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  1. If anyone requires a concession on the Megabus (Gold) from Inverness; getting in at midday and leaving after 7, let me know and I'll send the e-ticket on. Free to a good home!
  2. For me it would be any club - mostly from the English Premiership - that has tens of millions of quid pumped into them to buy players with egos larger than their talent, who care not for the club, the fans or anything else but money. Some of them don't even know how to put on training bibs
  3. HT: ICT 0-1 Hearts FT: ICT 1-2 Hearts 1st scorer ICT: Rooney 1st scorer Opp: Elliot Crowd: 4117
  4. In all fairness, was this not a reaction to a quite insulting (albeit a little amusing) chant at the steward who was slightly, er... rotund? I would agree that although it's a little frustrating to see the other set of supporters standing without apparent intervention from stewards, rules are rules. If you're told to sit down, just bloody sit down mun, make the most of your entrance fee by watching the game rather than winding up the fluorescent men.
  5. HT: Hibs 1-0 ICT FT: Hibs 2-1 ICT 1st scorer ICT: Rooney 1st scorer Opp: Miller Crowd: 11662 Lady Madonna HT: Hibs 0-3 ICT FT: Hibs 0-14 ICT 1st scorer ICT: Rooney 1st scorer Opp: Riordan Crowd: 12222
  6. HT: ICT 0-0 Hamilton FT: ICT 1-0 Hamilton 1st scorer ICT: Rooney 1st scorer Opp: Mensing Crowd: 3655
  7. HT: ICT 2-0 Peterhead FT: ICT 4-0 Peterhead 1st scorer ICT: Cox 1st scorer Opp: Wyness Crowd: 1098
  8. HT: United 1-0 ICT FT: United 2-0 ICT 1st scorer ICT: Odhiambo 1st scorer Opp: Goodwillie Crowd: 8464
  9. HT: Inverness 0-1 Celtic FT: Inverness 0-2 Celtic 1st scorer ICT: Rooney 1st scorer Opp: Samaras Crowd: 7089
  10. Hi all. I'm looking for a support vehicle to rent and/or driver who has much time on their hands! I will be part of a group who are doing a charity cycle from Hampden Park (Scotland vs. Lithuania) in September 2011. Our destination is Madrid, via Liechtenstein, and ties in with Scotland's Euro 2012 qualifying fixtures. It will be just under 2200 miles in 36 days. Our endeavour is in support of the Tartan Army Children's Charity. We require a large vehicle for a 5 week rental - either a people carrier or minibus/van will suffice. There will be a lot of equipment! If the vehicle owner, or a
  11. As I couldn't make it up to Inverness for our game today, I went along to Easter Road; it's a 2 minute walk from my flat and I thought it would be a decent game. I turned out to be quite entertaining, despite the pitch looking like the moon - the playing surface was awful. County were very unlucky not to snatch a win from a poor Hibees side. Massive credit to the very vocal travelling support and a strong looking County team who earned a standing ovation from the Hibs support when they left the field. Hibs should, and will, be very concerned about their trip north for the replay and if County
  12. Ah, but two great holidays to Prague and Madrid...
  13. The Tartan Marchers will be there! ICT have kindly said we can do a lap of honour and so hopefully raise a bit of money, just means we have to walk 20 miles straight after flying into Aberdeen on Friday to allow ourselves the day off! Bring it on!
  14. Hi all, cheers for the messages. Been a bit of a struggle to update our progress online due to limited facilities where we are staying, so I've given up on Twitter and decided just to text our blogs to the SFA. Therefore, you can find out how we are getting on by clicking the link CaleyD provided above, we should have photos up soon too. Things are going well so far, approx 160 miles down now, will arrive in Stavanger on Wednesday afternoon should all go to plan. Taken a day off today to catch up on other commitments, and since we've had a tough last two days, all on concrete. Last night
  15. Cheers Alex and Ross, looking forward to it now, wee bitty anxious though. Hopefully we'll get a win or this will all be a waste of bloody time :-P You will be able to keep up to date with our progress on the Scottish FA website - www.scottishfa.co.uk - who will have daily blog updates and photos, and also on Twitter - www.twitter.com/tartanmarch. 440 miles, over 60,000ft of climbing, bring it on! :-D See you all at the County game (our day of rest)!!!
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