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    #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers The Caledonian Stadium lights up to say thank you to the NHS and Key Workers The Caledonian Stadium was an incredible sight to behold in the early hours of this morning as the Main Stand was lit up in stunning blue light to say thank you to the NHS. The club came together with Inverness based KBE Event Services to run a number of stunning smoke and light programmes which entertained the unsuspecting traffic on the A9 and Kessock Bridge. The climax being the NHS tribute in blue. ICT CEO Scot Gardiner commented: "The KBE Event Services team began work at 7pm and on my arrival back at the stadium for the final touches at 11pm, it was still too light due the fantastic clear skies. It was all wrapped up just after 2am as we had to wait for real darkness but it was definitely worth the wait and the results are amazing." "It was just a shame that we couldn't shake hands as we all had to social distance the entire evening. We will have to do that in the future once we get through all of this and get to work with Kai and his team once again in the future. It was worth it to say our small thanks to the NHS and the key workers doing so much for the Highlands and beyond."
  2. quality hosting in Germany chosen by the previous CEO to thank for that one 😉 Sorry, couldn't resist it.
  3. Still with the club on this one .... the statements issued up to yesterday were clear and well worded in my opinion. The record was the one who already printed the smear piece on the CEO around the time of the first vote and here again they print another alleging we had a plan that would cost us £175,000. I find that really hard to believe when for the last six months both Gardiner and Morrison have been scouring the country and beyond to try and raise £500,000. I would believe our chairman's comment this morning a lot more easily than the red top rag. (any red top rag).
  4. Pretty certain that is Friar's street and the white brick on the right is the corner of that wee house where the guy made Targes and displayed them in the window ?
  5. What moderator is onto anything? The only person to reply to you (until now) is another site member. I do agree with that site member however in saying that the response to that new member was not appropriate. If anyone steps out of line, be it a moderator, be it a new member or one of long standing we will deal with it in a civil manner through processes we have built up over the years. now ... back on topic !
  6. I believe the club laid things out in a very eloquent and considered fashion throughout this debacle. They have made 2 or 3 statements now and each has addressed the very real points or concerns the club has and put it in a context showing that whilst we do have our own self-interest in there, we are also principled enough to not vote for something that would clearly hurt other clubs. I applaud our club, the chairman and our CEO for that. When the dust settles, and regardless of what happens they can hold their heads high and know they kept both their dignity and integrity in place as well as that of ICT. I do not know Scot Gardiner personally, never met the man, but I am aware of his CV so know he has been around and has courted controversy on occasion. I have read the criticisms of him from his times elsewhere and I was also critical of him initially - and will be again if I think he does something worth criticising at ICT - but the way our club has handled things more recently does not require that. If I am honest, I feel he was a victim of a smear campaign after the vote from certain quarters where his time at other clubs was brought up and comments made that had bugger all to do with the situation at hand. That was one of the bullying tactics I noted immediately. Our chairman also signed this document and although I dont know him well, I do know that he is a dyed in the wool ICT guy and was a supporter long before he was ever in the boardroom and likely will be when he decides his tenure is over so he is not going to put ICT's integrity or interests on the back burner. Our statement did not call out anyone by name and I too thought things were levelled at Dundee or more likely at Doncaster who said he didn't get a complaint yet ICT said they complained directly to him, showing him (yet again) to be a liar. That the DAFC guy pops his head above the parapet and makes this statement shows that he too is mindful of his own behaviour being inappropriate and is moving to distance himself from bullying claims. If he was lily white he would not have said anything at all! He may argue that he said he was making a personal comment or a club comment but when you are in a position of power or influence then its very difficult to cleanly divorce the different roles. As the saying goes ... words matter and exactly what was said or the underlying tone would determine if it was bullying/ There has been so much information and misinformation in this whole thing with dodgy votes, leaked messages, accusations of bullying and lying, smear campaigns, suggestions of process irregularities, and any number of other crap you can think of that there really is no other option than to have an independent inquiry into this. Regardless of how it is achieved there should also be a way found to help the demoted teams as well as Kelty and Brora as each of those will get a double whammy of not only Coronavirus related business issues but also the hit from this ludicrous set of decisions.
  7. Wow, its definitely close to the same look. I guess a few streets do look very similar (when you give allowance for redevelopment and renovations that took place over the years )....
  8. To use a phrase someone close to the process said to me yesterday, clubs are likely farting against thunder, but from the stuff I have heard and read I have absolutely no doubt our club and others have been bullied and that should never be condoned or swept under the carpet. Bullies should always be called out and held to account. So many people have added snippets about their experiences of different parts of this process in the media and elsewhere that the whole thing would be laughable if it were not both true and tragic !
