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  1. What a lovely way to pay tribute to someone who gave so much of his time to the club.
  2. I have my doubts that we will see a live game at all this season - we missed out on the draws that took place, but I would follow the rules and stay home for another year if it would get the virus under control.
  3. Very sad. Ian was obviously a great servant to the club over many years. I hope that in time, it will be a comfort to his family that he saw his second book published and received life membership of the club, just before he became ill. We will treasure our signed copy of the book. R.I.P. Ian.
  4. We've been season ticket holders for 15 years and have not yet had any success in the draws. We live locally and it makes me mad to hear about some of the allocation not being taken up when we can't get a ticket. Am I right in thinking that people who have been drawn out already are not being removed from the draws until we have all had a chance to see a game - have the club forgotten that we have all paid a lot of money for season tickets to show our support for the club, despite there being a great deal of uncertainty about whether the games would even take place, when we bought them? I woul
  5. Unlucky again for us, I know it's a bit of a faff, but I would be very grateful if the club also sent an email to those who have been unsuccessful (unless they are offered a return at a later date). It would just put our mind at rest that we are in the draw. I don't grudge my season ticket cost at all and am happy to support the club, but I think they could arrange this for season ticket holders. Rant over!
  6. Probably, and not because of consideration of the driving conditions for ICT, decisions will no doubt be based on pitch conditions only. (there is also a high probability that the game will be postponed AFTER the team have travelled down.) Hope not. Stay safe ICT.
  7. Years ago the club had a similar promotion (personalised tiles in the tunnel), and I bought one for a gift for my partner. Part of the deal was that he would be invited along to see the tile once it was in place. We never heard anymore about the visit and I occasionally wonder if the tile was ever put up and if it is still there - I can't even remember what the quote was on it.
  8. Congratulations - he's beautiful. Our new little grandson Max is sporting a strip too, but as he is in Portsmouth it may be a while before he gets to a game.
  9. I think this would be an excellent idea as it would clarify who was included in the draw. I am gutted to miss out - I hope the first game back is a real celebration - especially after 90 mins.
  10. Not strictly talking about the strip, but more about the merchandise. I am very impressed with the buffs that are on sale just now. We can all use a buff in these 'unprecedented times', in place of a face mask (and much more comfortable too). There are several designs and I can imagine some fans investing in the whole set. A great way to show your support.We are all quick to have a go, but I think these will be a great seller this season - if it ever starts.
  11. I was working from home this morning when an email pinged in from the club about the statues so I went on immediate shopping trip (despite also wondering how big the statues were). I got the last one and was very relieved that it is only small (the size of the ones that the public could buy to paint themselves). It is beautifully hand painted with lots of detail and despite the price, I think it is a very collectable item. I'm just glad that it wasn't the same size as the one outside the stadium.
  12. Richard, please keep talking and sharing your grief with others. Your friend would not want you to feel guilt. It's so sad.
  13. Yeah, great news! I'm still tempted to wear my big red (card) T shirt to the final with JUSTICE FOR JAMES, RED CARD FOR THE SFA printed on it, just to shame the SFA a little more. This situation should never have gone so far. Enjoy your day James and bring home some silver wear please.
  14. Apologies if someone has already suggested this but if Keatings does not get to play couldn't we all take big (like the size of cards we were given for the Scottish cup) red cards stating "show SFA the red card - Justice for Keatings" to the final. Name them and shame them. I'd be happy to chip in towards the costs.
  15. Well done to the whole team, despite some dodgy decisions from the ref. This is where it really starts to get exciting - roll on the quarter finals.
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