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  1. This. There was a lot of frustration about lack of shots in the first half given the amount of ball we had around their box, but apart from the shot/backpass (Anderson?) we didn’t really get a look at goal, so no chance to shoot. Game was begging for the ball to go out wide and stretch them out a bit, but we just let them pack the middle. Can we get last season’s Nathan Shaw back, please?
  2. They had Boyes upfront originally!
  3. Three or five at the back, no? Duffy, Boyes & Udjur in the middle, Davidson and Harper out wide.
  4. Calf strain according to big Dunc.
  5. I’ll take a point, especially given that Partick really should have scored at the end. On the plus side the defence looked pretty solid, but it also felt we could have played until midnight without scoring. A front line of Samuels, Lodovica and Brooks at the end felt a bit short of quality. Anderson and Gilmour put in some shift in the middle of the park and Longstaff looked keen to take men on. Build up was a bit pedestrian at times and there was a tendency to pass sideways or turn back rather than try and find a man further forward. On the occasions McKay did break through, we were slow to support. If someone can find the Shaw from the end of last season, that would be great. Green shoots for sure, and not letting them in for fun at the back is an improvement. No idea what the Partick love-in is all about, they looked pretty ordinary to be honest. [Edit] Thought the ref had a decent game too. Wasn’t too fussy, or card happy and quite happy to let the game flow.
  6. When you are getting scudded every week, there’s no such thing as a Mickey Mouse cup. And it’s also the last national trophy we won.
  7. Took Dundee Utd up too (COVID shortened season) but not sure how he’d do on a small budget.
  8. And getting splatted by a team who may well be relegation rivals isn’t a great look.
  9. Stand side linesman missed a blatant corner to Dunfermline in the first half when Boyes clipped the ball trying to shepherd it out, and it looked like he gave us a throw when Davidson sclaffed it out in the second half.
  10. Yeah, I thought that too. Subs were way too late, it was pretty obvious that the midfield was starting to run out of gas about an hour in.
  11. The trick will be avoiding relegation to league one while the fund is built.
  12. Can’t put ‘em in at one end and can’t keep ‘em out at the other - not a great combination.
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