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  1. If he could have scored any goal from history then which one? Either of Maradonas goals against England, Van bastens thunderous shot, Archie gemmels goal against Holland. Or any other??
  2. Seriously wtaf? If Danny Devine is the answer then I really don't want to see the question.
  3. Aye and Alan Simpson off his back!
  4. How so if you don't mind me asking? Unfriendly staff, natives unfriendly? Only asking because fans of other clubs regularly comment on the friendly atmosphere and the warm welcome they have received in the club.
  5. As opposed to you, an "alleged" Caley Timm???
  6. I was unaware that the social club is in any way unfriendly to ICT supporters?
  7. As far as I'm aware the the new steward is full time, took over his new duties exactly seven days after Alan left. Cannot remember his name, could be Rod? Previously worked at the phoenix.
  8. Only time will tell if he will be good enough for that level??
  9. Allegedly she managed to secure the catering contract for her husband??? Really should learn to read previous posts.
  10. I think we are all missing the one true, real hero responsible for this result. Take a bow Michael Gardyne, without your unselfish schooling of one of our players in the previous round I Very much doubt that today would have turned out so well for us. Bravo Sir!!!
  11. Agreed, I thought Jordan was immense today. Totally bossed their defence for the whole game.
  12. Jamie MacDonald must be Sick of the sight of us in cup competitions??
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