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  1. Caleyjag

    Game 33 - Dunfermline (A) 16 Feb

    MrCaleyjag would like Blair as his FGS for Dunfermline pleased thanks
  2. Caleyjag

    Game 31 - Partick Thistle (H) 02 Feb

    On the basis Oakley has left the building can I have Austin please?
  3. Caleyjag

    ICT v County

  4. Caleyjag

    ICT v County

  5. Caleyjag

    Ayr Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Those who were there, McCall said in his post match interview that we had a good 20 minutes and they dominated the rest - McCall sour grapes?
  6. Caleyjag

    Game 30 - Ayr United (A) 29 Jan

    FGS Oakley for me please
  7. Caleyjag

    NAPS Competition - Game 22

    MrCaleyjag would like Partick v Queen of the South draw @3.70 please, thanks
  8. Caleyjag

    Game 28 - East Kilbride (H) 19 Jan

    And for EK MrCaleyjag Anderson Caleyjag Anderson
  9. Caleyjag

    Game 28 - East Kilbride (H) 19 Jan

    MrCaleyjag would like White as his 1st goalscorer please
  10. Caleyjag

    Game 27 - Ayr United (H) 12 Jan

    MrCaleyjag 1st Opp: Moore Caleyjag 1st Opp: McDaid
  11. Has been said by many others and completely agree, the only difference now is we're losing these games. Disappointing again, even a striker on loan from one of the ugly sisters or Hearts, does Robbo not have connections there? As an aside any reason why Barry did the post match press and not Robbo?
  12. Caleyjag

    ICT jigsaws

    Whilst googling our club shop, this was the first result on Google: Nice to see our club included!
  13. Caleyjag

    Game 22 - Edinburgh City (H) 04 Dec

    MrCaleyjag would now like Doran as his 1st goalscorer please
  14. Caleyjag

    Game 18 - Partick Thistle (A) 10 Nov

    MrCaleyjag would like Quitongo as his Partick scorer please.
  15. Caleyjag

    Game 16 - Dunfermline (H) 30 Oct

    MrCaleyjag wants Welsh as his FGS please