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  1. I wish I had stayed home like Kingsmills now (and I admire your dedication for travelling 200 miles for any game). Arbroath were first to every ball and passed well until they got the goal and then they completely ruined any chance of a decent game with fake injuries and a goalie who insisted on collecting the ball from the furthest place possible when it went out of play. Very poor sportsmanship. The ref. was either completely hoodwinked by them or he comes from Arbroath. There should have been about half an hour of extra time for all their fannying about. We were poor, but Arbroath are
  2. That conjures up a cosy scene, but we will brave it, in the hope that IBM is correct in his assumption that all will be fine at the back of the North stand. Better go and look out the winter woolies - brrr. The boys won't hear you cheering them on from the sofa.
  3. It's one game - no need to push the panic button - the boys just need to dust themselves down and move on. They are top of the league and therefore in pole position for promotion. Go on boys - young, older, experienced or less so, ICT born and bred or otherwise - keep the faith. You have been amazing so far this season and we fans have been loving it. BELIEVE
  4. I think that the club needs to come up with something new by way of something competitive and potentially lucrative for fans and the citizens of Inverness to become involved in. The 50/50 draw didn't seem to be attracting much interest before it was put on hold (and with a £250 top prize it isn't really 50/50 at all). The Centenery Club -does it still exist? - we came out of it years ago when we noticed that the prizes had become less, without informing fans of changes. Surely the club could start up some kind of lottery or such like with an accumulative prize system. If we were able to take
  5. Oops sorry Jack - I forgot that there was already a thread about ICTWFC when I wrote about the game this afternoon. I think I was just in such a happy haze with the score!
  6. What a fantastic result at the stadium this afternoon when ICT women won their first game at the stadium 12 - 2. A sublime afternoon spent watching the game - Congratulations ladies.
  7. Great result - I must admit that I am still a tad disappointed that we dropped 2 points last week (which is ridiculous of me), but it just shows how far we have come from our usual start to the season. So many of us still find it very strange to see Gardyne in an ICT strip, but he certainly proved to any doubters that he isn't just there to make up the numbers. Great goal at just the right time. Keep it up boys - you are all amazing.
  8. Can I get in first with 5 out of 5. long may it continue.
  9. The only slight negative is that football like that deserves more than a couple of thousand home fans. You're right Kingsmills, but today I spotted about half a dozen kids from the primary school I work at, which is more than I've seen since the heady days of the Scottish Cup season. 'From little acorns' and all that. Also a lot of people are still lying low because of Covid worries - or they've actually got it.
  10. Fantastic to be at the stadium today - great game, great atmosphere, great result. Well done boys. I kept thinking that Duku was going to get the goal he deserves because of his great service to others, but it will have to wait for another day. Oh Inverness is wonderful!
  11. I mistakenly read your post as tartan cut offs, and thought that you were planning the Bay City Roller look for your big day. Can't help but all the best for your big day.
  12. It is so easy to get caught up in the comings and goings (and coming back again) of the corona virus situation, so well done to all the team for keeping the joy in our lives in these unsettled times. Great win. Thanks boys.
  13. Loved it when Carson motioned to the North Stand crowd to make some noise......and we did. A fun wee bit of interaction with the fans.
  14. Thanks Lizi - I hadn't noticed that. I hope we do get a few more family season ticket holders - I love to see how the kids change each season (to start with they can be more interested in the snacks on offer, but as they grow they pick up the chat and chants and branch out to sitting with their pals and cheering loudly). We are so lucky to have a big(ish) team on our doorstep.
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