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  1. micaley68

    Team For Ross County

    Depends on wether the natives moderate their language following Saturdays potty mouth shenanigans.
  2. micaley68

    Scottish League Cup Final Roll Call

    Just make sure you're not planning on getting a train that started in Aberdeen! Oh Balls!! Never thought of that. Mind you if I change my ticket to first class I should be ok, Will have the carriage to myself.
  3. micaley68

    Scottish League Cup Final Roll Call

    Me + 7 Just booked a long weekend in Stirling for me and the missus, And return rail travel from Stirling to Glasgow for a vey pleasing £8.10. Bring it on!
  4. micaley68

    What Do We Do With Foran?

    Just in front of the exhaust but somewhere behind the radiator grill....
  5. micaley68

    It's time to choose....

    On 19th May 1940 Winston Churchill gave his famous World War 2 speech including - "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat" He also said "We would fight them on the beaches" quite apt really.