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  1. I was working from home this morning when an email pinged in from the club about the statues so I went on immediate shopping trip (despite also wondering how big the statues were). I got the last one and was very relieved that it is only small (the size of the ones that the public could buy to paint themselves). It is beautifully hand painted with lots of detail and despite the price, I think it is a very collectable item. I'm just glad that it wasn't the same size as the one outside the stadium.
  2. Richard, please keep talking and sharing your grief with others. Your friend would not want you to feel guilt. It's so sad.
  3. Yeah, great news! I'm still tempted to wear my big red (card) T shirt to the final with JUSTICE FOR JAMES, RED CARD FOR THE SFA printed on it, just to shame the SFA a little more. This situation should never have gone so far. Enjoy your day James and bring home some silver wear please.
  4. Apologies if someone has already suggested this but if Keatings does not get to play couldn't we all take big (like the size of cards we were given for the Scottish cup) red cards stating "show SFA the red card - Justice for Keatings" to the final. Name them and shame them. I'd be happy to chip in towards the costs.
  5. Well done to the whole team, despite some dodgy decisions from the ref. This is where it really starts to get exciting - roll on the quarter finals.
  6. A trip to the club shop this evening could be worthwhile for anyone wanting to pick up Christmas pressies and stocking fillers. The team will be there too I think to sign calendars. I had a look online and there are some nice bits and bobs.
  7. RC fans were spread throughout all three stands and this probably contributed to the poor atmosphere, apart from in the Welsh section??
  8. I've just spent the afternoon down at the stadium at the Irn Bru cup final. I bought a ticket for the Nomads section and met some lovely people and cheered the team on throughout the game. The fans put the County ones to shame with their singing (although they were quick to admit that they had a limited amount of songs) and they sang Caley thistle chants as well, just to wind up County. For a while Connah Quay were 1-0 up which I don't think they had really expected, but the fans continued to cheer the team on even after RC's goals and also at the end of the game. I would have loved for the Welsh side to win, and to those who wanted county to win just because they are Scottish, I say that if you are allowed to compete then you are of course perfectly within your rights to win if you are able. I also think it is no-ones business but mine to suggest who I should support or what I should spend my hard earned money on, as one or two have tried to do earlier in this thread. I have everything I need interms of ICT merchandise and for those carefree souls who can do exactly as they please every weekend, not all of us are able to go to away games for various reasons such as other commitments, work, family or health issues. I had a great time, made some new friends and now have a team in Wales to keep an eye on. Well done to the Nomads from Connahs Quay, both the team and the fans - for a wee club that only has about 200 fans at home games, they have done themselves proud and have at least one new fan.
  9. Forget Dunfermline (hopefully), next stop leap frogging Ayr.
  10. According to R C website, they will be on sale tomorrow from mid-day until kick off. Come on Connahs Quay.
  11. Fantastic well deserved result, despite all the cheating by scumdee utd and the dodgy ref. - good that it was there on tv for all to see for once.Tears in my eyes when Doran scored. Well done boys - you were outstanding one and all. As always the travelling fans were fantastic too - you could be heard loud and clear singing and cheering the team on in the lead up to Doran's extra time goal.
  12. I have finally found my password for the site and want to wish you all the best Scotty. I've never met you but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2015 , I found that I spent lots of time on CaleythistleOnline during my treatment and recovery and came into contact with lots of lovely supportive people (special mention to Scarlet Pimple). I have just been for my annual check up and that went well. I don't imagine that anyone is quite as relaxed again about their health after a cancer diagnosis, but it certainly makes you appreciate what you've got and enjoy life. I hope your treatment is going well.
  13. 3 points are 3 points and after all the draws I for one am delighted. Onwards and upwards boys. Well done.
  14. Going back to the initial suggestion, wouldn't it be fun to show a spot of Highland hospitality (the Highlands are ours after all) and fill the Connah's Quay end at this match. We could help to provide them with a record breaking crowd for their game and prevent County fans from taking over at our gaff. We could wear their colours and enjoy the carnival atmosphere of cup final day without any of the stress. Andy Morrison speaks fondly of Inverness on the Nomad's website, but is also disappointed that the game is so far from home for his team's fans. Let's make him proud to come from here by supporting his team when they visit us.