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  1. Jimmy has been an integral part of ICTFC over the last 25 years and has made a huge contribution over the years. I wish him a long and happy retirement.
  2. 🤒 Just ignore me I had a real brain storm there, of course it was at Hampden, how could I forget that glorious day!
  3. Easter Road for me. Let's remember we weren't at Hampden for the last SC semi and we got to the final and also the last semi we played at Easter Road we go to the final, so double luck omen here!
  4. I would be interested in contributing to some sort of funding scheme.
  5. We've played better this season and lost, so I am delighted to get 3 points. The second half was not great but if the team can grind out more one nils when it has to, then we will get into the play-off positions.
  6. A fantastic win and so enjoyable to beat the County. The whole team were a credit to the club and you could see how much it meant to the players at the end. In all the excitement I lost my glasses 😢
  7. A magical historic night I will never forget.
  8. Getting back to IHE's original question, very simply learn to defend and be able to win games one nil. Do this and we will not be far away from the play-offs.
  9. Kind of Blue


    Well this is depressing news. Ambition - not...
  10. I love the optimism, this is what we need...
  11. Fantastic away win, well done guys.
  12. I was at the match and there is no way that EK had 56% possesion, ore like we had 56%. A good professional win today.
  13. Scotty, all the best with the treatment and I wish you a speedy recovery.