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  1. 7355, was reading the BBC match report earlier.
  2. Gringo, BBC now have it as 4811.
  3. What was most revealing of all was the reactions of both managers in their respective post match interviews. Dodds was honest and candid and conceded that our initial problems were down to him getting it wrong with team selection and formation. In stark contrast, Callum Davidson did not accept at all that he bore any responsibility for the capitulation with his failure to react to our changes and his own inexplicable substitutions instead blaming a single refereeing decision which, as I indicated above, could have gone either way. As it happens, I think Madden had a good game feeling
  4. MrCaleyjag would like McInroy for his Ayr fgs please 🙂
  5. Attended yesterday's game. Here's my thoughts for what they're worth: We could have played til Tuesday and not scored. Having said that what chances did we actually have? There was a Pearson shot in the first half, a Mackay header went past the post, aside from that I can't remember us having any attempts on goal. Unless Pearson was injured he was the wrong player to sub. Should have been Sutherland. I thought Pearson, Samuels and Chalmers did ok but the front guys are being starved of service. One last thing the crowd was announced as 1808(didn't catch the last two digits
  6. As with the other posters, I'm relieved and delighted it's not us. Apparently Raith leaked it about a month ago to see the reaction it got...the feedback and publicity they have received today is horrendous. It's a 2 and a half year deal so wouldn't be cheap to get out off, seems a very expensive mistake.
  7. For anyone still to choose Airdrie v Queen's Park is off.
  8. HT: 0v0 FT: 1v1 1st Scorer ICT: MacGregor 1st Scorer Ayr: Muirhead Crowd: 1432
  9. MrCaleyjag would like to change his fgs for Raith to Matthews, thanks.
  10. For anyone not aware the Ayr v Raith and Airdrie v Alloa are both off.
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