  9. I read that statement differently, especially when he blows smoke up everyone's arse about the reputation of DAFC .... no-one has said anything about DAFC, or questioned their integrity ads a club, it was about an individual and he seems to be hiding behind his club rather than defending his personal reputation or denying what was said. In fact, he admits to making comments on the date specified, but like all bullies minimises it or attempts to blame the victim(s). I personally have no faith in ANYONE on the SPFL board to conduct business in a fair and impartial manner. They are rotten to the core. The only problem is that whoever replaced them if they did the decent thing would likely be just as bad ! Take personalities and pissing contests out of this for a second ... there are way too many discussion points not centered around this bullying that also bear talking about. Like the 'threat' that voting no would delay payments when it has already been established that interim payments could be made with or without a vote, or the circumstances surrounding the manner in which a valid no vote was lost then changed to yes (the digital forensics on this would be fascinating I am sure), or the manner in which teams are being relegated when it was not cut and dried they would finish bottom (no real issue with crowning champions as the margins there were a lot wider and the implications less far reaching).
  10. Got it now. It’s where Telly on the blink was in Tomnahurich St. I should have looked closer. A couple of years ago we stayed in the upstairs portion of the lighter coloured house with the fence. It’s an AirBnB called The Loft these days
  11. I am guessing at the corner of Grant St and Lochalsh Road ?
  12. Club site seems to be having issues in the last few minutes (pounded hard by doncaster no doubt). have posted it in full on our front page too.
  13. The club released the following statement this morning Good Afternoon Caley Thistle fans, We write to you today to update you on the clubs plans moving forward and to reflect on what has sadly been a dark chapter in the history of the SPFL. It is important to note that throughout this difficult and stressful period we have done our utmost to act with honesty and integrity. We trust this has been apparent to you our loyal supporters and to the wider football community. League Status Update Fridays announcement on the collapse of the reconstruction talks was in our eyes, as inevitable as it was depressing. We have been in close contact with key members of the inordinately large “task force” since it’s inception. The incredible numbers co-opted onto the group at the outset was one of the reasons why we believed, perhaps understandably cynically, that it was being set up to fail from the very beginning and nothing we heard from our colleagues did anything to really dilute that opinion. When people you respect openly state shortly after the process started that they believe they are wasting their time and predict what they think will happen and ultimately did happen, it was hard not to share their disillusion. It was in our opinion, entirely consistent with the disingenuous, incompetent shambles that began on Wednesday April 8th and we concur with the view of other clubs that not for the first time during this process, the breaking of the news prior to it being formally made known to those who would be damaged the most was a disgrace. We won’t revisit the entire farrago or look to address all of the the arrogant, aggressive, mismanagement of what has been a stain on the reputation of the SPFL but we will try to enlighten everyone with regards to the stance we took at the beginning of this grossly mismanaged process. When the club was given notice of the Championship club zoom conference call which was due to take place on the 8th April, there was no indication of what was to be discussed at all. There is nothing unusual in that as previous club conference calls had all been general updates. Rumours began to circulate on the night of the 7th that we would be asked to vote on clubs being relegated in order for fee payments to be paid out. We spoke to a fellow Championship club that evening for confirmation of this and they told us that they too had also heard the rumour and they were so alarmed that they had actually asked our SPFL Board representative if it was true. He assured them it was mere speculation and so while we were wary, we did not believe it could be possible as we had all been talking about finding a solution which allowed for no individual club being put in a worse situation than we were all already in. It was a huge shock on the morning of Wednesday the 8th when STV was leaked the story that we would in fact be voting to relegate Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer but not Brechin City and we would have 2 and a half days to either do it, or come up with an alternative solution – something the SPFL Executive were insisting was simply impossible anyway. We were then promised that this critically important and lengthy resolution document would be with us prior to all of the divisional meetings starting at around noon. The Premiership clubs were dialling in at noon, the Championship at 1pm, the 1st Division at 2pm and Division 2 at 3pm. We believe that the Premiership clubs were not furnished with the document until after their meeting ended at 1pm which is quite astonishing. Our meeting was delayed until several minutes after 1pm due to what seemed like a panicked and delayed information dump of the resolution to all clubs and the press and after the usual preambles and our SPFL CEO finished speaking, we were left with less than 30 minutes to ask questions on a crucial document which we were frantically trying to speed read, while at the same time listen to the complex “reasoning” that was being given by our SPFL CEO and our SPFL legal advisor. In short, they presented the resolution as the only option. Numerous times the phrases “a gun to our head” or “take it or leave it” were used by various clubs on the call, including by ICTFC. Without going into the specifics at this time, please know that we will testify to the bullying and threats made against our club on Friday 10th by an SPFL Board member and the threats against others by the same SPFL Board member and how these threats were “reported back to the centre” and to the SPFL CEO directly on the day with evidence at any genuine independent investigation with the proper and appropriate scope, should there be one, or at any further subsequent action thereafter. These were threats and not robust conversations. We believe that serious questions remain over the actions of the MD of one club during the now infamous vote on April 10th and what happened between the submission of their legally binding ‘No’ vote before the fake 5pm deadline and 5 days later when they became the only club out of 42 to have “negotiations” with the CEO and Chairman of the SPFL and with “big hitters” or persons unknown, before being allowed to vote for a second time. This time to carry the SPFL Board’s resolution with a Yes vote. A genuinely independent investigation is the only possible route to try and uncover what happened and it may or may not reveal the reasoning behind their apparently contradictory statements since then. To be absolutely clear, since the shutdown on Friday 13th of March by the SFA, the BOD and Management of ICTFC has had and still have no issue with the clubs in 1st place of each division being awarded the league title if there is no possibility of winning those titles on the field of play, none whatsoever. We had and have absolutely no issue with any other club in the the SPFL voting anyway they felt was correct, none whatsoever. We have excellent relations with most clubs and this was never an us and them situation until the SPFL hierarchy made it thus. The fatal flaw in this whole process in our opinion was the conflation of two different things, that being the advancement of league fees in any shape or form by the SPFL and the forced relegation or expulsion of Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer but not Brechin City. That is why we supported the alternative but ultimately stymied Rangers resolution along with Hearts. We were trying to separate the two as we believe they could and should have been all along. This would have given us time to step back and talk to one another about exploring the options which would allow for the least damage to our fellow members. Since then, we too believe that questions must be asked about the failure of the officers and Board of the SPFL in its primary duty of care to ALL 42 of its members, as has been stated by many other clubs in public but more often in private. The repeated use of the yes voting 81% as a validation of the Board’s position is risible at the very best. If a vote is seen as a gun to your head and if you don’t vote yes you will be financially disadvantaged during a complete industry shutdown with zero revenue coming in to any club and subsequently 81% vote for it, that does not validate the SPFL Board’s resolution, far from it. In effect you are voting under financial duress and it is disingenuous to continue to repeat that figure without putting it in that context. This however seems to be a consistent SPFL trope for a number of years now. Appallingly, the SPFL Chairman and the SPFL CEO have also used their office to attack SPFL member clubs who did not agree with arguably the most important resolution in the history of the SPFL and it’s utterly botched aftermath and they have deliberately and shockingly chosen to do so in public. And in what looked suspiciously like a co-ordinated attack, all the while calling for unity and solidarity!? It is also bemusing to hear them so publicly state they are unaware of any threats or bullying during the period of the 9th or 10th of April when the CEO knows what happened as it was reported to him and they continue to accuse anyone who spoke out against this take it or leave it offer as having an agenda which should be questioned! We fully admit to having an agenda, that is that no fellow member of the SPFL should be more financially damaged than we all already have been since the complete shutdown of our industry. We believed that no club should have been relegated or expelled during an unfinished season. We were not prepared to vote for that, even though we would have received the 2nd highest amount of fees in the entire 30 club payout – we could not do it. It was, in our opinion, a wretched resolution with wretched consequences but given the circumstances and manner it was presented in, we can totally understand why so many clubs voted for it. Very many had no choice because of the desperate need for finance and openly said so. It is stating the obvious when we say that the pandemic was not the fault of the SPFL Board and leadership, but what happened next most certainly was. To criticise member clubs who they are employed to represent equally and who had the outlined agenda above would again seem to raise serious questions about the agenda of those criticising us. The fact is that while the ICT management, players, staff, and supporters were also going to lose the opportunity to win our way into the Scottish Premiership via the play-offs, being in the semi-final position as we were, this was barely ever mentioned as the consequences for others were so dreadful. Similarly the other play-off positioned clubs in all the other divisions as well as the Highland and Lowland League candidate clubs were all deprived of their shot at glory and a return on their sporting and financial investment. Something we all worked so hard for throughout the season. We understood that if there was no way for anyone to properly go on and win a title or promotion on the pitch during a global pandemic then so be it. We believed that would be looked at favourably and reasonably addressed via