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  1. Very sad news, RIP Ken.
  2. Great news indeed. He has been a big loss to the midfield since getting injured.
  3. Swear I can see the ghost of Terry Buthcher looking down from that stand 😉
  4. There doesn't appear to be swings or roundabouts when it comes to Mcmullen, that's two dubious penalty dives and a handball against us in the last two seasons - perhaps we will get some revenge in the play-offs if we get past Ayr.
  5. Mcmullen cheats again and gets away with it 😖
  6. Thanks also ocg, I've booked in here as well.
  7. We are the form team in the top four with 4 wins in the last 6 games, so no reason why we can't go into the run-in with confidence.
  8. Think Donaldson is suspended next week.
  9. A big big win today. Starting to look good for getting into the play-offs.
  10. Me plus 8 will be there, bring it on...
  11. You're right it was Raith and the final score was 4-3.
  12. Foran's injury-time over-head winner against QOS which set up for promotion in 2010.
  13. Mantis, great post and brings back a lot of good memories. I seem to remember we annoyed some of the locals at a Forfar game in the early days.
  14. A great 3 points. We are starting to look like a real team.