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  1. Not likely. The cost of running it far outstripped the subscriptions received. That's a pity. It is a pretty niche product to be fair!
  2. What's the latest with this? Will games be getting uploaded this season?
  3. I would like to think we would appeal the Meekings one. Yellow card all day long as it was a cynical trip, but that was all it was - not nearly aggressive enough to warrant a red. I don't understand how a straight red card suspension stays in the cup whilst a double yellow suspension applies to the league? Could someone explain in simple terms for an idiot like me?
  4. Whilst we may not be technically favourite with the bookies (very close though!), I would imagine most neutral observers of Scottish football would have us, at least, as equal favourites for the League Cup. Got to remember that odds move with the money going on a team and I don't imagine the Scottish league cup outright winner is a particularly big market.
  5. Just looking at this list of Championship transfers in the summer and there are not many £1M+ transfers there: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/competitions/championship/10120670/Championship-Summer-Transfers-2013.html The majority of players moving for £1M+ have played in the Prem and are more experienced than Mackay. January can become a bit of a seller's market though and if a club desperately wants a striker then maybe we could see something approaching £1M. I'm thinking it is more likely we get offers around the £600-800k range and I would like to think we could refuse that. To be 2nd in the league, favourites to win one cup and in with a good chance of at least a semi-final in the other offers so much potential reward that a club who actually turned a profit, with pretty much no transfer fees in, should not be forced into selling.
  6. The ball was not fully under control - it was bobbling along on a sh*te pitch. He was running diagonally across goal whereas Meekings (I think) was running directly towards goal and would have cut him off or at the very least put strong pressure on him. To top it off, he was fecking 35-40 yards from goal! As someone else mentioned, can people please get it into their head that there is no such rule as last man - completely irrelevant. Clear goalscoring opportunity means exactly that, a CLEAR opportunity to score. It is meant to be for situations where you would expect the player to score not for situations where you have to speculate on what would happen. It was never a clear goal scoring opportunity and 9 times out of 10 would have been a yellow card and we, and the St Johnstone fans, would not even be discussing the incident. Vine did the instant strong appeal in the ref's face which I think swayed him but you could see from Vine's expression afterwards that he didn't really expect a red. Ref's are meant to be 100% sure with a red card. Twenty seconds of discussion with the linesman/4th official and I'm sure they could have come to the general consensus that the chance of scoring from that position was very low.
  7. Disappointing and unfortunate to lose but I am pretty impressed with the new signings: Tudur-Jones - Absolute class, best player on the pitch by a mile. Even more impressive when you think that was the first time he has played with us. How he is not able to get into a championship side is beyond me. Piermayr - Pretty solid at the back - again looked a proper player. Started getting forward second half and looked like he will easily fill the problem RB position. Tansey - I thought he was quiet, especially 1st half. Second half came a lot more into the game and was much more involved. Nice little touches and I think him and Tudur-Jones will end up keeping Cox out of the team. Which, in one way is a pity as I like Cox (harhar) but on the other highlights that our first 11 is a lot stronger than some people are giving us credit for. Tade - I was impressed. Absolute workhorse and knows how to use his strength. Alright, he had moments of clumsiness but he more than made up for it with his workethic and positioning, Thought he had a strong claim for a penalty in the first half. Him and Foran will get goals, no worries about that. Aldred - Can only repeat what has been said already - needs to come out to people more and not back off as much. Took a bollocking from Butcher earlier which did seem to steady him. Be interesting to see if Hogg comes straight back in next week. One thing in Aldred's favour is that he is a lot more composed on the ball than Hogg. Foran was destroyed by the end, i think they would have been there for the taking if Foran had had the legs for the last 5. Gillet looked a bit nervy I thought, hopefully just needs a few games. Overall, I am a lot more hopeful for the season after seeing the team today. I can see the central midfield getting goals, Ross was getting a few in preseason, himself, Hayes and Doran are always going to create chances and given time I can see Tade and Foran working well up top. Plus we still have Mackay to come in who had a very decent strikerate down south.
  8. Thanks CaleyD. It brings back the rage just watching it back! I still can't understand how players can react like that - certain players must actively wait for situations like that to occur so that they can take advantage of it.
  9. Was talking to a celtic supporting pal today who questioned my dislike for Lennon (as if you need a reason!). I replied that I lost all respect for him the day he feigned a headbutt from Juanjo. Juanjo was subsquently red carded - fairly early in the game - and we went on to lose what, from memory, had been a fairly tight game. He pretty much denies knowledge of this incident - I've trawled youtube and the like but can't find a video of it. Does anyone happen to have a link to it? In order to make a thread of it, can you name a worse red card awarded to a Caley Thistle player? I remember thinking Tokely's was harsh against Falkirk when we got relegated so in terms of importance maybe that one ranks higher even though it merited a yellow?
  10. Great pics Scotty, the Caley name is getting more famous by the day. We have some German engineers at my work right now and I'm going to try and get them tickets for the Rangers game today. Spread the word that little bit further! Unfortunately, it wasn't me that got the goal but I am claiming an assist for a Gerrard -esque Hollywood ball (otherwise known as a hopeful punt!). One of the guys sent me a video highlights reel so I'll see if I can cut the video down to just the goal. Just to warn you though, it was a shinner.
  11. Good spot! I think I also saw him in a movie recently....
  12. I was recently in Northern Bangladesh as part of a project looking to build cheap floodproof housing. While we were over there the local builder, who was leading our work, had just set aside some land to be used as a football pitch for local kids. He wanted to have a bit of an opening ceremony for the pitch so organised a match between us lot and a local youth team. I thought I'd bring over a Caley Thistle ball over and spread the good name of the mighty ICT that little bit further! We thought this would just be a bit of a laugh and a kickabout but soon found out from the local gossip that it was getting built up as a big deal for the local villages - mainly due to the fact that we had been billed as International Superstars - must have been a let down, expecting Ronaldo and not even getting Kirk Broadfoot! Walking the couple of miles from our building site to the pitch set the tone, initially we had about 20 folk walking along the path with us which quickly grew to a couple of hundred. When we came through the trees into the clearing for the football it was absolutely incredible - it was like walking into a festival. Pre-match crowds International Superstars! The opposition - bunch of ringers! Action Shot! Can just about see the caley emblem on the ball... Barefoot as well, you don't realise how hard football is without boots till you try - well that was my excuse anyway After the game we were told that an estimated 5000-6000 people had turned up for the match. Roads were blocked for miles and people were rafting across the half-mile wide river to come watch! I reckon that makes it the third biggest attendance for a game involving a Caley Thistle ball this season! And by the way, we won 1.0 Anyway, I was wondering to what other faraway places has the good ICT name been taken to? Flags in Brazilian Pubs? An Ian Stewart shirt in deepest Transilvania?!
  13. ABsolutely agree, he was immense today and continued his great form so far this season. Calm on the ball and, along with Tokely, dealt with Nish well. Mark saved a penalty against Celtic in our first SPL season at Pittodrie. Didn't get the accolade he deserved as they scored from the rebound. Does that count as a penalty save? Does saving a penalty count as a penalty save?
  14. I quite fancy going through for this. Is there a supporters bus heading through? Anyone got contact details for it?
  15. Ordered a copy on Sunday and it arrived on the bank holiday Monday morning! Great service. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet but looking forward to reliving it all again!
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