reconstruction talks and as we are in extraordinary times, perhaps the extreme financial damage and the lack of sporting integrity this resolution was creating would have been taken into consideration. We now know that a number of Premiership clubs have put an end to that opportunity and that was their prerogative although this decision will now cost Hearts, Thistle and Stranraer huge additional financial damage. We find these forced demotions abhorrent and utterly beyond our Board’s belief in fairness and sporting integrity. Our heart goes out to each of the wrongly expelled clubs and their fans but especially to those who in the coming days and weeks will lose their jobs and livelihoods because of this. They are fellow SPFL members and colleagues of all of us who work in the game. This did not need to happen and they have been let down badly. Tuesday will bring forward the next stage of this process when all 42 clubs will vote again, this time on a straight forward resolution re an independent investigation with perhaps the last opportunity to discover how and why things went so badly wrong from the beginning and who was responsible but please be assured that ICTFC will move forward regardless of how that vote goes. One thing is certain, with regards to the governance and leadership of the SPFL, we all deserve better. Club Update As previously stated, at Caledonian Stadium the club has a small team of staff which has not been furloughed as we have continued to work on plans for our future and for what happens once we have a little more certainty in the football world and in the real world outside of it. We have held virtual Board Meetings to keep the Directors up to speed and to take their council as we face the challenges the rest of the football world faces. Many fans have asked us about Season Ticket sales for next season and in all honesty, we did not want to go out to the support with these until we had more certainty re which division we would be in and more importantly having at least a steer on when we may start playing football again. We now have certainty in one area re our participation in the Championship but less so on the restart of the new season. That said, having listened to the fans and their huge desire to help the club, we will fast forward our Season Ticket options and get the information out to you in the next week or so. We will also have exciting news to announce this month re a new technical partner and this will have a huge impact on our retail offering both in-store at Caley Stadium and online. We will also go live next week with a number of opportunities for fans to make a financial difference to the club by making a purchase of some fantastic but strictly Limited Edition items and we will also be able to announce some interesting news re our ICT25 Memberships. We will also be launching our Player of the Year vote online this coming week when fans can vote for their favourites. Through no fault of our own we have lost our summer concerts this year but we are already in talks re some exciting new gigs at Caley Stadium in the summer of next year and we are at contract stage with two new commercial partners so there is still a lot to be positive about. Towards the end of our Board meeting last week, one of our Directors commented if it was fair to say that the club, as a business was still in survival mode and we all agreed that we most certainly are. The Govt furlough scheme which has been such a Godsend for all businesses is due to end in June and with no end in sight for the lockdown, we continue to try and navigate the club through unchartered waters. The chaos and uncertainty created by our own League since the start of April has not helped any Scottish club but we believe that if our hard work and the plans we have come to fruition, then our future can be secured but it would be a lie to say that anything is guaranteed. We will need your backing like never before but our final thought is for the safety of you and your families, loved ones and colleagues. Please stay safe, stay strong and thank you for all of your generosity and support so far. It will not be forgotten. We know you will continue to support the club even in times of hardship for all of us because it is what you do in the spirit of TogetherNess Scot Gardiner Ross Morrison CEO Chairman
  14. That statement did not miss and hit the wall !!! Read it in full folks !! The chairman and CEO continue to speak eloquently about this farcical and corrupt debacle that makes Scottish football even more of a laughing stock than it was before and that - to be frank - is saying something ! A few folk slagging off 'Rangers' or 'The Rangers' (call them what you want, not going to get into that argument). However, what is clear from this statement is that the power brokers had an agenda to reach a certain end point, and based on that letter, the team from Govan are right to say that when that didnt happen they bullied their way through things, changed the rules, and, worse still, made things up to manipulate things to get the result they wanted. They continue to bully clubs and denigrate individuals and each and every one of them from doncaster down need to resign NOW. There is no better time to put (radical) change into motion than now. The SFA/SPFL should support all its members and right now this nonsense will unfairly penalise Hearts, Partick, Stranraer as well as Kelty and Brora. In fact, the only club to really benefit from all this is Brechin and I am sure this is just a happy coincidence for them. The teams awarded each division would likely have won it anyway but there was plenty to play for in the relegation stakes and to a lesser extent the playoffs. 14-14-14 or 14-14-16 or 14-10-10-10 or some re-org that allows us to not penalise the clubs currently being expelled from their divisions whilst also not adversely affecting others like Brora or Kelty who have earned their right to league play would be the sensible solution.
