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  1. Eleven Sports were broadcasting La Liga games during the blackout period earlier this season. Interestingly, according to The Guardian, in an article published on 12th Oct, Article 48 is only enforced in England, Scotland & Montenegro...
  2. It is a blank weekend for premiership fixtures. The reason it can’t be at 3pm is because it is on TV and there is an embargo. Some leagues do break the embargo, but there is a financial implication for this, and the Scottish game is hardly awash with cash.
  3. It was also the SPFL, not the SFA.
  4. That was supposed to be at Hampden, though.
  5. Thanks Joe - I’d forgotten about that. Although that didn’t seem an issue for the final, which saw Celtic play Airdrie at Hampden. Anyway, I must be mad looking for logic in how Scottish Football makes its decisions.
  6. And both semi-finals were played at Ibrox.
  7. Excluding 2014, when Hampden was out of action, the last time seems to be1999 - again Hampden was closed for redevelopment and opened for the Final in 1999. The latest one I can find when Hampden was open is 1995 when Celtic played Hibs at Ibrox in both Semi Final and Replay. Airdrie beat Hearts at Hampden in the other semi-final.
  8. Hampden. I appreciate that it’s not the best stadium, and travel for fans is a pain, but the players deserve a big day out. Even if it means a small crowd if PT beat Hearts.
  9. It’s the SFA. I half expect them to reveal a clause forcing any semi final between two teams with the word “Thistle” in their name to be played in Pyongyang. Seriously, though, after the league cup semi fiasco this year, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t at Hampden, but who knows what the SFA might do in their “wisdom”.
  10. HawkeyeTheGnu


    All outstanding bookings are now wiped, so everyone starts on zero cautions. No one will miss the final for just a booking.
  11. No. He’s already got 3 so will be banned. All the players in the semi start on 0 cautions. If their player gets a retrospective ban for diving could we appeal Colls card? I’m guessing no, but that wouldn’t seem quite fair.
  12. Ross As someone for who Hearts was their big team before league football came to Inverness, and still spends some time on the Hearts boards here are a few observations: The fan supported model is hostage to the massive throwing the toys out o& the pam when results, or a result, goes the wrong way. Imagine a number of pledges being cancelled if the penalty shootout had gone the other way last week. Look on Jambos kickback for the number of people threatening to cancel their pledge after eithe a bad result or an indifferent run to see that that income stream may be hard to predict For the fan ownership thing to work, I feel it has to be in partnership with some more stable money. As with anything, it really helps if you have an idea of your income. If a large amount of this income can change on a whim, or equally a change in circumstances (we currently live in uncertain times). Both St Mirren & Motherwelll have tried something similar - to what level of success I genuinely don’t know. It would be worth canvassing both sides of those situations to see how it might work for us. My ultimste fear is whether we could raise enough from our fans to make this work. Hearts have a much larger fan base, and I don’t know these things scale. But any and everything is worth exploring in these financially challenging times.
  13. Two penalties? What was that about? And... White booked for celebrating and Gardyne not? Beaton really is a waste of space.
  14. If you can use BBC iPlayer while you are away, you can see the game in England.