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  1. Well, that's it all but over, in this strangest of seasons (unless the Challenge Cup is a goer), and it hasn't lacked excitement over the last few weeks. Disappointed, but definitely glad that we are not fighting relegation. I've really enjoyed the games recently and feel proud of the team. On the plus side, who needs the biased refereeing, top six cut off and Ugly sisters in the SPL - looking forward to next season - maybe we'll even get to see a live game later this year!
  2. Just the thought of going to see a LIVE game again gives me goosebumps - personally I'd love to see the Caley Pinks in action. Roll on the new normal!
  3. It's not over till it's over and we know our boys will give it their best shot. So keep looking upwards lads and fly high (flamingos) on Saturday - nerves will play a part for all those in the play off mix, so anything could happen. We are titanium. C'mon Caley!
  4. What they don't seem to get up in Dingwall is, that when our ex players defect to the dark side, they can never quite shake off their ICT past and find it impossible to fully commit to a side that, deep down they do not rate. Once you find your niche in Inverness, no other club (but especially County), will quite do! And this theory works for managers too.
  5. Devine has been mentioned by one or two on this thread. I've always rated him as just the type of consistent, hard working player that we love here. I really felt for him when he fell out of favour in his last spell at the club and was delighted that he came back.
  6. The joy was even sweeter because we know what it feels like to watch our team play the John Hughes defensive style of play, and how depressing it is. Our Caley Pinks (sounds a bit like a variety of potato), were the complete opposite flying freely down the pitch like a flock of flamingos.
  7. Ross County 1 - Inverness Caledonian Thistle 3. It might not be in the league and it might not be quite 5-0, but this will do me just fine. C'mon Caley!
  8. Our tickets haven't arrived yet - good job we didn't need them! C'mon Caley
  9. What a lovely way to pay tribute to someone who gave so much of his time to the club.
  10. I have my doubts that we will see a live game at all this season - we missed out on the draws that took place, but I would follow the rules and stay home for another year if it would get the virus under control.
  11. Very sad. Ian was obviously a great servant to the club over many years. I hope that in time, it will be a comfort to his family that he saw his second book published and received life membership of the club, just before he became ill. We will treasure our signed copy of the book. R.I.P. Ian.
  12. We've been season ticket holders for 15 years and have not yet had any success in the draws. We live locally and it makes me mad to hear about some of the allocation not being taken up when we can't get a ticket. Am I right in thinking that people who have been drawn out already are not being removed from the draws until we have all had a chance to see a game - have the club forgotten that we have all paid a lot of money for season tickets to show our support for the club, despite there being a great deal of uncertainty about whether the games would even take place, when we bought them? I woul
  13. Unlucky again for us, I know it's a bit of a faff, but I would be very grateful if the club also sent an email to those who have been unsuccessful (unless they are offered a return at a later date). It would just put our mind at rest that we are in the draw. I don't grudge my season ticket cost at all and am happy to support the club, but I think they could arrange this for season ticket holders. Rant over!
  14. Probably, and not because of consideration of the driving conditions for ICT, decisions will no doubt be based on pitch conditions only. (there is also a high probability that the game will be postponed AFTER the team have travelled down.) Hope not. Stay safe ICT.
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