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  1. Very sorry to hear this. There's not much I can add to the above tributes, but repeat how generous and friendly Ian was - and his contribution to the history of ICT will always be remembered.
  2. Stuart Baxter has got experience in a few countries, double winner last season, few years left to retirement - perfect choice!
  3. I just need to plug a £20 cable and get a bit of software on the computer to clock mine in a couple of minutes ;) Mind you, do they have computers in Dingwall?
  4. Mod note: I've edited the post in question - I believe it was just a geniune error in the location of the quote tag, rather than an intentional mis-quote.
  5. I think this is a real goer, but we're thinking too small. We should look at getting Terry, Mo, Charlie and Rosscoe's faces carved into the Plockton Crags, just like them Merrican presidents
  6. I'll see your Jura 10yo and raise you a Scapa 1993! Hmm... 12yo Highland Park is as close as I can get - will have to go shopping next week!
  7. Like my imposing new avatar? :-D

  8. Agree exactly with Doofers Dad
  9. The policy is that cheap Advance tickets normally go on sale 12 weeks before, the same I think for all train companies apart from if there's engineering works planned.
  10. Without waiting for the official verdict it seems that Rangers' problem is that they didn't use some of the money saved with the EBTs to employ a decent tax lawyer to make sure the scheme was completely legit and properly operated so that there couldn't have been a challenge from the Revenue in the first place...
  11. Would have preferred a win, but I agree.
  12. Can only echo what Mantis, Kind of Blue, Donview and others have said. RIP
  13. The Fly

    Haircut 100

    Hopefully he'll gel quickly with the rest of the squad.
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