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  1. Time for Alan Savage to stop sniping from the background and put some investment in.
  2. A superb win today that stopped an inform Ayr in their tracks and got us closing in on DU. It's great to enjoy this win after all the off the field doom and gloom of the past couple of weeks.
  3. Also remember this game, getting the draw from 3-1 down was a highlight in a poor first season.
  4. Agree with you CaleyD, talk of going into administration is way off the mark from what I've heard.
  5. Yes it's on I-player, I think it was on the BBC Scotland channel.
  6. Last season this type of game would have ended in a draw or defeat so well done the team for getting such a great result. Shows also how important player Welsh is for us - long may he stay fit.
  7. A valuable away point - well done the team.
  8. I remember this game so well and the fantastic celebrations at the end in the Howden End. Airdrie were top of the old 1st division at the time so this was a tremendous result,
  9. Very sad news, RIP Ken.
  10. Great news indeed. He has been a big loss to the midfield since getting injured.
  11. Swear I can see the ghost of Terry Buthcher looking down from that stand 😉
  12. There doesn't appear to be swings or roundabouts when it comes to Mcmullen, that's two dubious penalty dives and a handball against us in the last two seasons - perhaps we will get some revenge in the play-offs if we get past Ayr.
  13. Mcmullen cheats again and gets away with it 😖
  14. Thanks also ocg, I've booked in here as well.