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  1. Fantastic well deserved result, despite all the cheating by scumdee utd and the dodgy ref. - good that it was there on tv for all to see for once.Tears in my eyes when Doran scored. Well done boys - you were outstanding one and all. As always the travelling fans were fantastic too - you could be heard loud and clear singing and cheering the team on in the lead up to Doran's extra time goal.
  2. I have finally found my password for the site and want to wish you all the best Scotty. I've never met you but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2015 , I found that I spent lots of time on CaleythistleOnline during my treatment and recovery and came into contact with lots of lovely supportive people (special mention to Scarlet Pimple). I have just been for my annual check up and that went well. I don't imagine that anyone is quite as relaxed again about their health after a cancer diagnosis, but it certainly makes you appreciate what you've got and enjoy life. I hope your treatment is going well.
  3. 3 points are 3 points and after all the draws I for one am delighted. Onwards and upwards boys. Well done.
  4. Going back to the initial suggestion, wouldn't it be fun to show a spot of Highland hospitality (the Highlands are ours after all) and fill the Connah's Quay end at this match. We could help to provide them with a record breaking crowd for their game and prevent County fans from taking over at our gaff. We could wear their colours and enjoy the carnival atmosphere of cup final day without any of the stress. Andy Morrison speaks fondly of Inverness on the Nomad's website, but is also disappointed that the game is so far from home for his team's fans. Let's make him proud to come from here by supporting his team when they visit us.
  5. C'mon Caley Jags. C'mon Dumbarton. Best of luck to both on Saturday.
  6. So proud of my team and the entertainment they have given us lately. Gutted for the lads. I'm not sure that I've ever walked up the road in such quiet before -everyone was so subdued. I'm not sure that Dumbarton will want to do any favours for us, but it would be fantastic if they did. Till then I'll choose to keep on believing.
  7. Good luck boys - you can do it - believe.
  8. I have a season ticket for home games, but I hardly ever go to away games - the time and money commitment is more than I could manage. However I often think about how impressive the level of commitment from fans who travel to all the away games is, especially on the coldest of winter days or when away matches are cancelled at short notice. Well done and thanks to those of you who fly the flag for Caley Thistle at games around the country throughout the season.
  9. Ah, I fondly remember singing the chant 'Walking in a Wyness Wonderland'. Thanks for the happy memories and good luck Dennis.
  10. Well done boys. The pressure is all on the teams above us now - they must be dreading playing you. Keep on doing what you are doing and have fun. Proud to be a Caley Thistle fan. Hope Gary is ok.
  11. Couldn't have put it better, old caley girl. I must admit there was a fair bit of cursing and swearing going on in our corner of the North Stand at some of our team throughout the game, but while we were moaning about opportunities missed, the 'singing section' in the bottom right hand corner of the North Stand managed to crank up the volume every time one of the boys made a bit of a hash of something and this must have been invaluable when it came to keeping the team's spirits up - as always, very well done to the singing section. It feels so good to smile again. Congratulations ICT.
  12. I have worked in several Inverness schools over the years and have seen coaching sessions from both ICT and Ross County being run for children from nursery to primary seven. The younger age groups just seem to enjoy the football and the older ones have usually already made their minds up about who they support. I don't think a few weeks of coaching is going to be a big influence to be honest. I know the rivalry with County can get pretty intense for fans, but I do not think it is healthy to encourage hatred in children against others just because of their team. If anything a mix of teams providing coaching helps children to see that it is a game, not a matter of life or death and that just because someone has a different opinion from you it does not make them a horrible person. I think it's great that with finances the way they are, local children are still getting coaching sessions.
  13. I was at the game today and I just can't believe the way that Richie Foran just spoke about the game on the radio. He sounded like he is feeling very sorry for himself and I think someone needs to give him a good kick up the backside before he drags the whole team into the same state. I thought the game today was fast and furious and would also have been entertaining had it not been for the blatantly biased decisions from the referee and the general cheatery from several of the Aberdire players - Considine was one of several holding and pulling down players and getting away with it (just like he did to Foran in the League Cup Final denying us a winning goal then) and Maddison must be related to the ref I think, as he made an afternoon of conning him. As a spectator this is something that makes me feel like not renewing my season ticket as it is so disheartening that no matter what our boys do, the cheaters seem to be allowed to run rings around them. But then I remember that the Caley Thistle team must feel just as demoralised by decisions from officials and the cheating, and I am so proud of my team that they always come back fighting. I thought you were great today boys and I felt proud to be an ICT fan, which is more than I would have felt if I supported Aberdire.