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  1. It's funny because for someone who claims to be so happy, you sound bitter, twisted and rather an angry person to me.
  2. Me too, and this could just be the difference between us scoring one goal, or two or three. It makes me furious that players (especially 'big club' ones) get away with this.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed that moment - I'm not usually one to condone violence, and I was a bit worried that the ICT fan would end up getting arrested, but the steward dealt with it well in the end. I shook the man who shoved him's hand when he sat back down.
  4. Just up, but heading for the Football Special train shortly. It's all there to play for - can't wait. Go Caley Thistle - you are titanium, ballistic, cup upsetters. BUZZING
  5. Yay - I made the right purchase ....... the Bucket Hat is a sell out. Can't wait to wear mine tomorrow.
  6. Just watching the build up on the news, and seeing the cup it reminded me about when our boys managed to knock the wee manny off the top, somewhere in the celebrations - did that really happen or have I made it up? They can do it all again tomorrow when they bring the cup home to Inverness. Looking forward to a great day out. And a great after party. I know you will do us proud boys - get out there and enjoy your day.
  7. The P&J has given a lot of coverage about ICT in the final of late, including a 16 page pull-out today. Lots of singing and chants from the pupils at Dalneigh this week, and this years must have fashion item was spotted there too today - the bucket hat! No sign of the team there yet.
  8. I saw this too. We should register our disgust to the One Show for not even giving us a name check and maybe tomorrow night ICT could be the guests, or maybe one of our cup songs could be played.........ok I've woken up from that dream, but maybe they would at least confirm our existence.
  9. At £980 now . Well Done!
  10. I can't believe I said that - the excitement is definitely building now. Somewhere in my memory, I seem to remember a wee book of songs/chants being drawn up before the 2015 final. I decided to put pen to paper and wrote a few lines about this year's game set to the tune of The Everly Brothers 'Let it be me'. INVERNESIAN’S LAMENT Inverness Caley Jaggies, We’ll have to pack our baggies The late night Final calls us, Let it be THREE (then shout out PM) TV companies don’t rate us,. They think the viewers hate us, The SFA ignore us, Let it be THREE (PM). Don’t take this Heaven from us, The Cup is waiting for us, The English Cup’s gazumped us, Let it be THREE (PM). Inverness Caley Thistle, Will play 'til final whistle, Then we’ll take the Cup with us, Let it be THREE(PM). Apologies - I just couldn't resist
  11. Perfect! This type of attitude is just the thing to fire our boys up for a win. Go Caley Thistle.
  12. How true. And sadly this can transfer to all aspects of life. I see so many youngsters who do not see the point in sticking with anything when the going gets tough. However I do see lots of ICT strips on children in Dalneigh.
  13. Glad to see the train special. Lots of people have already made travel arrangements, but if you haven't I'm sure there will be a good party atmosphere on the train. Yes, it is expensive, but it probably isn't easy to reorganise where trains will be at any given time, and the fare is right to Mount Florida. Child fares are available too, which might make it an option for families. Thanks Scotrail.
  14. NOBODY puts Caley (Thistle) in the corner - except that they do. Can't say I'm surprised really.
  15. Well said - I will use your positivity and wise words to become more enthusiastic - maybe it is because it is still a while till the game that I am not quite in the zone yet.
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