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  1. micaley68

    Five years on

    Jamie MacDonald must be Sick of the sight of us in cup competitions??
  2. micaley68

    Disgraceful attitude of a tiny minority of ICT fans

    You forgot option four. 4. Grow a set!!
  3. micaley68

    Stadium gifting complete

    The boredome.
  4. micaley68

    Transfer in and outs

    Can't wait for Hogmanay!!
  5. micaley68

    Club Badge/Crest

    Any word back from BT yet?
  6. Foran, Rice, and Cameron.
  7. micaley68

    Director Richard Smith Resigns from Board

    Methinks there are still many dicks left in the building at the moment!
  8. micaley68

    Will We Stay Up?

    Will we feck!!!
  9. micaley68

    Should We Replace The Manager ? Poll

    Always amazed me as to why football managers who get dismissed from their duties have their contracts paid up? If I was to get the sack from my job then I know for a fact I would receive absolutely hee haw!
  10. micaley68

    ICT since 1994

    You're a bloody jinx!!
  11. micaley68

    Ryan Christie

    Considering the money made from our success last seasonI JH should get at least 50% to strengthen our squad. If not, our custodians should be absolutely ashamed of themselves OMG. Another one!
  12. micaley68

    Ryan Christie

    Will people please stop pinning their hopes on Stokes coming to us on loan. Very unlikely to happen IMO.
  13. micaley68

    Inverness CT -V- Hamilton

    Are you being serious. Uncle Roy has bankrolled County again so that is how they have the money and if you think offering Shinnie and Watkins more money would have kept them here, you are deluding yourself. Simple fact is unless attendances pick up, club will run at a loss and any windfalls have to be used to keep club on an even keel. It's either that or someone takes over the club and pumps money in. It is quite frightening that some fans do not grasp the basic economics of the clubs finances. But surely the club should be spending the money they never got from the sale of the players that they never sold no??? Or how about spending the absolute fortune they must have gained from winning the cup last year? Enough of this baloney about having to balance the books! And whilst I'm on the subject I think you will find that we managed to travel to Europe on magic moonbeams so we never spent any money there neither! In all seriousness the above post was the point I was trying to make last night but in my angst was unable to put it across as well as this. Well played sir. We are all hurting about the situation at the moment but the way to get through it is to be realistic with our hopes and dreams for our club. Now is not the time for blame and finger pointing.
  14. micaley68

    Inverness CT -V- Hamilton

    At last some sanity from amongst the wailing and gnashing of teeth! When will people realise we never sold Shinnie, Watkins or Ross? We never received any money for them. These players/legends chose not to stay a long time ago and ran their contracts down. I have said before on here and on P&B that we have no God given right to be anywhere near the heights achieved last year. Those successes may only happen once in a lifetime and are to be savoured not expected. Although when bringing this up with some of our delusional and downright daydreaming fans who believe that we should be pushing on and not resting on laurels I have been accused of being a happy clapper! I would rather live in the real world and enjoy my club playing at the highest position possible than unrealistically expect to roll over all other teams at will and dream of the day which unfortunately will never dawn of ICT being kings of the world. We are going through possibly one of our most challenging situations but people should realise we will probably be in this current situation more often than not. Don't particularly like it myself but that's reality.
  15. micaley68

    Ian Vigurs

    surely references to convicted rapists should be the bigger issue???