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  1. Charles mentioned that there had been a letter sent to the various media outlets in Inverness that if there were to be interviews given outwith the club giving permission there would be repercussions. Some personal thoughts: Eh what on earth?! Who thinks that is acceptable? I'll presume there was no name on it but we can all guess which person did it. I took from Kenny MacIntyre's input that the BBC in Glasgow received the same letter? Also tellingly someone (maybe him) said the normal people who do the talking are keeping quiet, think we can also all make an educated guess as to who that is.
  2. More importantly than anything to me if you have had the job previously you cannot have it again (before Hughes nominates himself). Not against Tokely, but what managerial experience does he have? Draper hasn't exactly set the heather alight at Elgin.
  3. Don't know if anyone else caught it but the tv cameras caught DF shouting at Billy to get back to midfield when he was nearer their goal. Bizarre when his goals are exactly what we needa
  4. Can MrCaleyjag change his Pars first scorer to Hamilton and can I change mine to Todd, thanks.
  5. Early thoughts: Aaron Doran, the poor guy - how many times do you see a player trying to run off his injury? We should be 2 nil up. Also the home end looks particularly sparsely filled.
  6. And change MrCaleyjag first Morton scorer to Muirhead please, thanks.
  7. Changing my first Morton scorer to Strapp.
  8. HT: 0v0 FT: 0v1 1st Scorer ICT: Mckay 1st Scorer QP: Turner Crowd: 2122
  9. Anyone else wondering how on earth we are affording him?!!!
  10. Another vote for Tam Courts here, would also accept Ian McCall. Wouldn't be happy with Neilson or Locke although wouldn't be surprised to see them as an old friends act. Absolutely avoid anyone who has had the post before (looking at you John Hughes!) If Gardiner had any shred of dignity he would get out of our club, I fear us becoming a Falkirk and unable to get back up the leagues - for which I blame him.
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