  15. Like those kits. looking good. Puma looks best imho. Cant see it happening, but Adidas - who have a league wide shirt deal in MLS - also have a nice kit with FC Cincinatti. The red is actually orange on their kit but its not a leap to see it as red ....
  16. We also have Shane Sutherland on a PCA.
  17. indeed ...... Its the same over here .... all we get in the news is the guy down south spouting nonsense whereas in the North, our leaders are surprisingly eloquent and pragmatic. I still say they were late to the party in the first place but they are there now and that's what matters. The big thing is that it seems they are all working together, along with health officials and experts to try and crush this. Our city mayor has stayed largely quiet and let the province and federal leaders do most of the speaking. Prior to the coronavirus the (Conservative) leader of Ontario (Doug Ford) was regarded by most as a complete idiot with daily comparisons calling him 'Donald Trump north'. He is the older brother of the infamous 'crack smoking mayor of Toronto' (Rob Ford) and was prone to make rash statements, bold claims, and to put measures in place that he had to walk back just a few days later when the s*** hit the fan or he was advised how impossible or stupid they were. However, during this crisis he has been rock-solid, collaborative, and dare I say it quite eloquent and down to earth. When Trump stopped the 3M company from sending masks to Canada he ripped him a new one and basically told him that repercussions would be coming (Canada provides the raw materials for these masks in the first place) if he was so insular and DT backed down. He has backed measures to help those furloughed, and he has come across as sensibl while his former friend to the south just sounds batshit crazy !! Hopefully that level of statesmanship will continue after the crisis and he does not go back to old ways.
  18. Personally - in my unqualified opinion - it depends on how it is handled in each country. The more stringent the controls, and the earlier they are imposed the quicker it seems to dissipate and with a lower curve and potentially the quicker things can get back to whatever becomes the new normal - at least that's my hope. I cite New Zealand as a good example and the USA as an example of what happens when those at the very top make sure its not taken seriously. My personal experience .... We travelled before the pandemic was declared when cases in North America and Africa were very low. We went from Toronto to New York then to Seychelles via Nairobi Kenya. We agonised over going/cancelling/turning back right up to the point where we got on the plane for the longest leg of our journey from New York to Nairobi. We decided to continue because we were part of a group of 5 and had all our 'equipment' with us (masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes etc) allowing us to sanitise surfaces as best as we could, and because, at the time, Kenya and Seychelles had a total of 1 and 0 cases respectively. I'll skip the holiday part other than to say it was great, although we did have a few COVID related changes to our itinerary on the way back, but what shocked me was the level of screening on the journey from the so-called developed nations. I kind of understand the lack of screening on the outward journey as all 5 airports we used (Toronto YYZ, New York LGA and JFK, Nairobi NBO and Seychelles SEZ) had little or no cases. However, arriving in Nairobi, with only 1 case in the entire country at that point, and within 50 feet of the airplane ramp we were screened using thermal imaging cameras and also a thermometer 'gun' pointed at us while you were standing on the spot required for the thermal imaging. The same applied on arrival in Seychelles where health officials boarded the plane to check you first then you got off and went through the same thermal imaging process before being allowed to enter the country. On the return journey (when things had gone somewhat exponential in both North America and Europe) we had the same temperature and thermal imaging checks leaving Seychelles and entering Kenya but nothing at all in New York at JFK, LGA or on arrival back in Toronto. NOTHING . We were handed a leaflet in Toronto saying we should consider isolating ourselves for 14 days (which we were going to do anyway) but that was it ..... Its got more stringent now with border closures, mandatory quarantine for returning travellers and lockdowns but to me it was like closing the door after the horse has bolted. I have kept an eye on all these places since our return .... Seychelles has had a total of 11 cases, none fatal. 6 have now recovered and tested negative multiple times and 5 remain in hospital/quarantine but none in ICU. All but one were incoming travellers who were identified and isolated at the airport and sent to the quarantine hospital they established on a specific (normally uninhabited) island. The other case was a baggage handler at the international airport which prompted them to close down the airport that day until the end of April. They had already banned all cruise ships and yachts from entering territorial waters or berthing in the Seychelles. A couple of weeks ago they said everything but supermarkets had to close and last week they stopped all supermarkets from opening after 6 and now all cars have to be off the road by 7 until 6am next day. With the exception of the baggage handler who presumably acquired it from someones luggage there has been no community spread. On our last day on the islands, our trip back to Nairobi was delayed by 14 hours (original flight cancelled and we were put on the next one which was consolidating