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  1. I was just about to add my twopennyworth, to the red card fiasco, but Izzy, you have taken the words out of my mouth. Well said! Our boys seem to triumph in adversity, and so use this lads to give you the strength to battle out a win on Friday. We'll be right behind you - We believe.
  2. Totally agree. Still we got our own back on Tuesday's time wasting goalie towards the end of last nights game. Haha.
  3. I wonder if the club would consider having a Pay What You Can game next Friday. It would be great to fill the stadium and tempt in some new fans for next season in the top flight (fingers crossed). I have noticed a lot of new faces, especially young ones, attending the play off games and it would be great to keep building the momentum. In the current economic climate, it would be a nice gesture to those who are struggling financially, and these initiatives can have a funny way of actually being financially beneficial to the club. Let's create an atmosphere.
  4. Well Done to the players, management, travelling fans and everyone connected to the club last night. I too, felt I was back in 2014 as the number of players on the pitch kept reducing, but it made the victory all the sweeter. Keep on Believing!
  5. And the women's team too , an important part of the ICT family.
  6. I love it! Maybe I'm just a glass half full, happy clappy type, but it's a wee bit different and I love the personalisation of the song (and my eyesight is not good enough to have spotted the error yet). You are never going to please all the people, so here's hoping it brings with it good fortune for the team next season, then it will be job done. (If they do manage to alter the text, perhaps the prototypes will become much sought after collectors items, and we'll all want one). C'mon Boys, let's see if we can be sporting it in the top tier next season.
  7. A bit off topic -sorry- but it is the Government's Track and Trace system which decides which individual pupils/ classes/ whole schools are told to self isolate, according to their figures about how the virus is spreading. Individual schools are just following orders.
  8. I know it is a big ask, but I've just been thinking about our first time moving up to the top flight and how ICT seemed to come out of nowhere in the last few games to claim the prize. I'll never forget the pitch invasion while we waited for the helicopter to continue its journey to Inverness. The teams above us will be getting nervy now and the boys have nothing to lose by throwing everything at it. C'mon ICT - you can do it.
  9. The Ukrainian flag was the first thing I noticed on arrival at the stadium on Saturday. It made me feel proud of the supporters involved and of the club for their support. I don't think a flag exists that is too big to show, in support of those from Ukraine. It may be that as a result of all these small gestures of support, that the people of Ukraine will find the strength to carry on. I had wondered if there would have been a collection at the gates for those in need as a result of the situation. I would be happy to be involved if there was one at a home game.
  10. Well done and thanks to all the boys for a great afternoons entertainment. More of the same please in the coming weeks. After our last home game against Arbroath, it was particularly satisfying to watch the lack of time wasting from their goalie and others yesterday, compared with last time. I'm proud to say that our boys did not resort to the same shoddy tactics, but kept pressing forward for more goals. Onward and upwards now.
  11. Me too. Well said by all those at RR who have spoken out.
  12. All the more reason to stay TOP. Anything could happen to the remainder of the season now, and if they decide to promote/relegate on current results at anytime, then we want to be in pole position at all times.
  13. For this same reason, but the opposite if that makes sense, I always think there is a slight advantage to having your own goalie wearing a grass green strip, so that the opposition are not so aware of where they are. Avoid the fluorescent strips Ridgers, at all costs!
  14. Fantastic game. I must admit that when it was pouring down at 7pm I was thinking twice about attending, but I'm so glad I did. That is the kind of game that fans pay their season ticket for. The atmosphere was great and although it took a while, the boys just kept plugging away until they got the goal, showing some talented footwork along the way. A special mention for those fans in the new 'noisy' stand - the rain failed to dampen their enthusiasm and it was great to see the team cheering them at the end too. Finally the pink strip looks surprisingly amazing under the floodlights.
  15. Covid booster appointments for us mid game this afternoon, so we won't make it either, but best of luck to the boys.
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