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  1. Whilst he wasn’t on for long, he looked like he has a lot to offer us as we try to move up the table. Welcome to the Caledonian Stadium, Scott!
  2. No respect for the fans today. What is annoying me most is that we are not being told what the problem is and what (if anything) is being done to sort it out. Instead we are left sitting here like proper idiots....
  3. I’m on my iPad and like many others getting ‘error generic’ message. This streaming service is a joke! Except I’m not laughing....
  4. Well that was a bit of a disappointment! Despite having my registration confirmed on Thursday, couldn’t access the game today as I hadn’t subscribed apparently. Wouldn’t accept my code again as it had already been redeemed. No response to two messages to helpline. Izzy has had exactly the same problem. Thank god for Todorov or I would have had to compensate with even more gin tonight!
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