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  1. We are 3-0 down to a part time team. Stll reckon we have improved?
  2. I saw him play once, for Harris FC at Tarbert - can’t remember what the game was, but he was a guest player so must have been a friendly or testimonial. Dave must have been in his fifties then, but stood out in the game. He seemed to have so much time when he got the ball. I vaguely remember chatting to him after the game, and he came across as a really nice guy. As others have said, RIP Dave.
  3. McKay sleeping when Vincent slipped, but Ridgers should do better
  4. There is. That was a publicity stunt. Their official shirts have no sponsors name. Paddy Power say they are paying them not to have their name on the shirt. And it has generated a load of publicity, so the name probably doesn’t need to be on the shirt.
  5. It could be worse, but given that Huddersfield are being sponsored not to have Paddy Power on their shirts, I think a lot of fans would be happy with that outcome.
  6. Todorov was at Hearts at the same time Robbo was coaching there. I guess he knows what he’s getting.
  7. Neilson might have won the championship that season, but as soon as he started managing in the premier league, he developed a highly risk averse approach that backfired more than once. I’m not convinced he’s got rid of that approach, evidenced by him celebrating taking 10 man St Mirren to penalties in the play-off final. The presence of both Dundee clubs in the championship add an extra layer of pressure to both, It will be interesting to see how that plays out.
  8. Sorry, fell into a catatonic state mid-draw, only just awoke...
  9. United should have been down to 9 men before the St Mirren red card.
  10. Tremarco too - left back was definitely a weak spot over the two legs against Utd.
  11. Unfortunately, although I agree with that sentiment, that’s what happens if you don’t take your chances.