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  1. angus_hanger

    Online Club Shop

    Sorry you got a knock Laura! My kit may arrive before Christmas! Yeah!!!!! I'm rather tall and 'big', so sizing is always a problem ... It is ridiculously hard to get Caley gear here on the 'wrong side of the pond'.
  2. angus_hanger

    Celtic fans

    Aye, that's about right ...
  3. angus_hanger

    Radio Scotland "Caley Thistle 1 Year Special"

    Thank you for that one ... gave me goose-flesh listening to the Jags going level with the Hoops ...
  4. angus_hanger

    Ritchie Foran goal v Morton

    That's Brill! Thank You! The link is below: Copy and paste this link in your browser to view the video ... very nice! We now have video highlights available at the Club website, which I hope we continue when we go back the Premier League. With The Jags in the First Division and the demise of Setanta, it makes it impossible to see any match highlights on the 'wrong' side of the Pond. I know it would be unpopular, but I would pay to see highlights as well as full matches ... Caley Jags Till I Die ... Gus
  5. angus_hanger

    Looking for a good sized ICT Club Insignia ...

    Actually that acreage is already covered so I shan't defile all of you with them ... Cheers!
  6. angus_hanger

    Looking for a good sized ICT Club Insignia ...

    Thank You!! That was perfect! Cheers!
  7. Greets all. I am looking for a good sized Caley Thistle Club Insignia ... something on the order of six to eight inches in height or larger, as I would like to have a back tattoo. There are no images that I have searched for on the web with sufficient detail for the Eagle. I am asking here because I did not want to bugger up the regular forum with something that can be viewed as a triviality. And also, I do have five tats already ... my oldest tat is 24 years old ... it's time to stake a claim on a future top six in the SPL. Thank you in advance ... Gus
  8. angus_hanger

    Brewster in Salzburg

    All I can say is: Caley Jags 3 - Hoops 2 ... I think I was pished for three days after this result ... :021:
  9. angus_hanger

    Will we ever score again?

    Fir park is only the beginning. Mon the Jags! We can do This! :021:
  10. angus_hanger

    BBC Coverage

    Here on the west coast of the US, I don't get game commentary either. (Especially when I am working, it's dodgy internet video) I really wish the Beeb didn't have the "UK only radio broadcast." I never get to see Super Caley unless it's against the OF and it's on Setanta (which I duly record and viddie later). I would pay most right, at the very least, to hear the match than follow my side by ESPNSoccerNet via text with spotty/dodgy video. :020: I watched the Gers goal with no update to the ESPN text until many, many minutes later as a final. This is crap. :crazy07:
  11. angus_hanger

    whats the crack with rankin?

    John just came on for Hibs in their match with Hearts ...