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  1. I sat with a Dunfermline fan who had come from Rafford (Nr Forres) and his mate from Inverness who'd only been to 2 games in the past, both against Celtic. They made a night of it with a curry in town and paid a tenner each. So that's +£20 for starters, and 2 very impressed spectators who said they will be back.
  2. If charisma and character has got anything to do with it I'd love to see Holloway. Players seem to like him and Palace never gave him a chance. I think he might even remember where Inverness is - brought QPR up here pre-season in about 2004 - we drew with them 1-1 in a friendly. Somebody else suggested Warnock. Me too. Just can't see the attraction in Levein.
  3. I was on the train and the police decided on an alcohol ban because an additional load of irate Hearts fans would be on it. Talking to Transport Police it appears that a bus was, indeed, stopped and found not to be roadworthy and with no MOT so was put of the road. The driver may have been charged. As it transpired the bus load never made it to the train. According to the HMFCKickback Fans Forum: "had heard a different story when speaking to people after the game PTBCAL, as we saw the police by the minivan when we came out the ground. What I had been told was that the police had b
  4. I drove up from Grantown and got stuck before the Milburn turn off at 2.20 pm. After half an hour of being virtually stationary, a blue light came past at 2.50 and the traffic suddenly started moving. The problem must have dawned on someone eventually, but way too late. It was carnage on the carriageway, full of Hearts fans mostly tanked up abandoning mini buses etc. I finally got in to the game 20 minutes late - a complete joke. Someone today told me about someone else who was going to get a ticket on the day and gave up. Hardly the way we're going to build better attendances.
  5. What was on offer on the pitch was enough to remind anyone to go for a dump, let alone Butcher.
  6. An over achiever at work seemingly. Well you learn something new every day.....
  7. I wanted to share the thoughts of a neutral. My impression of the game too. Heavy Whalley, who's from Ayr lives in Burghead is a legend of Scottish Mountain Rescue. Apart from not being to tell his Derek Adams from his elbow he makes some encouraging comments on the future for football in the Highlands. His daily blog is superb and well worth following. http://heavywhalley.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/observatory-ridge-27-years-on-the-highland-derby-great-afternoon-in-dingwall-much-safer-for-an-old-guy/
  8. Accidentally came across this. So it's true then. And I thought travelling was an offence in basketball
  9. Just phoned County ticket office 01349 860860 for a seat. No longer available on line. Still a few left but only on the front 3 rows as those are the only ones we sent back apparently. Completely agree that the train times are sh**e..
  10. Thanks for the explanation CaleyD. I'll pass the info on. Personally I think it's overkill, especially if tickets can be got through unofficial means anyway. It doesn't achieve a right lot (except depriving ICT of £20). Like you I'm no pie expert, but our local butcher sells cold pies no bother. Mindst you the queues aren't so long there.
  11. Can somebody in the know explain this one for me? In the pub last night a friend (a Dunfermline fan who comes to a few Caley games with me) told me about his experience at the Celtic match. Having come all the way from Forres and pitching up at the gate he was told there was no cash entry. So he went to the ticket office only to be told that the police wouldn't allow the club to seel any tickets less than one hour before kick off. On his way back in to town, assuming the game was sold out, he saw a tout selling tickets and got one for the Celtic end for £25 and got in 15 mins after
  12. Note to self. Avoid bookmakers premises at all costs.
  13. Don't often get vibes pre-match but when I do they are normally right. Today is one of those rare days. Certain of an ICT win today and I'd go along with Doofer; we owe someone a do-ing. At least of I'm wrong it will save me some wasted trips to the bookies in future.
  14. Tomorrow's impending bloodbath FA Cup tie in Bedfordshire brought to mind one of the greatest (in my opinion anyway) football-related lyrics of all time. Hardly a tune to whistle while you work but some unforgettable lines including............. Singing Sealed Knot Society, let’s see you try and do this one: Luton Town – Millwall, nineteen eighty-five Mine's an acquired taste but anyone care to share theirs?
  15. I thought we were decent today. Every team hits a bad patch and we're hitting ours without playing badly. Wednesday is a huge game which could define the reast of the season. Would love to have another other local derby with the 'dwellers' after the split
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