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  1. We'll be back as strong as ever, all the best for 2015 everyone
  2. Neither, I only started following in 1994 after the merge.
  3. Kris Commons and Wanyama have been good this season
  4. If rangers were guilty of having players on dual contracts then any game they fielded them would result in the opposition being awarded the game 3-0, over a season this would have left them quite a way down the league and other teams moving up a space. I'm sure your league position at the ends of the season determines how much cash you get from the SPL ie the higher you are the more money you get. If so then we along with other teams must have been done out of a right few quid. If so Sir David we want our money back.
  5. I would probaly get rid of sky sports
  6. i have read this 6 times and still do not have a clue wat u are on about phew and i thought it was just me
  7. Don't condone that either. Eh, bit of a difference in celebrating your team getting to the Champions League final and getting Juanjo sent off by blatant cheating. Another stupid thing to do. These are adults, not wee boys. And anyway, to me it looks like McCoist isn't shouting at all, more likely saying something about Diouf. It's Lennon who snaps and appears to say "hang on a second, he had a pop at me first". Oh I don't know, maybe the fact that he's a wee ned who constantly gets himself in trouble and loses nearly every must win game. He'll get fo
  8. Passion like TB kicking in the door at celtic park when his team lost a game? passion like Alex Ferguson getting so worked up about refs he got a ban and a 30 grand fine? passion like the so called chosen one running down the touch line and hugging his players to celebrate a goal? passion like ally mc coist shouting at neil lennon after his team lost the latest scottish cup game at celtic park? i'd prefer it if we had the same passion at home games coming from the stands, why would he get the sack when he has brought in so many good players and has his team playing some good football. i for on
  9. why not? i just dont like him or the way he conduct himself you mean his passion for the game? just like Alex Ferguson, or what about Jock Brown and Mr Boyle fighting yesterday
  10. sorry but never heard so much mince in a long time, highlight of the season? hibs v hearts? ICT v dons naw your'e just being daft, where would the money come from to bring in new players? cause the tv companies would'nt pay to watch that kind of football
  11. and what about the ICT fans who had travelled up from the glasgow area, take your head out of the sand and stop the childish insults towards visiting supporters who help the club's bank balance, we get more from the OF than the rest of the teams in the SPL, most of the Celtic fans were very close to Inverness when the news was broke that the game was off. if people want to support a team that plays miles away from them then that's up to them, i live ten minutes from saint midden but drive up to Inverness to watch the Caley because i choose to.
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