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  1. Do the suggestions involve St Johnstone shoving their win where the sun don’t shine.
  2. With 9 (and at one point 8 ) players, Arbroath have only themselves. The only bit of luck we got was that header off the bar at the death, but I reckon we deserved a break at that point.
  3. Ticket prices are dictated by the SPFL unfortunately, so we can’t do that. If last night doesn’t bring ‘em in, nothing will.
  4. Look at the league table alongside this statistic. It’s a criminal waste of an opportunity.
  5. If we had brought in some actual defenders in January, we could put Carson into the Allardice role in midfield. As it is, we can look forward to weeks of 3-1-6 and being “unlucky”
  6. There are, apparently, ways round that should your masochistic side emerge.
  7. There isn’t enough alcohol to numb that nonsense
  8. Signing Voldemort and the subsequent fallout appears to define our season.
  9. That was very poor. If we come up against a side that works hard we just don’t know what to do. This is starting to feel like the final days of Foran’s spell as manager. And unless we improve dramatically, we will be no where near the play offs.
  10. Then I would suggest that he is coaching at the wrong club.
  11. It’s always the Nick Walsh show. Only thing missing was a red card.
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