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  1. If MrCaleyjag doesn't reply please change his to D. MacKay for us and McMullan for Dundee
  2. Can I change my fgs for ICT to Doran please?
  3. Can I change my first ICT scorer to Oakley please, thanks
  4. Man alive Scotty that last sentence made me feel old! I had a season ticket for our last 3-4 years at Telford St and it doesn't feel that long ago. Tokely is a couple of years older than me at 43, will he still do a job in the Highland League, does anyone know?
  5. Deas injury confirmed as a broken leg by the club.
  6. Can we change my first Dundee scorer to Grayson, thanks
  7. Can I change our first goal scorer to Oakley please.
  8. Can we change my first Morton goal scorer to Muirhead, and MrCaleyJag's first ICT goal scorer to Billy Mackay please.
  9. Just seen Arbroath's season ticket numbers - crowd 1594.
  10. Mr Caleyjag HT: 0v0 FT: 2v1 1st Scorer ICT: D Mackay 1st Scorer Cove: Megginson Crowd: 974 Caleyjag HT: 0v0 FT: 3v1 1st Scorer ICT: Allardice 1st Scorer Cove: Leitch Crowd: 999
  11. Can I change mine to Tidser and MrCaleyJag's to Barjonas, also change my crowd to 999, thanks!
  12. 7355, was reading the BBC match report earlier.
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