the two flights) ... the airline put us up overnight in a resort hotel. We were screened on our way into the hotel as well by the same contactless thermometer gun. Kenya had 1 case when we arrived and now has 303 total as of 2 hours ago. A total of 14 fatalities only one of which was a foreign national and 83 recoveries out of the 303. When we were in Seychelles, Kenya banned all foreign nationals from entering the country. You could transit through the airport (as we did) but you could not come in. They were vigourously screening at the airport as I mentioned above and have pretty stringent quarantine and lockdown measures in place including curfews and quarantine centres for those who may have been exposed. They have just said they will not relax these measures for the holy month of Ramadan which is a pretty big statement to make. USA had less than 400 cases in the entire country when we left (less than 100 in New York) but on the day we came back they announced 10400 for the country and 5700 new cases in New York alone ! New York City (not State) now has around 140,000 cases and 10,600 deaths. The USA has 827,000 cases and more than 45,500 deaths. This is a country that is still complaining about lockdown, protesting (in groups) to lift the social distancing rules, had no screening at the airports until recently, and has an executive branch that quotes Fox News for its miracle drug that has not been tested or proven effective in any way. Canada now has 38,422 cases with 1834 deaths and 13,188 recoveries. In Ontario there are 12,145 cases, 659 deaths and 6221 recovered. In Toronto the city website says we have 3820 cases, 190 deaths and 223 recovered. Extensive lockdown procedures are in place and have been since we returned but some measures were slow to start in my opinion. We are now seeing a flattening of the curve since more stringent measures were put in place but we were behind the pace in my opinion. Our city government, Tory provincial government and Liberal federal government have been pretty much in sync through this all and despite being slow to start the collaboration at all levels (especially compared to our neighbours to the South) seems to be helping a lot. Stay Safe, Stay Socially Distanced, and Stay Alive folks ... and a specially big thank you to all our members here who work in essential services .... that is aimed not only at nurses, doctors or other first responders who are putting their lives on the line every day but also to those unsung essential workers who are still working in supermarkets, as posties, as carers, delivering the stuff ordered online, or any other number of roles that could put them in more danger. True heroes all.
  19. Got a bunch of photos from back in the day of a lot of the characters from this site. must go through and post them. ... but once upon a time I took my ICT scarf on holiday and it saw some strange and exciting places ... Camp Nou, Bernabeu, and the Sahara Desert in Morocco.
  20. Coronavirus is - quite rightly - a serious and depressing story with no lack of sadness, fear, tragedy and stupidity in the media and in real life. However I thought to start a thread where we could perhaps share some of the inspirational, lighthearted, or positive moments that have come from this adversity. There can be no better place to start than this guy .... "Sir" Thomas Moore, he hits 100 on April 30th ... someone give him his knighthood on that day please! It will likely be one of the few times HRH would be able to give a gong to someone older than her and he deserves it way more than some celebrity. £18.5m raised so far on his just giving page ( . biggest amount ever raised by a single fundraiser ever on that site. wow. just wow.
  21. have a smilie face for your trouble 😃
  22. may also be a few folk who have suggestions or questions about features of the site they dont know about .... like our stats pages too - that are now pretty well up to date - for example ! or ideas for features we dont do ... its healthy to have a discussion like this from time to time and to hear what works or doesn't work for the site users ... @CaleyTennis - I also would not base your decision on this small-ish sample of users. We definitely do not represent the entire ICT supporter base even if we would like to. There are people who dont come here for various different reasons in the same way as there are people who dont do Twitter, Facebook, IG etc. I learned a long time ago to stop trying to please everyone and to not take it personally if someone said they didn't come here for a particular reason.
  23. cue the lawsuits that name both the SPFL and Dundee FC as defendants if Hearts, Partick or any other team is relegated now.
  24. We have our own page : where all our articles and stories from here are promoted, and a few years ago we also toyed with the idea of a group instead of this site (went as far as creating a test group - ... but decided as a lot of our users were not on that platform and it did not give us the structure or the content that we have had for the last 26 years that we would just continue as is .... Is there something specific that Facebook groups offer that we do not on CTO which you would like to see? I tend to find most FB groups (and forums for that matter) run for a few months/years until the admin(s) lose interest then it just stops and slowly decays .... This forum is lucky in that we have a critical mass of users who literally keep it ticking over whether I or other admins are actively posting or not. Always happy to hear new ideas for features or to point users to features they may not be aware we already have --- like blogs, clubs/groups, downloads, photo galleries etc etc etc .....