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  1. Yeah, was a bit ‘meh’ about the interims, but am more than happy to eat my humble pie!
  2. Nick Walsh missing something? Surely not!
  3. Lewis Toshney has left the building... https://ictfc.com/club-statement-lewis-toshney
  4. Remind me, was there any particular reason for this sudden interest in football outside the SPL (as was)?
  5. Patrick v Cove or Queen’s Park v Stranraer? It is nice to see the BBC support the lower leagues...
  6. Because we can’t afford to turn it on, and as we aren’t required to, why would we?
  7. Such sad news, he will be greatly missed.
  8. They’ve got a zillion season ticket holders, and you can subscribe to hearts tv for £60 a year (not sure if you get live streaming in the UK atm for that though) so PPV will generally be away fans, so they get screwed.
  9. I think they already had some kind of setup in place. I’m pretty sure you could stream games on Hearts TV in previous seasons if you lived overseas.
  10. Is he not remaining VC, with Welsh as captain?
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