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  1. Points for every team covering the past 6 games, are United relaxing cos they know they already have it won? Makes the draw we've had where we've conceded late goals all the more frustrating.
  2. Billy Reid is assistant to Graham Potter at Brighton, if you think he's leaving there to come here.....words fail me!
  3. Yeah, am listening to the Draper one now.
  4. A good interview with the man of the moment from the Scotsman.
  5. One thing I find interesting is that we and the Rangers first team were subject to debatable referee decisions yesterday. Our fans think the ref is inept, their fans think it's a conspiracy against their team! Well done to our team, there must be a lot of tired legs this morning.
  6. Hi Gringo, had a look through the rules but couldn't see the answer to this - which site do you use for the 1st goalscorer? The BBC and SFA have O'Hara as Alloa's first goal scorer.
  7. I always presumed it was Shinnie caught by the microphones behind the goals and completely agree about getting the chills when I hear it.
  8. MrCaleyjag fgs for Dunfermline Beadling Caleyjag fgs for ICT White, Dunfermline Kiltie.
  9. One of my most favourite ICT goals was by Richard Hastings at Telford Street, a 35 yard free kick against Cowdenbeath. Memorable mostly for my Dad saying it's too far out he'll never score from there, before it went flying into the top corner! Funny how time changes your memories though, in my head it was a last minute winner, when I looked it up it was in the 35th minute (although we did get a last minute Stewart winner for 3-2).
  10. MrCaleyjag would like Walsh as his first ICT scorer and Cadden for Morton please.