with the user account.
  21. Scotty

    New Strips

    it was a spammer testing to see if their registration worked. Ban hammer. thread closed.
  22. if they have it they should sell it, even for a reduced rate. its an add-on sale. Sales and Marketing 101. For interest, just mentioning AAO on this thread today has seen a few copies of that downloaded too ....
  23. Not sure if the club or Ian have any copies left. I have sent a question to find out. If it is out of print it might be good if it could be put into a PDF version in the same way that happened with AAO a few years back. Biggest issue we had with AAO though - or to be exact that CB had with it, even as the author - was copyright. Good job he is into athletics as he had several hurdles to overcome to get all the permissions in place before he could place it into the public domain.
  24. Ordered 2 copies (as i suggested myself) and also donated a little. £14 for international postage seemed a bit high but looking up Royal Mail for both customer and business rates its not actually OTT. (For World Zone 1 its between £10/£14 for packages weighing up to 1Kg for standard rates, and £7.16 per Kg for packages up to 2Kg if paying business rates)
  25. No worries, nothing in the report area so you must have hit the correct link .... Definitely hope it garners enough financial support to get into print. If you are an ICT fan it really should be in your collection alongside his other book Going Ballistic, and also Against All Odds by @Charles Bannerman which is still available for free download HERE.