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  1. Which suggests we are in real trouble financially. More so now after the Council decision. Some transparency re what happens now would be welcome
  2. I'm with CT1998 here especially re Carson. His family were all over social media saying that was not the case. He was 'encouraged' to accept Livi offer as wouldn't have been offered a new deal in the summer.
  3. Did think that very odd! Surely being lobbied in a respectful manner is part of being a Cllr.
  4. Can't see how we can afford him now anyway
  5. Gosh that's a morning we will never get back! The standard of debate was awful. Will a list of who voted each way be published?
  6. 8th will also do me fine too at the moment
  7. Agreed. My thoughts exactly..
  8. He's,my Cllr too. Did for for plan at planning though. The other 2 Cllrs in the ward Chris Balance and Emma Knox are signatories to pull this back to full council.
  9. I love Friday night football especially with a win.
  10. The Chairman named the individual he had spoken to at national level fire service. Can't remember title but something similar to being in charge of health and safety. He said the fire service hadn't objected at planning so there was no issue. After planning granted they'd come in and look at exits, hardstandings etc and look at the fire plan and advise. Someone asked if thus was in writing and he alluded this was.
  11. If I was a conspiracy theorist I'd wonder why the Council parking attendants made an appearance yesterday?
  12. That's not the way HC operates though? Someone in that article has done their homework? I certainly wasn't aware that the trust gives money or grants to the football club. Anyone able to shed some light on this?
  13. I think the chairman's slightly aggressive response to Charles Banbermans question probably put people off? Tbh I think folk were respectful and were listening carefully and taking everything in? I think there may be further questions when/if meeting goes against us next week? Mainly how do they get accounts passed whilst we wait on result of ScotGov appeal and how will club be funded to keep going until then? Decent turnout and probably would have been more if more notice
  14. Never thought we'd be in a position like those meetings ever again Charles tbh
  15. I think it could turn into mayhem? Seems very risky
  16. Think folk already have and radio silence so far
  17. Re Carson I've heard that recently but why have his family been suggesting otherwise on social media?
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